Homeless in DarkFall, and back to DDO

Considering I did not touch the computer all Sunday, a whole lot of gaming still happened this weekend. My clan in DarkFall making some poor siege-related decisions, my return to DDO, and some single-player gaming all happened.

In DarkFall, the long and short of how Apollo lost both our city holdings comes down to not knowing the details of the siege system and making rash decisions instead of just stepping away. The clan Imperil brought a group of ten or so to our hamlet of Bladethorpe and used siege hammers to disable the mine and a clan house. In retaliation, Apollo and a few members of our alliance (Cairnivores) took a trip to the Imperil city of Albertworth and hammered their gatehouse and zap tower. The resistance was sparse and we easily took the city. Now at this point, with the time being around midnight EST, we should have called it a night and logged.

Instead, a few of our officers wanted to drop a siege and try to take the city outright, and not knowing the full details of the siege system, dropped a challenge and made our two holdings vulnerable. Two hours later, with Force (Imperil’s alliance) having hired the top mercenary alliance (Zealot) to help out, they stormed a weakly defended Hammerdale and took it. Our main force was at Bladethorpe, and we mostly expected to lose Hammerdale. As the attacking force showed up at Bladethorpe some 30 minutes later, a massive battle started.

I had a good position to survey the northern battlefield, and from my vantage point could see that the initial charge by Black Shields and company was being held back, with some tombstones popping up among the trees. Over vent I heard a few members saying they were wining the ground battle and that they were starting to push out. It was at this point that the second enemy force attacked from the south, and crashed directly into the defenders in the hamlet. I did not witness this battle, but it was clear from my viewpoint that our magic attacks on the northern force stopped, and soon all ground defenders were dead or scattered. We had assumed a second alliance group was covering the south, but either they got overwhelmed quickly or were out of place, because the southern attacking force hit our guys hard.

A few enemy members then climbed up to the treetop walkway myself and a few other members were occupying, and after some good melee and ranged battles, we too broke and died. As I respawned at the hamlet, the stone was already surrounded by enemies with hammers. Shortly after the hamlet was taken and the siege was over at around 4am EST. The only major regret is that this all happened so late, and that many of our key members were not online to assist. Now we are living out of a chaos city near the center of Agon, deciding where to go as a clan next. We have a few very powerful members coming as part of the EU/NA transfers, and the upcoming October expansion will also bring some of our less-active members back online. Once all that happens, I’m sure we will throw ourselves into the mix of things once again. For now, we get to play the role of spoilers, showing up whenever and fighting whoever we like. It’s a nice change of pace, although returning to city ownership and all the politics that brings is ultimately what DarkFall is all about.

As for DDO, the F2P update has brought a few small but noticeable changes to the general feel of the game, and so far the cash shop is not super in-your-face or obnoxious. It has the usual F2P junk like XP pots and extra healing whatevers, plus all the now limited races/classes/instances for sale as well. Thankfully this can all be bypassed by paying the normal $15 a month. As this go-around Aria and I will be playing with two old friends from WoW/WAR, the tougher instances should go much smoother with a balanced group, and hopefully we progress further overall than we did the last time.

Finally, Direct2Drive continues its 5 year anniversary sale, and as part of that I picked up Elven Legacy for $5. It’s a turn based, hex map strategy game from the same studio that made Majesty 2. It’s a little rough in spots, but so far it’s a very challenging and fairly deep strategy game, and for $5 it’s tough not to recommend it to anyone looking for a quick strategy fix. Especially in the wake of Majesty 2’s somewhat easy single player campaign, Elven Legacy will definitely have you re-thinking your moves and restarting maps as you perfect your strategy.

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10 Responses to Homeless in DarkFall, and back to DDO

  1. Andrew says:

    Would love to hear your thoughts about permadeath play in DDO, since you tend towards more hardcore and meaningful modes of play.

    I just got into it recently, and have some info here if you’ve not heard of it:

  2. syncaine says:

    I don’t know enough about mid-high end in DDO to really say if perma-death would work, but certainly in the level 5 and under range it should. All of the instances I saw are doable but can certainly offer a challenge, and with DDO being so alt-friendly, perma-death makes sense in that regard. It’s not for me simply because I have DF to get that kind of rush, and DDO for me right now is just something to casually play with my fiance and some friends, but I could see how others would enjoy it.

    • Andrew says:

      Fair enough. There are players in the PD guild I joined that are in the mid-teens for level, so it seems like you can get fairly high. They’ve also raided level appropriate content for the old end game, which is fairly cool.

      Thanks for your thoughts.

  3. Werit says:

    Are there any details about the October expansion? Whatever happened to weather?

    • syncaine says:

      Weather like rain, snow, and fog is in. I don’t know if they have more planned for it though. Fog cuts visibility down big time, and rain makes things a little harder to see, but overall it’s not a huge game-changer so far.

      The DF forums have this on the upcoming expansion:

      “It includes many changes and additions to ship building, sea combat and sea objectives, part two of our character specialization system – this time some much needed love for archery and melee combat, the first step of local banking, player owned local vendors, the first set of racial skills, barber shop, the caravan system, new houses and villages, new housing objects to decorate your house with, wandering mobs, more rare drops added to monsters, new free spawning objects to discover, and much more.”

  4. JC says:

    I’m checking out DDO now myself. I’ve dropped the cash for the races and classes, had a little left over and got my fighters some +1 stuff that I now know I could have bought from and NPC merchant and later resold, but since “DDO Store-bought” items are flagged as bound to account…. can’t even vendor the junk now. Ah well.

  5. Fortuente says:

    I’ve been having a nightmare of a time with DDO customer service, which has essentially caused me to cancel LOTRO and uninstall both that and DDO. OMG Turbine has caused some severe frustration, and now they are trying to bilk me out of $25. Enough of that, though.

    I played the Elven Legacy demo a while back and thought it is fantastic. It came down to that, Kings Bounty or Imperium Romanum and I went with IR. At $5, though I think Elven Legacy is a must-buy. Guess I’ll have to finally give d2d a go for that one.

  6. Bonedead says:

    That chaos city isn’t Espenhal is it? When I was with MH our original plan was to just police Espenhal, instead we took a badass city. Having a badass city puts a pretty big target on your head, especially when a lot of your members talk trash on the forums. Your guild’s loss was similar to MH’s in that in our case the Goons bullied many small guilds to follow them into battle whereas your enemy got their alliance and some mercenaries. Numbers are king it would seem.

    • syncaine says:

      No Ottenhal, north of Espenhal. And the fight was not about numbers, Black Shields are just really good PvP’ers that tipped the battle in their favor. If it was just Force vs Cairn, we would be living out of Albertworth right now. But it was smart for them to hire Zealots, and it’s all part of the game.

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