Brolaf, bro

League of Legends gameplay is perhaps only surpassed by Riot’s interaction with their community. One glance at the dev tracker will show you that they troll the forums more than most trolls, reveal more game info than Blizzard at Blizcon… wait, bad example… and actually accept and incorporate player feedback to make the game better. They also run a ton of contests, attend gaming conferences, and continue to push LoL into competitive gaming.

They have taken things to a new level with this though. (Near the end they have in-game footage. Bromacia!)

Sure, the whole ‘bro’ thing is a bad meme that in turn makes fun of a seriously horrible social trend that plagues college-aged (life and mental) guys, but to take it this far is, well, impressive, especially for anyone who follows the forums closely and has seen this go from a small mention to forum domination.

Now excuse me, I’m off to master Olaf in anticipation. Bro.

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5 Responses to Brolaf, bro

  1. maggnus says:

    Would you say you masterbroted over him?


    • Remastered says:

      If this leads to less Fiddle, then I approve.

      • SynCaine says:

        Fiddle carries you, as does Teemo, Shen, Trynd, Yi… ok not Yi.

        Actually I’ve identified the problem; my 1500+ normal elo drags you bottom feeders up, since they changed how teams work and you can no longer smurf down to an average, and instead of playing with other 1500ish players, I get, well, you guys.

        Last night was a perfect example of that. Those games were way, way out of your guys league, down where being hyper-passive and reactive still works, being 50+ creeps behind is ok, and using the exact same build regardless of the team is not game-ending.

        Or you know, it’s Fiddle, played by the guy with the highest ELO on the team.

  2. freakpants says:

    Riot also refuses to do anything against notorious Leavers, except promising something sometime…
    It even happens in ranked, and this is where the fun stops. I mean, just throw those people with 200 leaves in a pool and let them all play together.. I have 1 leave in 360 (normal) games and i had many many terrible games where i just wanted to smash my head on the table. I actually ruined 2 mice since i started playing, but I never ragequit.

    There’s also some people (including me) that get random disconnects or 20 second lags, even though their machine is more than adequate (loads first of all 10 summoners) and never have any internet problem.

    Riot Games is doing a good job, but not everything is fine and sunny.

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