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Food for thought: The company making 500m in profit a year can’t figure out how to get a couple hundred people fighting in one area (it’s technically impossible, yo), while a ‘niche’ game just had a little issue with 3100 players in one area. Actually 3100 is just about the max concurrent users said 500m profit company can support on one server, across hundreds of instances and all that. That ‘niche’ game sets the record for total number of players on one server just about every month.

Only one is really ‘accessible’ though. Rainbows for that.

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  2. Dril says:

    Golly; 3100 people in one place. What a technical achievement!

    Pity that’s about all there was, what with the 10 minute lag and everything. Not to mention that the servers are set up differently anyway, so 3100 and 200 are *relatively* the same size when compared to the overall server size.

    But, then, selective quoting works for tabloid trash, why not join the bandwagon?

  3. Jezebeau says:

    I think a population limit on systems could be an improvement in breadth of strategy. If “the gates” limited a system to ships at a time, it would spread combat over multiple systems (reducing the slideshow effect) and make gate control determine the availability of reinforcements.

    Central systems would be less likely to fall unless everything around them already had.

  4. WTM says:

    Yes lag was Terrible, but the thing is the node did not crash.

    There were GMs in system monitoring the system during the fight, and yes we blew some of them up to, so we should see further improvements over time.

    At least the envelope is being pushed…

    And yes I was there on the gate and on the cyno.

  5. Bhagpuss says:

    “The company making 500m in profit a year can’t figure out how to get a couple hundred people fighting in one area”

    Is it really “can’t”? More likely “don’t need to”.

    As you point out, they are making $500 million a year. Why innovate when what you already do satisfies?

    • SynCaine says:

      I would agree, but they did try, failed, and then said it was impossible. WG in WotLK was billed as open world RvR for WoW, until they gave up and turned it into just another instanced BG.

      • Dril says:

        Why bother with RvR? At least they’re sticking to their merits (i.e. PvE) rather than wasting money for a playstyle that doesn’t even work in the game.

        Of course, there are much better examples of them giving up on doing anything interesting at all (DK talents, tank cooldowns, healing homogenisation, etc etc.)

        • Ursus says:

          Hmm, were you in the closed beta for WoW when all they were talking about/pushing was the PvP of hte game. Did you even watch the first WoW Cinamatic where Alliance and Horde were fighting each other? The original WoW was billed as a PvP game between Horde and Alliance and it turned into something completely different.

        • SynCaine says:

          I’m still waiting for those Hero upgrades to my character. Soon!

        • Ob says:

          It didn’t end up being the pvp-centric game it was touted as. And guess what? Syncaine ended up spending countless hours grinding and raiding the PVE aspects of it!! In all fairness though, that was back when the game was seriously tough, yo. When it was still for “real” gamers. Before it turned into the wonderland themepark for kids and noobs that exists today. Hardcore gamer cred is maintained!!

        • SynCaine says:

          You know, you’re points actually make sense when you try to be sarcastic. You should stick to that going forward.

        • Dril says:

          Ursus: No shit sherlock, but PvP isn’t their merit. I wasn’t talking about the aim, I was talking about what they do best. Which isn’t PvP.

        • SynCaine says:

          Actually the A team over at Blizzard is half-decent at PvP. SC, Warcraft RTS, 2004-05 WoW (perhaps more by accident than anything else, but even so).

          The B and current C teams? Well… they rock at ponies!

      • Stabs says:

        WG was open world while Warhammer was a competitor. “Hey you like that RvR stuff? We got some too!”

        Once it became clear Warhammer had failed to pose a serious rivalry they stopped paying their server hamsters overtime and went back to instancing.

  6. Ob says:

    and all of those 3100 ships were rendered by the engine, right?…none of them were just dots on a screen?…c’mon, I think what Eve has going is incredible, but you’re really reaching here…whatever, Blizzard/WoW am bad/worst, Eve/Darkfall am teh best stuffs ever

    • SynCaine says:

      Wait wait wait, I’m reaching? You just showed everyone how little you understand the significance of 3100 people being in one area, ‘dots’ or otherwise, but I’M reaching? Good stuff.

      • Ob says:

        yes actually, you really are reaching with the Blizzard/WoW hate…it’s tired dude, really, really tired…you seriously have got to be the most jaded gamer on the planet…because 3100 dots in an area the size of an Eve system is a completely equivalent comparison with a couple hundred avatars being rendered in a space the size of WG…and the servers are set up to run in identical fashion…yeah…know what I think?…I think you have a secret desire to start up a new toon once Cataclysm hits…no wait, you can’t because there’s so much exciting stuff happening in Darkfall…thank you Syncaine, for yet another rant about the epic fail that is Blizzard/Wow…always good for a chuckle and a smile, :)

        • SynCaine says:

          And thank you for your comments, they always make me laugh.

          BTW, feel free to look up an article from CCP about server hardware and having so many players in one area. You will find it educational, although I don’t think they go over the effect ‘dots’ have.

        • Ob says:

          Glad to make you smile as well, :) I’d love to read the article you mention, really would. There’s just no time in my day, what with all the sparkle ponies, rainbows, “heroic” dungeon farming, welfare epics, afk-BGs, loot-pinata bosses, and being made to feel like hero (whatever that means).

  7. Ardwulf says:

    3240+ from the reports I got. Same reports are saying that there were about 2000+ players in-system before the lag got to be anything like a problem, and the server did not lie in a smoking pile of ruin when it was over. The boundaries are pushed outward… again, by CCP.

  8. tariqone says:

    You still playing EVE? I know you were pretty excited about returning a little while ago.

    • SynCaine says:

      I returned for a bit to catch up with old friends and check a few things out, but right now there are way too many good games to play to give EVE the time it needs. As always, at some point a return will happen.

      • Ob says:

        Maybe once Darkfall goes free-to-play? Sorry man, couldn’t resist. I don’t normally troll. Please accept my humblest apology, :)

        • SynCaine says:

          How about you can only post your sense-making sarcasm until DF goes F2P, and once it does, you are free to post ‘normally’ all you want. Deal?

        • Ob says:

          *Sigh* What you see as not making sense I see as two people that just like different things. Once upon a time, I had oodles of time to devote to MMOs and gaming in general. Time passed, I got older, wife and kids appeared. Strictly time-wise, DF/Eve etc. are out for me. Just don’t have the time to devote to really get what those games have to offer. Along comes WoW. It can be played in bite-sized chunks. It’s accessible (Oh noes!). What you might not get, is that I AGREE with most of what you say about WoW. It IS a noob-friendly, easy-mode, wonderland themepark loot-pinata. Hence the sarcasm. And WoW WORKS for me (and millions of others, though that’s beside the point). I read your blog most days. I enjoy the sarcasm. I enjoy the WoW-jabs. I’m gonna respond to ’em. Has nothing to do with me not making sense/I’m right, you’re wrong etc. etc.

        • SynCaine says:

          You’re wrong. DIAF WoW-tard.

  9. Ob says:

    Ouch, I hope that last was sarcasm. Hmmm…

  10. Sean Boocock says:

    I’ve been a fan of EVE’s developer posts before and since I played the game. The more technical ones have fascinated me as a programmer because so much in the games (and software more generally) industry is proprietary information.

    I don’t think the comparison you’re making is valid save for one point: CCP decided to double down on supporting large PvP battles and Blizzard did not. That’s a design decision as much as a technical one. Large fleet battles are integral to CCP’s gameplay; the game is designed from the ground up to support it. I’d argue the player density of some of the Wintergrasp battles on high population PvP servers at the release of Wrath made for poor PvP combat as well as laggy servers.

    Blizzard should have anticipated that and they have recognized the initial design of Wintergrasp as a mistake in interviews after the fact.

    Also, so far as I’m aware the developers of WoW have never said that initial incarnation of Wintergrasp was “technically impossible.” It was possible and there were many a 400+ member match on certain servers before the change was made to cap participation size. Those matches tended to bog down, not only for the players participating, but also everyone else in neighboring zones. Big mistake #2 I guess: locating Dalaran, the expansions major neutral city, within spitting distance of your open world PvP experiment.

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