That’s going to cost you

World of Warcraft Pony reskin: $25

League of Legends legendary skin: ~$12

Azeroth cataclysm zone changes: Free (after the $15 a month cost for a sub)

League of Legends game, including online service: Free

Supreme Commander 2: $3.50 (Steam Sale)

Final Fantasy 2 on the iPhone: $6.99 regular, on sale for $2.99

No real point here, other than some random musing about how odd pricing in the gaming biz can be. I mean a pony reskin is selling at over 7 times the cost of an entire (at the time) AAA game (SC2), and while I don’t know this for sure, my guess would be that the pony has sold more than the game, $3.50 price included.

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  1. Zapatero says:

    People will buy some odd shit, but if you’re a fan, you tend to not worry about the expense. I remember the first EVE Fanfest in Iceland (which cost a fortune to get to, in itself) and people were handing over bundles of money to buy T-shirts, key rings and anything else with the logo on.

    There’s even an EVE print magazine for $15! Some people have more money than sense! ;)

    (PS. I bought SC2 in the recent sale. I doubt I’ll ever play it. Who’s the fool?)

    • SynCaine says:

      That EVE mag is actually really sweet (and I’m not just saying that because I’ve had an article in it!).

      But yea, if you are a fan, cost to benefit ratios do indeed get all screwy at times.

  2. spinks says:

    Yup, and the EQ2 pony costs $25 per character, which makes WoW look cheap in comparison.

  3. Wilhelm2451 says:

    Supreme Commander 2 a triple-A title? Not if they are selling it for $3.50. The game only released back in March, right? And now they have it on sale for less that you can get Total Annihilation?

    I bought SC2 a few weeks back when it was on sale for $8.00(!) to compare it with Total Annihilation. It made me really appreciate how good TA still is.

    • syncaine says:

      Triple A in terms of dev costs, although having played a bit of the campaign so far, it’s not half-bad. That the engine can handle thousands of units at a time without a hitch is impressive. Great RTS, prolly not, but $3.50-worth of entertainment even now? Yup.

      • Wilhelm2451 says:

        That Square Enix had the budget and the intention to produce a product of Triple-A quality does not mean that anything they shoved out the door is necessarily a Triple-A title, in my opinion.

        In any other context, Triple-A is a measure of the quality and excellence of the final product or output.

        I do not know why, in the games industry, that people have grabbed onto the idea that it is a measure of budget. We have all seen multi-million dollar projects produce crap. That SC2 is selling for $3.50 less than a year after launch seems a pretty clear statement on excellence of the product.

        Not that SC2 is crap. It is okay. But left to myself, I went back to playing Total Annihilation.

        • SynCaine says:

          Maybe Triple A was the wrong term here. My point was that a game that likely had millions in dev costs and dozens (if not hundreds) of people working on it was selling for $3.50, while something that likely took one artist an afternoon goes for $25, yet the same people who don’t see value in the $3.50 will stand in (a virtual) line for the $25 reskin.

          Bonus points to SC, which had so much hype as the next-best-thing in RTS when the first one came out.

          Not far enough into SC2 to really judge it (EG score 4/10 so far), but I don’t see anything wrong with it so far. I played a 4v4 two team skirmish map last night on hard AI and had a blast. I really like how they did the research thing too.

          It ultimately still has the same issue SC1 had, in that with hundreds of units, battles turn into a giant cluster-fuck, but I think that’s part of the charm. Would I play it online at a competitive level? Nope. But something to provide giant robots and explosions? $3.50 well spent.

        • Wilhelm2451 says:

          Oh, yeah, totally worth the $3.50.

          I am quibbling over minor details of terminology. (As usual.) And not because you used the term necessarily, but because I commonly see people say “Game X is a Triple-A title because it has a budget of n millions” before Game X has seen the light of day.

          Did you get the extra downloadable content with that price? I got that as part of my $8.00 a few weeks back.

        • SynCaine says:

          The Endless (Infinite?)War DLC? I don’t believe so. Just looked up what it adds (bunch of units/maps), seems decent.

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  5. Lagman says:

    too busy buying up every indie bundle on sale for 5 bucks.

    So far I’ve gotten about 15-20 awesome games for about a dollar each when you break down the prices.


  6. Exposed Gamer says:

    Supreme Commander 2 is a shit game.

    You are an idiot

    • Mala says:

      And the 25 dollar sparkle mount is a shit mount…

      Thats not the point though, the point is that its odd that some people will spend more than an entire new game on a trivial item, but hem and haw over the 3.50 purchase of an entire game on Steam sale.

      I’ve blown 3.50 on impulse on a fancy chocolate bar, but I didn’t buy Supreme Commander 2 yesterday, or anything else on Steam sale for that matter because I didn’t think I’d play them enough to get my money’s worth. It doesn’t necessarily make sense, but I guess that’s the point.

    • Ferdinand says:

      Supreme Commander 2 is a good game.

      You are an idiot.

  7. Ob says:

    I’m fully convinced at this point that Syncaine has nightmares about WoW sparkle ponies. I’m too lazy and tired to count the number of mentions over the past 6 months. :)

  8. mandrill says:

    The thing about the pony is that once EQ2, or any other MMO with vanity items like that in it, is gone, thats is, your purchase goes with it. You buy a game, its yours. You can back it up bet a ‘no steam’ crack for it and continue playing. It doesn’t matter about the quality of the game it still has more intrinsic value than the ephemeral pony.

    All the $25 proves is that there really is one born every minute.

  9. boatorious says:

    Was the pony a reskin? I realize a new horse isn’t that exciting, but I thought it might have been the first winged horse.

    Anyway, to add to the cost zaniness, WoW and the first two expansions are on sale (from Bliz) for a combined $20.

    • SynCaine says:

      It’s a reskin in that for $25, it brings nothing new. It’s not faster, usable in new areas, or has anything ‘special’ to it like new voice or significant animation work.

      Compare that to Legendary skins in LoL, which usually contain new voice work and animations. Still fluff? Yup, but at least SOME effort went into it.

      • Dril says:

        It depends how you look at it. It is in fact a reskin of Invincible (the really rather hard-to-get mount, it drops from some hard variant of LK.) But I believe there are some new sounds for the Celestial Steed, if not animations, although both skins were introduced around the same time.

        To be fair, I’d pay for Invincible. It’s an incredible piece of design. The Celestial Steed? Not so much.

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