Too many good games!

The only thing worse than not having a good game to play is having way too many quality titles all vying for your attention. Ok maybe it’s not exactly a ‘problem’, but Steam seriously needs to stop offering stuff at silly prices; how can we keep up?!

Titan’s Quest Gold (the original game + its expansion) was offered for $5. Silly to not insta-buy. And for a game released in 2006, maxed out it still looks really good (as in, if it was released today you would say it has good graphics good), and unlike Torchlight, it feel more Diablo-ish to me in that it pulls you in and makes you excited for what’s ahead. My major issue with Torchlight is that, at all points during the game, the object was always “go back into the mine”, and while it attempted to have a story, the story was basically “murder another level of the mine”. At least Titan’s Quest convinces you that you are making progress and actually going somewhere in the world.

I finally received my original Blood Bowl activation code, meaning I can pick up the Legendary Edition today and get at it. I’m really looking forward to it too, as I had a great time with Blood Bowl originally and only stopped playing due to a lack of variety, something 20 teams and enhanced multiplayer should fix. I’ll have a post up on Monday or so announcing an Inquistion + blog readers league (err, the details of it anyway, since um, I just announced it), so if you are at all interested, prepare for that!

Then we have the latest Darkfall patch, adding some Halloween-themed stuff along with bug fixes and area updates. I’ve still not gotten around to seeing a bunch of the new dungeons, and as always sieges and such are happening. Both in-game and on the forums general opinion has improved, with many simply excited for the upcoming additions (the next patch (audio) and, ultimately, the next major expansion).

And finally, the title that currently draws the most attention, League of Legends continues to entertain. Unfortunately I made the mistake of playing with Boink/Paragus in a ranked game, and since have contracted whatever disease he carries to attract horrible players. The unfortunate losing streak has my ELO down to just above 1300, which is sad considering how close I was to breaking 1400+. Lesson learned, and now to find a vaccine. I think it might require some Malady-wielding Teemo in his space suit. Shooting lasers usually fixes everything, right?

Good thing it’s Friday.

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10 Responses to Too many good games!

  1. Hatch says:

    Titans Quest is a great game of that genre & under-rated. Dint seem to get the numbers it deserved.

  2. Snafzg says:

    I’m always up for non-ranked LoL team games. I am so sick of the solo queue. It’s like flipping a coin. Heads I get competent teammates. Tails I don’t.

  3. silvertemplar says:

    Re: Torchlight vs. Diablo and the whole “going back into the mine” .

    Diablo 1 was actually exactly that too, replace “mine” with “dungeon levels 1-16” ;) . You literally just went down and down and down…

    • Mala says:

      Yea, Torchlight is more of a diablo 1 clone than a diablo 2 clone. Torchlight 2 seems to be going more for that diablo 2 feel though.

  4. Isey says:

    Quick rule of thumb with Steam – NEVER buy a game there that isn’t on sale. They all end up on sale eventually.

    I bought mLB 2k10 for 19.99 (full price there) and 2 days later it went on sale for $1.99! Of course, they won’t issue a credit for the difference.

    I still got a good sports game for $20, so not an extreme rant, but never buying a game off steam that’s not on sale again :)

  5. mk2net says:

    Don’t forget all the great games being released on recently. Planescape Torment, ToEE, BG, IWD…

  6. mmk says:

    So let me get this straight. It’s fine if a game like Titan Quest rips off Diablo. But it’s completely unacceptable when AION, WAR, etc rips off WoW.

    Nice consistency!

    • SynCaine says:

      Try this: one game brings something to the table and works, a other fails thanks to being a clone. Care to take a shot which game fits which?

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