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Subtraction by addition

One of the lazier strawmen in MMO blogging land is to dismiss the success of an older MMO by stating that fewer people play it today. I’m sure you have read some version of “If UO did so many things … Continue reading

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Turbine finally updates us on the continued success of their F2P conversions

Instead of linking to that old PR release about how great LotRO and DDO are doing thanks to F2P, please use this updated link. F2P ALL THE WAY!

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One last bonus of playing DDO for 15min

Now Turbine emails me all the amazing deals they have going in the cash shop! Awesome! It took longer to download your trashheap than I spent playing it, but yea, totally email me about buying more garbage, please. F2P… ALL … Continue reading

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15 minutes of DDO went about as well as expected

The good: DDO still remembers my beta account, though not the characters. It also remembers my two box set accounts, though again not characters. Seems to have forgotten those were paid account, odd… The bad: Everything else. Before character creation … Continue reading

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People of F2P MMOs

Nope. First, can we stop linking to that 2011 LotRO announcement of how great it’s doing? Please link to the 2013 “still doing great” announcement. Same goes for DDO. Last I heard, Turbine was releasing a response to in-game protests … Continue reading

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Today’s Kool-Aid flavor is grape. Grape and failure

A lot of funny stuff is happening in this post over at TAGN, please go check it out. My only major complaint is that Wilhelm was light on the actual insults. I’m going to try and correct that here. I … Continue reading

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EQN: The next big AAA disaster

In case you don’t want to sit through the EQNext showing, here are the cliff notes: “If someone should do it, it should be EverQuest. Again” (UO…) Lighting Lighting Lighting Lighting Adventure Lighting Lighting How do you like it? :mild … Continue reading

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The blogs reflect the genre

This post about blogging over at TAGN, along with the comments, is worth reading, even if you are only vaguely interested in the topic of MMO blogs. As the posts-per-day rate here has slowed over the last two months, it’s … Continue reading

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Be un-massive for a reason

One of my least favorite parts of blogging is presenting a topic and having people directly apply it to the now. The best example of this is talking about item loss, and having WoW players say it would never work … Continue reading

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Honest Pay-2-Win

Quick note before I get to the topic for today: Is it just me, or is The Witcher 2 freaking hard? I have the game on Normal after doing the tutorial, and I’m getting my ass handed to me every … Continue reading

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