The RL housing grind wins this round

Sorry for the lack of updates the last few days, house construction is almost finished and the amount of calls, paperwork, and bs one has to deal with in order to complete this whole process is unreal. Nerf RL housing grind please!

On a little side note, Aventurine seems to have FINALLY fixed the bank bug in DarkFall, meaning things actually stay in the location you put them when you re-open the bank or a bag. When you have hundreds of items in dozens of bags, that’s kind of important.  They also announced that EU to NA transfers will happen in about three weeks, and that EU characters will be able to keep all their skills and stats, but no items. That plus the October expansion should make for some interesting times in DarkFall very shortly. As I type this my character is grinding up his AoE magic protect spell in preparation…

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5 Responses to The RL housing grind wins this round

  1. Centuri says:

    Is there any hope for the EU server population after the transfers off open up?

    • syncaine says:

      Tough to tell really. It’s going to take a large hit, no doubt. Hopefully AV steps up the advertising around that time to help out. The October expansion with all it’s improvements and additions will certainly help that, and more than a few currently inactive players are sitting on the sidelines waiting for that expansion. Also keep in mind that at the end of October, Aion’s first month will be up as well.

  2. Scrung says:

    GL with the house, it’s a pain to build.

  3. Bonedead says:

    Don’t forget to do your dailies!

  4. Bonedead says:

    Is it just me or has your blog gone a little haywire html wise?

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