Inquisition’s plan for Rift

Inquisition will officially be playing Rift on the RP-PvP server Sunrest. If you would like to join us please apply on our forums.

We went with the RP server because the RP tag keeps the worst of the cesspool away. We won’t actually be roleplaying. Much. Only real requirement is you acknowledge me as god-king SynCaine. Both in-game and in vent. Once you have meet the first pre-req of having all purples of course. I don’t talk to noobies.

The PvP tag was debated a bit, but we are going PvP because Inq has always been a PvP-favoring clan, and because we believe the option to get into some world PvP will not only spice up the PvE, but also give us more stuff to do as a clan. There is concern that world PvP in Rift will be nothing but high levels ganking lowbies in quest zones, but between the RP tag and Trion seeming to have basic common sense, hopefully this will be minimal and the world PvP will be more akin to what early WoW PvP was like pre-BGs, plus whatever Trion has planned to further expand it.

The clan overall is going to be what Inq has always been, a solid group of like-minded people who know that playing something together is always more fun than going solo. We don’t have world-first aspirations, we don’t hardcore powergame, and we really have zero tolerance for drama queens and anything that reminds us of high school (most of us are 25+,employed, and value our gaming time). We often joke around on vent, we do drop the F bomb and rage, and we do have inside jokes, etc; all the stuff that goes with a quality community that has been around for a long time through many games.

Again, if that sounds like something you might be interested, submit an app.

Edit: We will be playing the Guardian side.

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12 Responses to Inquisition’s plan for Rift

  1. Y||B says:

    so, you got already some contingency plan set up, for the case Trion actually enforces RP on the RP server (not that any other company ever even remotely tried that)? ;-)

  2. Dril says:

    What faction are you noobs playing on, so I can gank you on my European, non-RP PvE server?

  3. Bhagpuss says:

    Mrs Bhagpuss and I had a good think about EU vs US servers, PvP vs Pve servers, RP vs Non-Rp and Guardian vs Defiant. There are pros and cons all round. In the end we went for US RP-PVE Guardian.

    The fact is, if Rift turns out be a stayer we will end up playing all archetypes, both factions and probably PvP as well. Any decision now is just somewhere to begin.

  4. Stabs says:

    Welcome back to WoW!

  5. Azreal says:

    I applied oh mighty god king!

  6. sid67 says:

    There is concern that world PvP in Rift will be nothing but high levels ganking lowbies in quest zones

    I find that comment surprising coming from you. I mean, from other sources, legitimate gripe I guess. But I wouldn’t have thought it would have been a *concern* that YOU had about world PvP.

    PvP, after all, is a dog-eat-dog world. :P When the big dogs attack the little dogs, the little dogs hide. The challenge for the little dogs is to get good enough at evasion until they become big dogs themselves or their big dog friends show up to kick some other big dog ass.

  7. Dan says:

    You want, “more stuff to do as a clan”, however you hate “noobs”, or new people.

    If by noob you mean people that play a game for 2 years and still have no clue as to how to play, that is a different matter, and a different meaning for the term “noob”.

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