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GTA V: The corpse of the Skyrim UI designer got reanimated I guess?

Making a UI for a game can’t be hard. Now I don’t have personal experience making one, but seeing how often a mod for a game is a UI edit or complete overhaul, I’d bet good money it’s not THAT … Continue reading

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Honest Trailer: FFVII

Worth watching.

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My 15

Via TAGN, my top 15 influential games. 1: Ultima Online This is an MMO blog, and UO was the first major MMO as we know them today. It’s also had the Ultima IP, which was huge for me. And as … Continue reading

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GamesIndustry International recently spoke to David Reid, CCP’s chief marketing officer about both EVE and Dust 514. “The thing about Dust is not the shiniest guns or the perfect shooting mechanics; it’s about this meta-game, and the persistence, and the … Continue reading

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Xbox One supercut

This had me laughing pretty hard.  

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Xcom Ironman is like playing Darkfall, minus the NPC aliens

I’m a little late in jumping on the Xcom bandwagon, but its every bit as good as you likely have heard. I went straight into Classic/Ironman, and I’m glad I did. So far (game 11), I’ve not survived longer than … Continue reading

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EVE: Fanfest, Dust bombing

Watched some of the EVE Fanfest stream. CCP showed off Dust orbital bombardment from within EVE, which was a bit unexpected. I’m still trying to figure out how the pacing is all going to work out. I mean by the … Continue reading

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Skyrim 2.0, ELO, lies

First, how good does the Skyrim Creation Kit look/sound? The Steam integration part might be the biggest leap in gaming since Rift introduced us to MMO 3.0! Too bad for our genetically inferior slaves (console players) since won’t get this, but hey, … Continue reading

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The more things change…

Timing is everything. Today Raph has a post showing a 3-part “History of MMOs” video. (well worth watching btw, especially for those who started playing post-2004) Also today Tobold has a post about how bots could easily play certain MMOs … Continue reading

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Gamer evolution, 30 minutes a day

Time requirements and complexity in gaming are clearly not the same thing, but they are linked. The more complex your game, the more time required to learn it. But a game can be both ‘simple’ and incredibly hard (Meatboy), or … Continue reading

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