Rumor has it a siege might happen?

Busy Friday night…

08:00:44 PM Black Watch was challenged by BIood Thirst for control over Vellenyth. The challenge will active in 22.0 hours.

08:48:53 PM brutaLity was challenged by FruitaLity for control over Aradoth. The challenge will active in 22.0 hours.

08:51:00 PM Dark Hand Of Valor was challenged by King Mannus for control over Apautan. The challenge will active in 22.0 hours.

08:51:23 PM Dread Horsemen was challenged by Genital Asphyxiation for control over Jeradan. The challenge will active in 22.0 hours.

08:52:10 PM Vigilante was challenged by Turtle Soup for control over Mamengruk. The challenge will active in 22.0 hours.

08:58:51 PM Lords of Death was challenged by Dominion for control over Eslingar. The challenge will active in 22.0 hours.

08:59:28 PM Sick Bastards was challenged by Turtle Soop for control over Eronetil. The challenge will active in 22.0 hours.

09:09:51 PM Lords of the Dead was challenged by WINNERWINNERCHICKENDINNER for control over Spear Waters. The challenge will active in 22.0 hours.

09:25:44 PM United Legions was challenged by Head Hunters for control over Long March. The challenge will active in 22.0 hours.

09:31:12 PM Desperate Housewives was challenged by No daddy not again for control over Surtstone. The challenge will active in 22.0 hours.

Dear DarkFall server hardware:

Good luck!


Every alliance on NA1.

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24 Responses to Rumor has it a siege might happen?

  1. coppertopper says:

    Can you live video-blog your play sessions by any chance? The way Beau does from time to time.

  2. Carson says:

    I’d be a lot more inclined to check out Darkfall if those guild names didn’t give such an overpowering impression that the entire population of the game was made up of twelve year olds that were dropped on their heads as babies.

    • Billy Hicks says:

      Honestly, how long do you think a screaming 12 year old kid can stand having his stuff taken off him every time he dies?

      Sure DF has its fair share of pricks, but then so does every single MMO out there. The trick is and has always been to find a good guild. Find a guild with people you like and who play the game in a way that fits your play style and then everything is fine.

      The mistake some people make is thinking that they are better than everyone else. They think that the way they behave and what they think is fun should be forced on everyone else. They are wrong.

      If someone likes to have a stupid name, who cares? If someone wants to play 20 hours a day, who cares? As long as you have a good bunch of friends around you then your going to have fun.

      DAM, this is Darkfall, having people you think are pricks as the enemy is even better than someone you respect. Kill the prick, take his stuff and enjoy the lament of his women

      • Dblade says:

        The irony is that the prick is usually better than you. That is why PVP will always be niche.

      • Kyff says:

        But still it’s strange to live in a world where everyone and his dog do have capital letters randomly inserted in their names. I really wonder why this is so popular in Darkfall.

  3. Bhagpuss says:

    I have to say that quoting those guild names is undoing a lot of the effort you’ve been putting in to convince interested observers of Darkfall’s maturity. Granted, any WoW server has guild names to match, but I thought the point was that DF was more grown-up than WoW.

    Also there is no such verb as “to active”. Maybe there is in Greek.

    • valkrysa says:

      Whether it is unhelpful towards a certain goal it would also be anti-productive to conceal the truth. In the end every game is filled with such character names and guild names, trying to deny that wouldn’t fool anyone.

  4. SynCaine says:

    Just a quick thing on some of the clan names, some of the attacking clans are ‘dummy’ clans created for just the siege. People get ‘creative’ with those clan names.

    • Carson63000 says:

      Thanks for clarifying, indeed all of the ones that I thought were completely moronic were attacking clans.

      Still kinda lame, but better than the thought of sharing a game world with people who think having “WINNERWINNERCHICKENDINNER” or “No daddy not again” on their banner full-time is lulzy.

  5. Adam says:

    Do the people bitching about language/clannames have actual male friends they hang out with?


    This is how most males talk and interact in informal situations. If you don’t talk like this and interact like this (and are a male) … there’s probably something slightly wrong with you.

    Yes, some men start getting uptight and tedious in their 30s it’s true.

    But I generally find I can start shittalking with a guy 30 years older then me and he won’t even hesitate to show me how he’s better at it than me. It’s a sign that person likes and accepts you btw.

    tldnr- Don’t play pvp videogames online if informal male speech offends you.

    • Bhagpuss says:

      It does, so I don’t :P

    • sid67 says:

      What always bugs me is the internet equivalent of slurring your words. I can accept a guild name like “Late Term Abortion” much better than I can than something like “S@y N0 t0 @b0rt10n!”

    • Carson63000 says:

      Can’t say my male friends talk and interact like that. Although now that you mention it, I guess a couple of my nephews do. They’re all in another country, though, and I don’t really spend any hanging out with other children IRL.

    • Kyff says:

      Me being male and having a lot of male friends still am taken aback by stupid names. When I’m with my buddies we usually are much more clever in playing with words this.

      And lets not forget that this a game in a fantasy setting in which we impersonate fairy creatures and not drugselling street gangs.

      • Adam says:

        @Kyff et al.

        “””And lets not forget that this a game in a fantasy setting in which we impersonate fairy creatures and not drugselling street gangs.”””

        If you actually think this, you and your friends are guaranteed to be laughably terrible at pretty much all pvp videogames but… do what you want, it is a sandbox.

        on a related note –

    • Malakili says:

      You must have stupid friends.

  6. keystone says:

    So, how many of those dummy clans belonged to Vamp/Nem? hehe

  7. bonedead says:

    All these old guys with their grudges spawned by getting owned in CS (and/or UO) 10 years ago, yet they still can’t stop following the games they can’t play.
    *shakes head*

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