Milkfat and you

Expansion launch day in Darkfall = Return to Darkfall for me, and honestly, I’ve been itching to return. League of Legends is extremely fun, don’t get me wrong, but it’s just not an MMO, and that really is the style of gaming I love most. Not that a return to Darkfall means no more LoL, far from it, but a little more balance will return to my gaming. Unfortunately or otherwise, I’ve got Civilization V on somewhat of a hiatus as I wait for some patching, having finished four games and seen ‘enough’ for now. The great thing about Civ though is that it ages like fine wine, only getting better with time.

Today though I want to talk about the recent ‘big deal’ event in League of Legends; this whole Milkfat hubbub. The original thread can be found here (caution its long and rage-filled), but the short story is this: Milkfat claims he is a pro player from DotA/HoN, Riot gives him an account with a TON of RP and LP, people see that due to his live stream, forum post gets made, people rage, Riot says “oops” and takes back the points, life goes on.

One of the big issues people had went something like this “I paid for skins/champs, and this guy gets them all free, not fair!” I’ll just address that with “life’s not fair”. I mean really, are we going to harp on someone being able to drop $1000 instantly on League of Legends because they are a lottery winner, a doctor, or whatever? Is that ‘not fair’ either? Is someone buying champs with RP when you ‘earned’ them with IP ‘not fair’ either? Point being, worry about yourself, because if you compare yourself to others long enough, it’s not going to end well for you.

Second lets look at the precedent set here, is giving someone a maxed out (or close to it) account really all that special? Nope. Reviewers often get such accounts, devs give them to friends/family all the time, and what about all those who win such accounts or exclusives through one contest or another? Point being, it happens, often, and the only difference here is that the guy live streamed and everyone watching saw it, someone made a forum post, and the snowball rolled.

Ultimately though, this just highlights the beauty of the F2P model League of Legends has going. What did that guy REALLY gain when he received that account? Did Riot give him stronger heroes? More mastery points? More powerful runes?


He got access to a lot of fluff (skins), access to more heroes, and the ability to fill up some rune pages (of which you can only use one at a time anyway) faster than someone who plays for free. Nice to have, sure, but once hero selection is over and the game loads, he is just another player, no more powerful than anyone else. And that really applies to anyone spending money in LoL; it opens up options, it gets you stuff faster, but once the game loads it has no real impact, and that’s huge. Anyone who reaches level 30 (ranked play) will have more than enough IP to buy some heroes and fill out some rune pages, so whether you have a loaded account or have yet to spend a dime, you are on the same level in terms of in-game power.

Think about that too. Riot is able to make money (and given the rate they are hiring, truckloads of it) from a competitive game without selling a single item of true power. A hyper-competitive game is fully supported by selling, ultimately, fluff. That not only says a lot about your base game, but about your fluff as well.

Chuck-o-the-day: The Burning Man festival got its start when Chuck Norris set fire to a bunch of hippies with his eyebeams.

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18 Responses to Milkfat and you

  1. Pitrelli says:

    Im actually downloading the darkfall free trial atm to see what changes have been implemented since my last foray (couple months after the NA server launched I believe), I was going to just resub for the month however I actually want to see how the starter experience plays out now I’ve got previous experience.

    One thing I am dreading is the run to the ‘NEW’ fort as I remember last time it took me ages.

    Oh and even if I enjoy myself I’ll still say it sucked ;)

    • SynCaine says:

      NEW on NA now also has a hamlet between Maharim/Dwarf/Orc lands, so if you start in the north you can head to that and take the portal (I’m sure someone will provide a portal shard).

      Servers are still down for the expansion atm.

      • Pitrelli says:

        Im on EU so its miles away (I roll orcs)

        My DF torrent seems to have died has went from 400kb/s to about 10kb/s urgh!

        • Saucelah says:

          I will probably do a trial on the NA server, today or tomorrow. Unfortunately, DF sets it up so I have to uninstall to get another trial. What a pain.

    • bonedead says:

      I started a trial recently as well. One of the things you may want to consider is herb gathering til you get a steedgrass, buy taming for 500g, get a whistle (buy for like 20-40g), and make a horsedog. I’ve opted out of the NEW experience this time round, joined a dorf only clan.

      • Pitrelli says:

        hmm i dunno about getting a mount, I will only get one if they have changed the riding animations as they are the worst I’ve seen – they made me laugh but also my eyes bleed at the same time.

  2. Saucelah says:

    This is exactly what I was saying in the forums. I felt like I was talking to teenagers. I probably was.

    I’m feeling like an old fogey (though I usually don’t consider 31 ancient) simply because I can’t relate to this “me generation” and its sense of entitlement. Which is saying a lot: I’m an only child.

    • Mala says:

      Way too much emphasis on this being generational. Its just stupid people being stupid. You can understand being a little upset or it just not sitting right..but..I just don’t find myself getting worked up over it.

      • Remastered says:

        I’m not sure it is too much emphasis on a generational thing. I’m about the same age as Sauce (30) and I’ve seen the “everyone gets a ribbon” mentality continue to pervade those who came through youth league sports, high school and college 5-10 years after me.

        I echo Syn’s thoughts when he says life is not fair. Some of the reactions you see in these types of threads I think are a result of a “we’re all winners” culture rather than a culture that rewards and explains the hard work that goes in to winning and how to deal with situations where you lose (because it invariably happens in some way to everyone at some point in their life).

        In this situation, it’s totally missed by the “slap in the face” crowd how much time and effort Milkfat has probably put into gaining his position in the gaming community (whether you think that’s time well spent or not is another issue entirely) and the fact that what was provided to him really is of non-consequence to the competitve aspect of the game.

        • SynCaine says:

          The messed up part about the ‘last place ribbon’ thing is that non-competitive schools, games, whatever, can do it all they want, but RL has not adjusted. Top-flight schools are still cutthroat, getting ahead at work still requires you to step over people, and good luck getting everyone in the world to ‘not keep score’.

          Not keeping score early just means the shock of it happening later is going to be that much worse.

        • Saucelah says:

          You’re probably right. Sample bias due to time spent as a teacher and the problems friends have been having with their kids.

          I don’t buy into the culture you’re describing either though. I certainly wasn’t giving As to all my students, and they certainly weren’t getting trophies in sports if they didn’t win. I remember some of the middle school kids not making the basketball “postseason” and having to cope with that. The “we’re all winners” thing seems to me to be nothing more than a myth put forward via criticism towards a very few programs or philosophies that have popped up in rare places, but somehow get focused on as the global reason why our education system is bad, despite that I have never worked, observed, heard about, or attended a school where that has been true, and I’ve attended schools and worked at them in NC, NE, NH, & MA.

        • Remastered says:

          You may be right as I have nothing but anecdotal evidence that the culture is the way it appears to me from the outside. It might very well be a situation where perception is greater than reality.

          It terms of it being the sole reason for the failings of our education system, I don’t subscribe to that theory. I might debate whether it’s a contributing factor, but there is certainly more than just one issue responsible for the problems in our education system.

    • bonedead says:

      I’m only 24 and I’ve started to feel like I don’t belong in these games anymore with all these damn retard babies all over the shit. It amazes me that these kids are in high school and somehow never learned half the shit I consider common sense. I guess since I’ve been hiding in my cave these past few years the world decided to come in and finally get me. Sons of bitches…

  3. Mobs says:

    I played Darkfall in beta and at release, I have been dieing for that oldschool early 90s UO feeling , again. Does it somewhat provide it? I actually got the trial and logged in clueless and could find no updated or half decent starter guides.. was I just not looking hard enough? Holler back

    • Remastered says:

      Check the Darkfall box on the top right hand page of this blog. Syn has links to four youtube videos geared to helping guide a new player.

    • SynCaine says:

      It has a lot of UO in it, yes, which includes the learning curve and the at-times rough world. Plus a ‘grind’ depending on how you view things and how much you need your character to carry you.

      I’ve got an FAQ post linked in the top right, not a bad start, along with the videos. After that it’s just joining a clan and learning from them.

  4. coppertopper says:

    This is why forums exist. To call out douchebags like the for what the are. Long live game forums.

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