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New Blizzard investor call ‘highlights’

Items that jumped out at me from the Activision Blizzard investor call: “Destiny now has over 20 million registered players, with an average of about 100 hours of game play each” First, the statement that the average gameplay length from … Continue reading

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Hearthstone: New Blizzard vs Old Blizzard

TL:DR – Hearthstone is the perfect example of New Blizzard, and the perfect example of why I miss Old Blizzard so much. It’s still Blizzard, so they still have the whole polish thing going. For a great example of this, … Continue reading

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Problem at the source

I consider myself a fan of SimCity in general, and the upcoming release should be on my radar. The game requiring you to log into EA’s Origin is a dealbreaker. No matter how great this new version is, I’m simply … Continue reading

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Speaking of regression

This is a rather ridiculous story. Paying full price for a single player game is no longer enough to fully play said game until the company lets you. Yikes. What’s even worst however is that not only has Blizzard already … Continue reading

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PvP is hard, yo

Sad. Also, remember when Blizzard shipped completed games, rather than 1/3rd of a game (SC2) or titles missing huge chunks? Ah nostalgia.

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If a stock’s IPO is zero, does the IPO really happen?

Remember when I bought Zynga using some of my Darkfall Community Publisher cash a few days ago? Not looking like a great move… Maybe Dr. Lord Richard British A. Garriott de Cayeux Spaceman Jones the Ninth can give me some advice. … Continue reading

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Mists of Pandaria is a great name

On Friday I mentioned that it will be interesting to see how Blizzard and CCP differ in the next year when it comes to their flagship titles, but over the weekend, playing some EVE while thinking about Blizzard (I did … Continue reading

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PAX thoughts: Treasure chest complexity spiraling out of control!

One of the better presentations I attended at PAX was “To Hell and Back Again: How the Game Industry Has Changed Since Diablo”, presented by David Brevik, former President of Blizzard North. The majority of the presentation was a historical … Continue reading

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Torchlight 2 > Diablo 3? And Shining Force on the iPhone!

First off, today’s amusement comes from people thinking Torchlight 2 won’t stack up well to Diablo 3 because the original Torchlight only improved on Diablo 2 slightly. If Diablo 3 improves on Diablo 2 as much as StarCraft 2 ‘improved’ … Continue reading

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You say polish, I say rehash

The Blizzard model has generally been to take a successful product, apply a Games Workshop IP to it, and release basically the same game with a new coat of paint and a high level of polish, one that will run … Continue reading

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