Quick reactions to all the latest MMO-related happenings

Too many MMO-related topics flying around in my head and it’s going to take some time to sort it all out.

DarkFall: Aside from feeling like a euro in regards to the whole NA deal, the big ‘expansion’ patch is going to be make or break for many, myself included. Oddly enough, I can’t put down what I would need to see in order for it to be satisfying, but I’m sure I’ll know once the details are revealed.

WAR: LotD in its current form might actually kill RvR in WAR, but I’m not willing to go that far just yet after only two days. Day two was not a positive experience however. Only time will tell if the whole Bioware ordeal is anything major, but if nothing else, EA’s history with studio mergers is not good.

DDO: The new starter island is brilliant, and for whatever reason, I’m really enjoying the combat engine now while before I thought it was a weakness. I guess having hardware that can run the game maxed out at 80 FPS helps with the enjoyment as well, especially since Turbine has upgraded the engine since I last played. Still waiting for the Casualties static group to get itself together, but my fiancé and I are playing on the Argo server and enjoying it. Feel free to contact me in-game (Ssly Blackhand).

Aion: Does calling the game a good WoW-clone mean your insulting the game, or complimenting it?

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20 Responses to Quick reactions to all the latest MMO-related happenings

  1. coppertopper says:

    “Aion: Does calling the game a good WoW-clone mean your insulting the game, or complimenting it?”

    well played sir

  2. coppertopper says:

    hey quick question – is it necessary to spend money to party with yall in DDO? Are you and the misses on some sort of sub plan?

  3. syncaine says:

    DDO right now is still a normal sub game, $15 a month, which we are paying. Once it goes F2P (with the same sub option), those on the free side will be limited to what quests/classes/races they have access to (and can buy those things individually or get it all by paying $15 a month), but otherwise can interact with all other players.

    So if we party, we can do any quest that’s in the F2P package without problem, but a F2P player would either have to sub or pay the price if we decide to head into a paid quest. According to the FAQ, F2P players will have content from 1 to the cap, although they obviously won’t have as many options as sub players.

  4. slurms says:

    I had an extra 10 day friend trial for DDO and ive been messing with it. Its better than I remembered for sure. Im not very far into it though.

    First time I saw Aion I said Meh….but the more I see of it, the better it looks. I’ll at least be a tourist when it comes out. We’ll see if I stay. WoW had its qualities, but it bowed so far to the casual crowd that it got its own head in its ass.

    I hope things can pan out for WAR, I loved the game but just became frustrated with T4. I may revisit it once the next balance patch hits to see how things have settled from LotD.

  5. heartless_ says:

    DDO combat drove me nuts when I played. I plan to check it out in the near future though in its free-to-play form.

    • syncaine says:

      It never drop me nuts, but I was certainly not a fan. I don’t know if my preference has changed since then because of DF or playing hotbar MMOs for so long, or if it’s just gotten better, but I find I’m actually enjoying the combat now.

  6. Tesh says:

    Re: Aion, it depends. The same could be asked of Runes of Magic or 4Story. Beauty is in the eye of the customer and all that.

    I’m tired of WoW DIKU drones, but apparently *some* people still like ’em. Live and let live. My money will go elsewhere. *shrug*

  7. I think calling Aion a WoW-clone ist just like calling WoW an EQ clone. Honestly, who cares so long as its fun :)

  8. Sara Pickell says:

    @We Fly Spitfires: The people who’s fun depends on whether it is or not. =)

  9. sente says:

    Aion: Does calling the game a good WoW-clone mean your insulting the game, or complimenting it?


    WoW-clone can mean anything really.

  10. spinks says:

    “Aion: Does calling the game a good WoW-clone mean your insulting the game, or complimenting it?”

    Haha. It’s just one of those “Well, if you like that sort of thing you’ll probably love it” games, I suspect. I figure its a compliment to say that a game succeeds at its design goals, or at least it has to be better than failing at its design goals :)

  11. Rostam says:

    I’ve decided I’m done with MMO’s for a while. Too many ups and downs, bugs, waiting on the next patch to fix it all, exploiters, power-gamers, broken mechanics, and most of all too many time sinks. I think I’m going to stick to RTS games for a while, which was my original love.

  12. Damage Inc says:

    Honestly, I think Aion is the game that WAR set out to be. I’m playing the closed beta events for pre-paying for the game and I’m also playing the Chinese free trial to level 30. The PvE is decent, nothing extremely exciting but not boring. The controls are top notch and crisp and the PvP is definitely fun.

    Sadly, I’m still waiting for AC3/Darktide. I’ve yet to play an MMORPG with great PvE like AC had and who’s system pretty much just fell into being the best at PvP in an MMORPG.

  13. pummra says:

    So are you that much in Darkfall’s pocket that you won’t really bitch about the NA announcement as you should?

    • syncaine says:

      As I should? I don’t recall seeing ‘must bitch about DF’ on my blogging agenda, and I think saying the next patch is ‘make or break’ is somewhat telling?

      • pummra says:

        So you’re ok with the fact that you’ll either have to buy the game all over again, or wait three months to transfer?

  14. Anne says:

    “WoW-clone” is subjective, WAR was a WoW-clone and aimed for its audience. But is it cloning old WoW or new WoW? I have no problem playing a game that tries to imitate old WoW (and does it right). Otherwise, after so many failures in this genre I’ll reserve any hype or any hate for it until… Whenever.

    Anyway, like others above have stated, you could call most MMORPGs WoW-clones now days, I’m not sure why you would since WoW itself was a type clone of EQ and all other MMORPGs when it was created. TBH WoW-clone is an overused buzz phrase used against pretty much ALL MMORPGs now days (and is partly true in pretty much all cases), so I really expected better from you Syncaine.

    Not saying it isn’t a WoW-clone, just asking, how do you define a WoW-clone? Since WoW has changed so much over the years anyway, and what makes it a WoW-clone rather then just copying what MMORPGs generally do now days anyway? WoW isn’t the bosom of original ideas. Aion doesn’t have achievements or dailies (from what I know, since I haven’t looked into the game I am only assuming for the most part), not really anything you could call serious PVE raiding (from what I’ve heard), and so on and so forth.

    Either way, the two main arguments against the game are WoW-close and LOLKorean MMORPG, which ironically are both on opposite ends since WoW is a Western MMORPG. How can it be a WoW-clone (maybe good clone, or bad clone) and a Korean MMORPG at the same time? Unless you illogically believe that SOME HOW this game will combine all the bad aspects of both into one big mega bad game, and even then being a WoW-clone and a LOLKorean at the same time is still an oxymoron.

    Other overhyped MMORPGs are the new Star Wars and FF ones, people are already jumping to the conclusion that they are next gen and will revolutionise the genre. Never really would trust MMORPGs based on movie franchises (Matrix online anyone?) or a single player JRPG series. And we ALL know how well the last Star Wars and FF MMORPGs did… So I can’t really understand the hype behind them myself (TBH the only Star Wars game that I would be interested in would be a lightsaber motion one).

  15. syncaine says:

    @Pummra: Like I said, it depends on this next patch. That you have to buy a US copy and EU copy is nothing new for MMOs though, outside of one-region games like EVE. WAR/WoW/LoTRO all have US and EU versions, so in that regards its not a big surprise. The only different part is that AV is going to allow the transfer of EU characters to the US.

    @Anne: Most MMOs? Naw, just the DIKU ones. EVE, DF, DDO, Atlantica (and likely other RMT games) etc are far from WoW-clones, while games like WAR and LoTRO are. And while WoW is in some ways an EQ1 clone, it shares very little with the other first gen big three. If anything, WoW-clones are one way to make an MMO, and currently it’s an overall successful formula. What’s good about EVE is that CCP is showing the genre that WoW-clone is not the ONLY way to make a nicely profitable AAA MMO.

  16. Anne says:

    ‘Most’ was an estimate. I know EVE, DF and many more are not WoW-clones, never said they were WoW-clones. I guess overall the WoW-style is the overarching style atm, so if you split all the types of MMORPG up the largest and most used/successful (even if it has only been the most successful because of WoW) would be the WoW-styled (hence ‘most MMORPGs’). And I am only referring it as WoW-style for a complete lack of a better phrase.

    Either way, I pretty much don’t disagree with what you stated and I don’t think you really disagree with what I stated since the largest MMORPG style (hence ‘most MMORPGs’ can be considered WoW-clones by your original usage of the phrase in your original post) is WoW (rather then ‘clone’ since ‘clone’ implies an exact copy and that WoW is the king of everything original).

    Anyway, starting to confuse myself now, but I guess overall your point was that the UI, abilities, and most/a lot of those MMORPG basics were ‘cloned’ from WoW (or from that general style). Whether it is good or bad is another issue. Either way, after playing Runes of Magic for ten minutes, anything else stated as a wow-clone should be compared with that since it IS a complete wow-clone.

    • syncaine says:

      Clone works because those other games (RoM, LotRO, WAR, ect) in part WANT to be WoW. They want to have similar combat responsiveness, they want the polished UI (despite the fact that with WoW, it’s not Blizzard who really created the better UI features, but mod makers), and of course, they want the profit margin.

      That’s why with Aion I raised the question whether calling it a good WoW-clone is a compliment or not, as at this point I’m not even sure of the answer. On the one hand, I’m very sick of WoW itself (in part because of my time with it, but also it’s direction in recent years), but I’ll freely admit WoW did a lot right when it launched in 2004, and if Aion is 2004 WoW in terms of design, with 2009 ideas thrown in, I can’t exactly say that’s not something I might at least be willing to take a free trial look at.

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