Some quick love for DDO PvE.

Short post today, but the more Dungeons and Dragons Online I play, the more amazed I am by its PvE. For everyone bitching about doing the same old ‘kill X’ quests and how PvE in MMOs is boring, try the DDO trail. Yes its forced grouping (eventually) and you can make a totally gimped character (more on that at a later date), but if you want top-notch, creative PvE DDO just delivers. The dungeon master voiceover work is reason enough to download IMO, and I’m very curious how DDO will look once its F2P and more people can access it without having to pay $15 a month. (Not that it’s not worth that if you have a group or even another person to play with, mind you)

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9 Responses to Some quick love for DDO PvE.

  1. Wyrm says:

    DDO is awesome! The quests are generally very well made and there’s loads of lore in the game for the afficionados!

    The only reason it didn’t get the kwan was because of the uncanny valley (which you can get used to in no time) and the fact that you actually have to possess some skill in order to succeed in most quests.

  2. vario says:

    Actually it didnt get any “kwan”, because the most obvious IP for an MMO sucked ass big time! Dont even get me started on the Eberron crap, when it should have been Forgotten Realms.

  3. Grimjakk says:

    I do have to say that the campaign setting was the biggest drawback to the game for me… well, that and the naturally antisocial, curmudgeonly nature that usually has me running solo in a game built for groups.

  4. Fortuente says:

    DDO *is* awesome, though it has its weak points. I think the transformation to f2p is going to be really good for the game.

  5. skarbd says:

    I have to be honest, if it becomes F2P in Europe, I would be silly not to give it a go.

  6. smakendahed says:

    The biggest failing was having to grind the dungeons, people rushing through them because they already did it a bunch of times and the fact that there was no real world behind the game (i.e. every character you create ends up facing the same starting area, the same first quests, etc.) – it’s a very, very small game world.

    I’m glad they went F2P because what is there isn’t horrid, there just isn’t enough of it.

  7. Ninetytwo says:

    If it had launched F2P it could have been a Guild Wars-size success. The two feel very similar to me, with heavy reliance on instancing and less on shared open-world areas. It’s still the game most focused on small-group content of all the MMOs I’ve played.

    Good game, very smooth and polished. F2P will be good for it.

  8. Sounds very good. When is F2P being officially released?

  9. mm says:

    If f2p for DDO is out now, I’d play it. Maybe it’s a move to generate interest in DDO for a possible DDO2? Would be good advertising. I’ve heard more about DDO in the last week than I have since it launched.

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