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Not much to add to this, other than it’s nice to hear someone approach Darkfall appropriately, rather than wondering when the first ‘epic’ is going to drop and ragequiting because someone interacted with them in an MMO. Looking forward to more Jef.

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  1. Saucelah says:

    inb4 the anyone that likes Darkfall is a fanboi schill rage

  2. Chris says:

    I think it’s time for you to step back in and re-acquaint yourself with average MMO players, Syn. If you think anyone is wondering when their first epic is going to drop before they’re 60-70 levels in, you’re a bit out of touch with everyone not Darkfall.

    • SynCaine says:

      I keep forgetting the average WoW player is there for the lore rather than the powerranger suits. Thanks for the reminder :)

  3. Old Tom says:

    Thanks Syn .. missed it from Massively feed and a great read. Enough for me to pop in free trial and see for myself.

    Unlike Tobold’s latest plodding, accountant-style review of WoW’s New New Player Experience, this piece actually made me excited to, you know, actually play a game.

    Hmm .. play a game or analyze longterm declines in quality of Tanks for Random group qeues …

  4. coppertopper says:

    Pretty awesome read. Downloading trial tonite. Wish I had a decent desktop to pop my good soundcard into, instead of this laptop.

  5. Dblade says:

    The review really didn’t change much. He pretty much confirmed what people knew: you can’t be competitive in a PvP fight without grinding a lot of stats, and being in a clan usually winds up being handheld by stronger players and not contributing that much. Notice how he didn’t mention he actually killed someone? Or even fought much in PvP?

    • Saucelah says:

      I don’t believe anyone in any game expects to be competitive in week one. So how exactly did that confirm you have to grind? I’m pretty sure I read nothing about grinding in that article at all.

      I think what you really mean is that it did nothing to combat your personal issues with the game, rather than confirm them.

      Please, help me out here, why is it that your personal issues against the game are your only focus? What motivates you to deny others their enjoyment of what they consider positive aspects to the game?

      • Dblade says:

        Not so much competitive, but he didn’t mention PvP at all. It’s one thing if the game is centered around a traditional level grind where the PvP action happens at cap, but in a sandbox game you expect to at least be able to fight, and skill not stats drives play.

        In Champions Online, you CAN be competitive at week one, and while imbalances exist, you can PvP with vets in group or single aspects and still feel satisfied.

        My point was more that DF seems to be transitioning to PvE to retain new people, with PvP becoming more of a “endgame” thing due to the stat grind. His review confirmed that. As for DF itself, get used to it: forumfall and syncaine spewed a lot about how WoW sucks: take your own medicine and learn to put up with how much DF sucks.

        • SynCaine says:

          You more or less concede any point you are trying to make when you bring up CO as a highlight, but that aside, you are as usual horribly off about DF.

          The reason PvE has been focused on in development of late is not because the PvP is an issue, but the exact opposite. The PvP works right now, and it’s PvE that could be improved.

          It was never, ever a design goal to have a new character in DF compete against a vet 1v1. Ever.

          Let me write that for you again so it sinks in.

          It was never, ever a design goal to have a new character in DF compete against a vet 1v1. Ever.

          And to drive the point home a bit further, balance has never been based around 1v1 encounters anyway, regardless of the level.

          The goal is, was, and will be, to allow a new character to contribute in a meaningful way right from the start, and that still holds true. The linked post confirms that as well. A new character was going around with vets (Zealots), helping them with PvE on all levels, and would have helped them had PvP happened. That Zealots have a rep (another sandbox-dominant feature), most don’t attack them, but the option is always there.

          Other ‘day one’ items are glossed over in the article because they seem second-nature in DF, but are in fact somewhat unique. He was able to travel across the entire world to join his clan. He was able to receive assistance from his clanmates without restrictions. He in no way is excluded from ANY activity they have planned, be it PvE or PvP. He is in no way required or ‘strongly encouraged’ to develop his character in a certain way, etc etc.

        • Saucelah says:

          Wow. This bitterness is interesting.

          I don’t play Darkfall, nor post on forumfall, so I don’t see why I have to “take my own medicine and learn to put up with how much DF sucks.” I did play a trial and really enjoyed it, so I far from see it as self-evident that Darkfall sucks. I can see areas that could use improvement, but being competitive 1v1 in PvP against vets within a week is not something I’d expect the game to implement. Nor do I think it is a problem with the game that everyone should universally identify. Nor do I think the article said anything like what you’re asserting — you’ve read into it what you wanted to read.

          If being viable in week one in CO pleases you, then by all means, play CO. Look for games that hand you that same opportunity. But claiming your subjective opinion on how PvP should be implemented as an objective evaluation of the game is just absurd. It’s also an insane use of energy — unless I find a topic specifically asking what it is I dislike about WoW, or generally discussing the metagame driving MMOs, or some other topic in which referencing a mechanic in WoW I dislike makes sense, I would never go out of my way to make responses about WoW like you have here about Darkfall.

          Maybe Syncaine is guilty of irrationally asserting his negative opinion of WoW as universal and objective — I don’t stalk the guy’s internet activity. But I do know my mommy told me before I was 5 that two wrongs don’t make a right. If he’s “spew[ing]” irrationally about WoW, the internet “marketplace” will self-correct. His opinion and reviews won’t be trusted, and the ten trillion WoW players (or whatever they’re up to now), will refuse to read what he writes. You showing up and attacking Darkfall irrationally actually makes reading this blog more interesting — I came here while researching LoL; I stayed to try and understand the psychology behind Darkfall hatred.

          If Syncaine hurt your widdle feelings by refusing to like WoW — get over it.

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