Majesty 2 quick hit.

I just wanted to make a quick post and let everyone know that Majesty 2 is now out (I got my copy from Direct 2 Drive, got to love 1mb+ download speed), and having played it a decent amount on Sunday, it’s a spot-on update to the original. New graphics, new sound, new campaign, but same great take on the RTS genre. It’s very refreshing that much like Blood Bowl, the developers knew to leave a good thing alone and not try too hard to change things up. The original Majesty worked brilliantly, so why mess with that, especially considering how unique its style is already? Since I’ve already played it longer than an EG reviewer I won’t give it a score, but so far I’m very impressed with the single player experience. Hopefully multiplayer also delivers.

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  2. Fortuente says:

    I’ve really been thinking about getting this one, but I’m a cheap bastard so I’ll probably wait for a sale. In the meantime I might have to add Majesty 1 to my Steam account, though.

    There are a lot of games that have come out / are coming out this fall so I have to conserve my cash. Dragon Age is probably going to be a buy-on-release game for me, I’m taking a long hard look at Fallen Earth also. There is a good chance I’ll snap up Cities XL next month. And still Champions is calling my inner superhero, though I have resisted pretty well so far.

    So does Darkfall NA have a trial or buddy key system yet? I think the time is also coming to finally give that game a whirl.

    • syncaine says:

      Yea Dragon Age is going to be a day-one buy here as well, luckily my gaming budget is not hurting.

      No trial for DarkFall, or any news of one coming.

      • Fortuente says:

        I don’t figure they’ll have a trial anytime soon, but I thought I’d ask just to be sure. I am at the moment considering dumping LOTRO and moving on to something else.

        Perhaps Darkfall or perhaps Fallen Earth, though I have gotten way too comfortable in LOTRO’s PVE zone. Actually, I suppose I would go for Darkfall as it has had time now to work on bugs, while Fallen Earth is just getting started.

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