One too many gaming options

Having too many games to play might seem like a silly thing to stress over (it is), but man can it be annoying/frustrating/great all at the same time. Between Darkfall being about as exciting as its ever been (with an expansion right around the corner as well), Eschalon coming out of nowhere to enthrall me, Battle of Wesnoth being multiplayer TBS gold, Guild Wars all of a sudden getting good, Age of Conan and Wizard101 being interesting rather than terrible in the one hour I’ve played them, and EVE always looking at me from the desktop, I just feel swamped right now. Not to mention gaming’s Armageddon, Civilization 5, is coming to steal 100% of my life away in new hex-based glory.

Can you feel my pain?

I need to do a proper post about Eschalon book one, but I’ll just say here that it was 20ish hours of classic RPG gaming greatness, and book two so far has been an overall improvement on the whole thing. I still don’t get how something that looks so simple on the surface can be this good, other than the old adage that gameplay is indeed king.

Battle of Wesnoth also needs its own post (see, I’m even swamped with potential blog posts here!), but I’ll just say this: if you are playing a strategy game and the very first turn is not critical and always interesting, you are doing it wrong. There is just something amazing about being able to play a complete game in 10-15 turns and feel like you just executed/failed a master strategy, with all of the tiny make-or-break details of a massive multi-hour gaming session. Oh and the maps? Possibly the greatest multiplayer maps of all time, no joke. The game is crazy good, both offline and on, and it’s a crime that it’s free.

Guild Wars: As readers will remember, GW somewhat failed to keep Aria interested, and I was 50/50 on it. Not being a quitter, I decided to press on a bit more with my Dervish, and I must say things really picked up after level 10, including a nice set of missions (with cutscenes), and the overall progression of the story/setting. I had a feeling we quit right before things got better, and at least so far, I was right. Now to get Aria to catch up…

Not much to say about AoC/Wizard101 other than I’m interested in playing them a bit more. So far both games have made a solid first impression (for very different reasons), and if not for the avalanche of options, I’d likely be putting in some serious time into one or both. I’d say hopefully things clear up soon, but I don’t see that happening. The good news is that since neither game is going anywhere, and if anything only improving with time, no worries on the delay to really play them. Same deal for EVE really, just too many options to fully jump back into EVE, so beyond a few missions, some market work, and just talking to old Corp mates, nothing to really write about.

Finally Civilization 5: when Civ 4 was released, I don’t remember how long I played it without playing anything else, but it was a good chunk of time. Civ is just one of those games that demands you keep playing it, and once you start you don’t really stop until you at least finish your current game. Problem is, when the game is still new and fresh, as soon as one game ends you have about a million other things you want to try, so starting another game is inevitable. It’s a great problem to have of course, and I can’t wait for the game to get released, but hopefully I can wrap up Eschalon book two, get enough Wesnoth, and somehow balance Darkfall time come this fall.

Busy gaming season, it’s serious yo.

Chuck-o-the-day: A sequel to 300 is currently being filled staring Chuck Norris. It will be called 1.

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7 Responses to One too many gaming options

  1. Paragus says:

    If you really want to make things worse, you could try League of Legends. That game really has a lot of our guys hooked lately, and it’s completely free.

    I still need to finish Eschalon book 2 and get onto Darkfall more. Also have Starcraft 2, Civ 5, and Fallout New Vegas rolling out over the next few months. There is more than enough gaming distractions to go around right now.

    • SynCaine says:

      Yea staying away from LoL and HoN for exactly that reason. DotA always had a very nasty habit of stealing away a TON of my gaming time. I know at some point I’ll play one of the two, simply because I loved DotA, but just not right now. Good thing SC2 was rehash garbage, that saved me a lot of time/money.

  2. Letrange says:

    heh – I’m lucky – atm there’s only two MMOs that I’m really attracted to. EvE which I’m playing and FFXIV when it comes out late this year. The list of those I’ve dabbled in has gotten longer. Some wrung a month of 3 subscription out of me but none have bit solid.

  3. Werit says:

    I am really excited for Civ 5. I even broke out Civ 4 and Colonization to tide me over.

  4. Bronte says:

    I know precisely what you mean man. My gaming interests are also quite varied, so I am constantly inundated with a backlog of games I want to play or at the very least try out, but i never manage to get around to it.

    Here is a “short” list of games that have me distracted these days:
    – World of Warcraft
    – EVE Online
    – Fallen Earth (30-day trial)
    – Darkfall (just started downloading)
    – Alan Wake
    – Borderlands
    – Battlefield Bad Company 2
    – Gears of War 2
    – GTA-IV: Episodes from Liberty City
    – Red Dead Redemption
    – Split/Second

    So many virtual worlds, so little time…

  5. shadowwar says:

    I think a lot of players are falling into a bit of a happyily filled routine. For me it’s a nice change of pace. This last weekened I dabbled around in all of my different games, from EVE, to WAR, to BF:BC2. On top of it all, my wife got me the combo pack of Dawn of War 2 for father’s day, so I’m trying to squeeze that in as well, and catch snipets of all my recorded E3 episodes from G4.

    A busy gamer, is a happy gamer!

  6. Blud says:

    Just got EVE for $1.99 on Steam. I think there are only 4 hours left on the deal as I write this.

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