Vacation, good. Computers, bad.

On the plus side, vacation was phenomenal. Hard to beat an all-inclusive resort right on the beach in Mexico, and the break was much needed. The downside is that someone must have broken into our home while we were away, but rather than steal anything they must sabotaged BOTH of my gaming computers. How does that even happen…

Actually the older of the two went down a few days before vacation with a combo of CPU heat issues and a busted hard drive. Good times. The newer of the two, the Alienware, is currently in the shop for god knows what, I got home and after firing it up it shut itself down after a few minutes. It seems like a heat issue, but it’s not the video card. The CPU is liquid cooled, so let’s just pray it’s not that. I should know more Monday; hopefully it’s not a major issue.

The Wii sure is looking purdy right now… fml.

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13 Responses to Vacation, good. Computers, bad.

  1. sid67 says:

    Maybe your computer was just pissed that you went on vacation without it…

  2. Bhagpuss says:

    As someone who’s idea of an ideal vacation is to book a flight to somewhere obscure and wing it from there, with the goal of never sleeping in the same bed twice, an all-inclusive resort sounds like one of the circles of hell. Still, glad you had fun and welcome back.

    The computer thing is so true. Mrs Bhagpuss and I bought two identical new PCs last week. They are both wonderful. I moved the two previous PCs downstairs, however, and though they had both been working perfectly they decided they didn’t like their new homes and both decided to go on strike. Luckily, or maybe not, I am off work for two weeks (I’m in the U.K. – I get almost 7 weeks vacation per year – so sue me) so I had the pleasure of spending about 15 hours fiddling with them until they sort of work.

    I can’t wait until PCs die and we do it all on consoles, frankly. I never have this trouble with the microwave.

  3. Irenor says:

    Curious to know what you think of the recents “updates” on ForumFall. Hope it won’t cost too much to repair your computer :P

    Overheated my motherboard and melted my processor last year…..dang that cost a lot to repair.

  4. Billy Hicks says:

    Bla, who cares, buy a new one out of the DF Publisher deal you have on the site

    The important thing is this: What do you think to all the stuff thats happened since you went away. How am I supposed to know what to think about new mounts, Dwarf Models and AVs position on the grind if you don’t help me….. Come on Syn, anyone would think that a real life holiday is more important than writing your blog :-p

  5. Sounds like the issue with your Alienware PC is either the PCU heatsink or the PSU. Does it boot back up if left to cool off for a while?

    Hope you get it all sorted soon!

  6. Anne says:

    my PCs often end up having something wrong with them when I come back from a trip

  7. kemp says:

    inb4 Syncaine gushes praise all over AV for saying, what amounts to, almost nothing

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