Banning an entire country?

On the one hand, having a thread asking Riot to ban everyone from Brazil (edit: thread deleted now) might seem a bit extreme. On the other, when that thread gets 260+ ‘thumbs up’ votes and many of the comments more or less mirror my general experience with such players, maybe there is something behind it?

And how is it that an entire country can, on average, have such bad manners and overall generate such a massively negative opinion for themselves?

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34 Responses to Banning an entire country?

  1. Matt says:

    How is stereotyping working out for you?

    As a gamer, it sucks for me because I get lumped in with fucking Martians like you.

  2. Snafzg says:

    “And how is it that an entire country can, on average, have such bad manners and overall generate such a massively negative opinion for themselves?”

    Don’t shoot the messenger but aren’t you from the US? During the Bush years especially most of the world wasn’t too thrilled about your country’s gov’t or its citizens for putting it there…

    On average of course.

  3. sid67 says:

    Wow. Who knew so many people from Brazil read your blog?!

    • SynCaine says:

      They just come for the pictures. Everyone knows that like women, Brazilians can’t read… on average of course.

    • João Carlos says:

      I am from Brazil and I read SynCaine blog.

      Sadly, i will stop to read it.

      • Ulthor says:

        Why? Are you offended by his statement of a fact? If you are, then you just pigeonholed yorself as an asshole because you are brazilian.

    • Ulthor says:

      It’s probably because Syncaine likes and writes about highly competitive PvP games, Brazilian’s favorites.

  4. freakpants says:

    Just wanted to switch from page 7 to page 8 of the thread:

    Invalid Thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator

    Apparently it got to embarrassing… :D

  5. Cec says:

    Because 260 thumbs up is indeed indicative of the entire game’s population’s opinion about Brazilians. It’s also indicative of the obvious fact that Brazilians (on average of course) are assholes.

    Slow day?

  6. extraguy says:

    I’ve seen this happen with other games, most notably Nexon with their IP blocks for Brazil on games such as Combat Arms. And yes, after IP blocks, the cheating on CA actually went down, although it wasn’t non-existent (the US has it’s share of assholes too).

    Also, playing any game with P2P connections for gaming is a horrible experience if you have to deal with a lot of users that have consistently high ping due to geographical location. I think LoL may use P2P connections when running games, so people may be complaining for that reason as well(who the hell wants to play when you get frozen in place over and over waiting for the bad connection guy’s network to continue responding? Or, who would want to be stuck playing on the team short 1-2 players when their connections can’t keep up?).

  7. Jordan says:

    A stereotype becomes a stereotype for a reason.

  8. Ulthor says:

    I am Brazilian. I hate Brazilians (I don’t hate myself because I am not the average Brazilian). I hate even more playing with Brazilians. Yep, sad but true…
    I don’t consider Americans much better thou, they usually behave like idiots too. Just not almost every single time as Brazilians do.
    Anyway, I don’t care, I don’t play LoL. But I probably would mind if I did.

    • Derrick says:

      Eh, it’s got nothing to do with nationality.

      The reality is that people suck. It’s really that simple :)

      • Ulthor says:

        I agree with you to some extent. The country you are born in does not define if you “suck” or not, but it can have an impact on it, if you let it. The country’s culture can influence your mentality if you are not a critical thinker. That’s why most brazilian suck, and many american suck, and few canadians, for instance, suck.

  9. Pedro says:

    This has a simple explanation, besides high ping, which is annoying in itself. Brazil is a big country with a huge population which is mostly poor, with bad internet infrastructure and very few licensed software vendors. Therefore a high proportion of online players are rich spoiled uneducated kids. Still a long way to develop a mainstream online gaming etiquette like in the US or Europe.

    • Ulthor says:

      That’s not entirely true. I know many players, both rich and poor, and also middle class, and in all those groups there are idiots. It does not take much money to play in a “lan house” as we call it here, and that is how the poor kids get to play games like LoL.

  10. Red says:

    Brazilian here, I hate Brazilians in online games as much as anyone. I’m only opposed to the ban because I wouldn’t be able to play League of Legends.

  11. coppertopper says:

    How does everyone know which country is playing and being assholes? Does a flag pop up representing each player during a match? Maybe it’s the damn portugese – they speak the same language after all.

  12. Hudson says:

    I blame the Olympics

  13. KaKTy3 says:

    Thanks, I get it now. The Brazilians are the NA version of the Russians and other Eastern Europeans on the EU servers. I say ban them.

  14. J. Dangerous says:

    Yeah, the ONLY nation I have ever seen that REFUSED to let other nationalities in their games.

    WC3 NA East server was hit with a wave of “BR BR BR” games and for me it summarizes their attitude online. Rude, selfish, etc, etc.

    The irony of the brazilians having a racial bias online is astounding. (i.e. when everyone else wants THEM out)

    p.s. I realize that even the majority does not represent *all*, and I’m sure most BAs here are the good sort ;)

    p.p.s. Yeah, I’m Canadian so most likely I won’t be insulted on a national level back.

  15. J. Dangerous says:

    Hell no. If I was French Canadian do you think I would have brought it up?

    Speaking of banning nationalities, could anyone here help me with getting the french banned from Canada?

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