How is the #1 WoW blogger not the #1 blog?

Clearly the massive carebears at… Massively made an error here, but somehow I’m only #7 on their list of top bloggers. Haters gonna hate I guess, but at least I beat TAGN. And as if more evidence was needed, it only took three comments for one of my ‘fans’ to start praising my blog. How it took three I’m not sure (likely more Massively-inspired corruption), but there you have it.

On a serious note, thanks for the link Shawn, and good luck with the site in 2011. It’s gotten better and better with time (I credit Jef with 99% of that, that guys current blog is just amazing in content :) ), and it’s been part of my daily rotation for some time now.

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10 Responses to How is the #1 WoW blogger not the #1 blog?

  1. Wilhelm2451 says:

    Hey, being in 10th is the ideal spot. I am the first link on the page. People will go to my site, decide the list is utter crap based on what they see (this week features Pokemon and LEGO rather heavily), then not bother with any other site in the post. I win!

  2. sid67 says:

    The irony of Tobold not being on the list is that if he posted an “I’m not on the list” blog — it would get press at Massively.

    Tobold upset at not being Massive

    More News at 11:00.

    • SynCaine says:

      I actually can’t remember the last time he got linked there, so not sure what happened. He has also been posting less since his last ‘I quit’ thing, so maybe that was a factor?

      Either way, the real crime is it’s a list of blogs, rather than just an admittance of my blogging dominance, but I understand they have to play nice with everyone.

  3. xXJayeDuBXx says:

    Nice work making the list, too bad I think most of the choices are meh.

  4. Jezebeau says:

    Congrats. I admit I was a little surprised you made the top ten, given your propensity for trolling in lieu of informed posts about anything except Darkfall.

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