I am, in fact, paid by Aventurine to promote DarkFall

It’s been joked around here that because I talk so highly of DarkFall, I must be paid by Aventurine or just Tasos directly. While that is sadly not the case (feel free to contact me though Tasos), today is the first time this blog will be used for potential financial (and gaming) gain. Assuming I (or AV) don’t screw this up, on the right side you should see my personal version of a small ad to buy DarkFall through the new Community Publishing Program. You use that link to buy DarkFall, and I get 20% of whatever you pay for the game client (but not subsequent monthly fees, sadly).

For some time now, ever since this blog became ‘kind of a big deal’ (that’s sarcasm btw), I’ve been getting requests for various paid advertising to be placed on this site. I’ve turned them all down, because my request to cover all my gaming costs is just not a price advertisers are willing to pay yet (it’s not like gaming rigs, 295GTX cards, and 4-5 MMO subs are THAT expensive, cheap bastards).

The DarkFall deal is, IMO, a little different. For starters, I do actually like and play DarkFall, so more people signing up and playing benefits me both in-game (more friends/enemies) and out (more cash for development, after all someone has to fund slot machine coding!). Plus I can remove the link at any time, change whether it’s just text or a few different sized banners, and I can put it wherever I damn please, so the site will still keep it’s clean look/feel. And because, lets face it, all my writing does in some small way help Aventurine, I might as well get SOMETHING back from them, even if it’s just the ability to play the game ‘free’.

So click, buy, and welcome to Agon. I’ll try not to dry-loot you.

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21 Responses to I am, in fact, paid by Aventurine to promote DarkFall

  1. Malakili says:

    Hmm. Is there a time limit on this? I don’t think I want to pull the trigger right at this moment, but I have a feeling I’ll talk myself into it in a couple days, as I’ll be getting a game I’ve been mulling over for months and making a donation to your site, which at least makes me feel like I’m getting 2 things for my money.

    • SynCaine says:

      Technically Aventurine can end this deal/promotion at any time, but legal stuff aside, I think this is going to be an ongoing thing (unlike the current game+6months or just 6months pricing offer, which ends in December), so no rush.

  2. sid67 says:

    I knew it! Sell Out!

    • sid67 says:

      That comment is a joke if the sarcasm is a bit transparent. I think paid endorsement of products you already use is a perfectly acceptable and sensible.

      The only ethical issue is when people either a) are only using something because of the paid endorsement or b) not upfront about the paid part of the equation with readers.

      Neither of which is true in your case, so more power to you for being able to get rewarded for being such a vocal supporter.

      You’ll have to post a round-up in a month or so about how your doing from it. I’ll be real curious (as I imagine you will be) to see how many players you influence to play DarkFall.

      • SynCaine says:

        If you can believe it, I’m actually MORE interested to see how many people click and buy than with whatever amount of money I end up making (short of 50% of my reader base doing so and sending me on a blog-paid vacation) I’m very curious to see just how influential a blog can really be in terms of getting people to try something they might otherwise passed on (or never heard of). Aventurine has provided the perfect tracking tool now, with a nice side bonus.

        • Tesh says:

          Aye, that will be an interesting bit of data. Any chance you’ll post some observations on it?

        • SynCaine says:

          I plan to at some point, yea. I’m not sure how heavily I’m going to track the data outside what AV and WP show me, but I’ll have something.

  3. mbp says:

    This is a very interesting development in light of today’s kerfuffle about blog commercialisation over at Tobold/Gevlon.

    I for one cannot fault the open and honest way you are going about this and no one who follows your blog doubts that you really love the game so I wish you the best of luck with the ad.

    Just to be devil’s advocate here: is there a slippery slope involved? What if you get used to these advertising revenues? Will you feel more inclined next time to put up an ad for a game you aren’t in love with?

    • SynCaine says:

      The slope would only get slippery if the money I made off the ad was worth more than the knowledge that I don’t blog for anyone but myself, and that’s rather pricey.

      As for the other thing, that’s an upcoming post.

  4. Andrew says:

    I clicked the link to see if Darkfall had decided to put up a free trial of some sort. They haven’t, so I’ll continue to wait.

  5. Werit says:

    Neat. When I pull the trigger on it (and I eventually will), I shall do it here.

  6. keystone says:

    If I ever get a second account I’ll buy through your link!

  7. jim says:

    This is the type of advertising I like to see. It is very relevant to what I am reading and I may actually be interested in it. I have already purchased the game but I can see someone reading one of your posts about DF and deciding to buy the game from that and clicking on it.

    I hope it is successful and more gaming companies come up with direct advertising like that for blogs. Bloggers feel very passionate about what they are playing and I think it makes a lot of sales for that particular game and the bloggers should be able to make money off of it.

  8. Riknas says:

    Hardly something new, I neither feel anger nor joy to this, as the concept of advertising to act as a kickback to blogging has been a while for some time. All I can say is “good job” on being able to have sufficient success to be able to profit (sort of) from your blogging experience.

    (First blizzard starts selling 10 dollar pets…now Syncaine is selling Darkfall! The world is ending, ending!)

    • SynCaine says:

      If my math is right, every person who buys DF through my link earns me enough money to buy a WoW pet. I think there is some deeper meaning to that.

  9. kazamx says:

    I hope you will update us in a months time to let us know how many people bought through your link.

    I don’t have a popular site like you but am interested in how many people would buy through a link on a site like yours.

  10. xXJayeDuBXx says:

    Good for you, I think it’s a wonderful idea.

  11. Julian says:

    As if Aventurine had enough spare cash lying around to pay Syn to evangelize. >:)

  12. bonedead says:

    I have many leather bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.

  13. Hudson says:

    Grats on backing a shitty game

  14. Doug says:

    Now that you’re a sellout we can ignore most of what you say.

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