Civ V, The Witcher, M&B:W, and Rift beta

Some random notes for today:

Played two games of the scenario included in the first DLC for Civilization V, very entertaining. It’s rather short (limited to 100 turns), somewhat easy (the other sides don’t play with the sense of urgency needed for a 100 turn game), but it’s a nice ‘time period’ scenario. It’s all about the new world, and you can play either the European powers or the natives. If I had paid for it (plus the two new civs), I’d feel a bit cheated, but for free (D2D pre-order bonus) it’s good stuff. Still need to play a full game with the latest patch, but the massive Steam sale, Darkfall, and League of Legends is making that difficult right now.

Speaking of the Steam sale, I picked up Mount and Blade: Warband for under $8 today. When that’s going to get played, I’m not sure, but I’ve heard enough good things about it to have it on my account in waiting.

I am playing the hell out of The Witcher though, and man, so good. My memory of it from last time is a bit hazy, but I have noticed a few things different this time around thanks to some of my in-game decisions. The game does a fantastic job of keeping a general path, yet making choices ‘matter’ beyond it feeling like total fluff. Is it a 100% perfect game all around? No. The combat is not for everyone (I’m cool with it), some of the animations are wonky, as are some voice lines, and loading every little house over and over can get on you, but none of that (for me) ruins what really is one of the best interactive stories in an RPG. The setting, the pace, the grit, the occasional humor, it’s all just so good. Come Witcher 2 time, I’m going to be drooling for its release.

Finally, the Rift beta 3 event kicks off today, and Aria and I are patched up and good to go, so expect some posts about that in the near future.

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5 Responses to Civ V, The Witcher, M&B:W, and Rift beta

  1. David says:

    Having picked the Witcher up in latest Steam sale, I agree with your comments. The game pulled me in, despite my plans to buy it now due to price and play it after the Holiday season. It is not perfect, but the strong story and atmosphere make up for the flaws.
    A few more NPC models would help, but I am sure that when Witcher 2 arrives I shall not be waiting for a sale to purchase it.

  2. Bronte says:

    Thumbs up for Mount and Blade. You are like the third person I know who has invested in that title, and I am glad for it!

  3. Imrys says:

    Witcher has a European release patch that adds boobs and a little bit more gore.

    Also there is a patch with a few more Fan created adventures.

    Lastly you can also find Mods like FCR (Full Combat Revamp or something like that) that completely change the game. Supposedly the FCR redoes the entire leveling experience, and makes combat more reealistic where Geralt will dodge/parry pretty much everything in front of him, but enemies to sides and back will almost always hit him, and about 2 hits kills any human including Geralt.

    Worth a shot, imo.

    • SynCaine says:

      Yea to me the combat is ‘just there’, not sure if I would want it to be more. Getting two-shot because you knocked one guy down and are now executing him (while others hit you) would be rather frustrating.

  4. Cupp221 says:

    Both M&B games are very entertaining. Warband really smooths over alot of the rough edges of the original game.

    Pro tip for M&B:WB: for some easy money, buy Iron from the Northeastern cities (up in the snow area… I forget all the city names at the moment) and sell it to the Eastern cities (their color on the map is purple iirc). You can make some fast cash this way to help fund your warmongering.

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