Mildly entertaining, I guess

First up is this video from Obs of LoD. The combination of the latest patch increasing Sea Fortress rewards, balancing AoE magic, and the overall excitement about Darkfall among many veteran players lead to this rather massive naval blowout. Looks like a ton of fun, and I know Blood has plans to attend soon as well; can’t wait for that.

Speaking of my clan, what would a weekend be without someone dropping a siege on us, eh? After two victories against the Zealot alliance, DHW challenge us at the Bladethorpe hamlet. Unfortunately for us, things did not go so well, and DHW simply beat us. They took the local high ground before we could mobilize and secure it, and then used a wall of clan strongboxes to create a chokepoint. As we could not get close enough to throw battlespikes effectively, we had to drop a cannon, and even that was not enough to fully finish one of the boxes as DHW countered and dropped some cannons of their own. We eventually got it down after a few members rushed in to throw some spikes with others healing them from behind. It worked, but the amount of focused magic dropping down on them was amazing. After a long and generally unproductive magic standoff, we made a mounted charge and engaged in melee.

The charge itself looked epic, and initially we crashed into their line and had them backpedaling, yet for a number of reasons we simply could not bring enough of them down, and eventually those who did not go down retreated back to the hamlet. As we regeared, DHW made a strong push into the hamlet itself and forced us to retreat a bit to the north. However we were able to push back and re-secure Bladethorpe, taking down a few enemies as they retreated back up into the highground ruins. But with our forces a bit scattered, random third-party enemies plaguing us around Bladethorpe, and our hamlet stone now vulnerable, it was only a matter of time before the combination of cannon and warhulk fire ended the siege.

It was a ton of fun even in defeat, and the new balance between magic/archery/melee is going to take some time to adjust to. Congrats to DHW, a victory well earned through a solid balance of player skill and strategy.

Chuck-o-the-day: Chuck Norris does not have an open-door policy, but he does have a closed-fist policy.

(DarkFall-related post disclaimer/reminder. If you click the image link near the top-right of this page and buy a DarkFall account, I get paid 20% of the client cost. If you believe this taints my views and reporting on DarkFall, your opinion is wrong.)

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9 Responses to Mildly entertaining, I guess

  1. Tom Hoffman says:

    Are PVP-based sandbox MMO’s more accurately described as MMO-backed wargames?

    • sid67 says:

      I disagree w/ Beleg below in that I think these games are entirely about competition.

      Beat them in the economic game. Beat them at a personal level. And most importantly, beat them in the game of conquest.

      Conquest might be one flavor or aspect, but in the entirety of everything you do, the point of it all is to expend ourselves against each other in an effort to dominate.

      That’s why I prefer the label of Domination or Dominion to represent this style of game. A true sandbox, after all, has no purpose other than to build. These games are about building in order to destroy.

      Even if you are just a sand vendor, you are still contributing to the “war effort”.

      • SynCaine says:

        My issue with this is only the major players actually care about the domination. Most just want to log in and ‘hang out’, even in a game like DF. Now the ‘hang out’ activity in DF might be a siege or a Sea Fortress capture, or maybe just some random PvP trip or some PvE farming, but I think most people don’t look at it all as a gradual building towards world domination.

        The ‘factors’ do, but most don’t, just like most soldiers in an army don’t really have a vested interesting in winning a war, they just want to get paid and get home.

        Setting the label as Domination or Dominion is far too limiting, because it makes it sounds like ONLY those interested in domination need apply.

  2. Beleg says:


    In a word, no. Conquest is just one aspect of the game. It’s also completely “opt-in” — that is, sieging is not required to gain any particular item or skill.

  3. Blud says:

    What do you think about the way strongboxes are used now? Do you think this needs to be modified in the DF2010?

    As a relatively new player, I have not participated in the political aspect of DF, yet. I do know that DHW has been dominating US1 for a while. Is there any clan or alliance that can seriously challenge DHW on US1? Do you see any change in the foreseeable future?

    Just from a noob perspective, it seems like more change and turmoil would be better than one dominant clan ruling over the server. Is this an incorrect perception? I don’t really know how the political system works, is why I’m asking.

    • Kyff says:

      This experiment is now being undertaken on the EU-1 server. The Cairn Alliance led by the clan SUN has dominated the game for several months, has arguably not been challenged seriously and might rightfully claim to have “won” EU-1. After achieving this they decided that it was time for turmoil as you call it and disbanded.

      In the ensuing days there has been a lot of action going on and the political landscape was changed dramatically. We’ll see if this is a change for better or worse.

      • Blud says:

        It will be interesting to see how the experiment on EU-1 turns out. Maybe there can be a fix to this type of political situation that doesn’t necessitate voluntarily disbanding.

    • SynCaine says:

      This is the first siege win for DHW in a number of tries, and they are far from the most dominante alliance on NA1. Unlike EU1, NA1 has a good spread of power, with Zealots, VAMP, DHW, R, and TCA all able to make moves when needed. Plus after those there are a number of smaller alliances that either battle each other or chip in for someone else.

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