Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition

A few days ago I got an email (went to spam actually) informing me of a 30% discount on Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition for anyone who purchased the original version. 30% seems significant, plus I enjoyed the original Blood Bowl, and a year+ of fixes and improvements is definitely a good thing.

On the other hand, paying “new game price – 30%” for what is basically an expansion is not sitting well with me. The major change here is a whole bunch of new races/teams, which is great, but it’s still the same game from last year that I paid $40 for. I played the original quite a bit too, especially online, but what ultimately turned me away was the lack of auto-matchmaking, and unless I missed something, BB:LE still does not have this feature. If it did, I’d have pre-ordered already.

The addition of all the new teams and their stadiums is certainly interesting though. Granted, no auto-matchmaking sucked, but it sucked in part because of the limited number of teams and the difficulty some teams had against a specific opponent. When you suck against two teams out of eight, that seriously limits things. Two teams out of twenty is not such a big deal. Toss in a bunch of new allstar players, team special abilities, and whatever else LE adds, and we are talking about a significantly changed game in terms of on-field strategy.

Another point of consideration: I never got into a pre-set league that really took off, which is also one of the key features of Blood Bowl. Now, if say Inq got a league going with weekly matches, that would certainly up the value of the purchase, likely making it more than worth the cost. I can almost hear the rage now as some high-percentage dice roll fails or a star players dies.

Something to think about I guess. Plus if nothing else, it’s another quality game to keep on the radar for a later date.

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8 Responses to Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition

  1. amuntoth says:

    How much is the LE retailing for? $40 still? If so, you’d only be paying about $28, which, while still kinda high for an expansion, isn’t too bad. Heck, it’s not even the price of 4 new maps for Modern Warfare 2.

    Still, I doubt I’ll be buying it unless the price comes down. I enjoyed BB, but I stopped playing it a while ago.

  2. Torcano says:

    Never picked this up originally, although I meant to. Eventually I suppose is slipped my mind entirely, which turns out was very beneficial… Now I am going to pick it up with all these ++bonus items. To be honest I hadn’t even heard of the LE.

    Too bad I can’t get that 30% myself though! Unless Syncaine decides against repurchasing and can somehow “give” me that.

  3. Isey says:

    I got that same email and ho-hummed about it. I did enjoy the game for quite some time (didn’t get in a league as well Syn) but have the same reservations as you.

    Too bad it’s a LTO. =)

    • SynCaine says:

      Did some reading, I guess with the Dark Elf addition (after I stopped playing), they also added matchmaking to the game. Think I’m going to drop the $28 and pick it up.

      • Isey says:

        Matchmaking was #1 in my wishlist from the old version. It sucked a bit combing through who was online looking for a match. Good to hear they added that.

  4. Zapatero says:

    Get in there! And set up the Hardcore Casual League while you’re at it :)

    • SynCaine says:

      A blog league eh… that might just work. Now if only they would reply to my email about my original BB code…

      • Amuntoth says:

        It took them about three weeks to get mine to me last time I needed it. Hopefully they have sped that up, what with this cheaper option for current owners.

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