Rift: On the doorstep to 50

Things are progressing nicely in Rift. I’m currently halfway through level 47, while others are just a few bars away from 50. We also have a nice ‘second core’ of people around the 20s and 30s. A few more members would not hurt however, as with our current roster filling out a 20 man raid would still be dicey most nights, so if you are playing and looking for a guild, let me know. Guardians, Sunrest server is where we are playing.

Last night a few of us ran Abyssal Precipice, one of the two level 48-50 instances. While we were ultimately successful, we did wipe a good number of times on various bosses, which made for a solid, challenging run. The setting, a series of ice caves and snow-covered mountains, is interesting and looks great, and the boss design was a good mix of mechanics. Nothing mind-blowing or super-gimmicky, but solid.

Due to our current guild quest (20 wins in the Codex and Black Garden warfronts) we have been grouping and running warfronts more often as well. While they are not a complete game themselves, as a break from PvE they do their job well IMO. They are short enough that if your team is terrible, you don’t suffer long, and if you are steamrolling people you can chain a few wins together in rapid succession. On the other hand, a close match does extend a bit longer, and those are always the most fun and encourage the best tactics. In that regard they balance very well.

One thing we have noticed is that it’s difficult to pick out enemies by their class/role, making focusing healers tougher than normal. Priests were chain and often looks similar to Warriors (especially when they run in to melee, which some souls do), and you have no way of knowing if a mage/rogue is more focused on healing or DPS. I’m sure some of the confusion will drop once we get more familiar with the game and how various classes look, but I doubt the issue will completely disappear. Currently the best method is to have someone call out a healer by name and having the rest of the group focus them (target of target is a huge help here).

On the PvE questing front, I’m currently in Stillmoor, which is an excellent zone in both pacing and story. The zone itself is the current-day version of the tutorial/starting zone, which gives you a nice “back in the day” feel and shows you just what happened after your actions. The various quests also reference those actions, which is pretty cool. The overall setting reminds me a little of a traditional Warhammer fantasy town/area, with some of the older towns overrun or under siege, and with your faction setting up small outposts to try and fight back.

One nice use of existing tech is a story arch that ends in you closing a major death rift in the middle of the zone. The rift plays itself out like a normal rift, but the setup around it includes special storyline aspects. This is done in other zones as well, but in Stillmoor it’s especially pivotal.

I’m looking forward to hitting level 48 in order to continue the story in Stillmoor (the quests stopped at a certain point when I was 47 due to being under-leveled), especially because the live event that starts March 30th and stretches across various zones also opens up a new raid area in Stillmore itself.

One final note: I’ve enjoyed questing in all of the zones I’ve been reading the text in (Silverwood, Gloamwood, Scarlet Gorge, Scarwood Reach, Stillmoor), while when I was just questing to level in Droughtlands or Shimmersand, the “quest grind” was setting in. Part of this is of course just approach; I’m in there just to get XP asap, ‘grinding’ is the best way to do it. The other part however is that even simply kill/collect X quests have a bit more meaning behind them if you know the why of the task, especially because after one of those simple quests, more often than not the next one in the chain is something with more story or meat to it. When you follow the storyline, the pacing is (not surprisingly) much better and the quest mix becomes more entertaining. I’m looking forward to taking my alt through the zones I have not really explored or quested in, and even without a single addition, there is enough content to allow for a second unique pass after Scarlet Gorge.

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9 Responses to Rift: On the doorstep to 50

  1. Devastator says:

    Even though I’ve already been 50 for a couple weeks now, I definitely appreciate reading your experiences traversing through the game.

    One thing I have noticed is that I barely experiences the instances when leveling up to 50 (except for a few runs of Charmer’s Caldera, Abyssal Precipice and The Fall of Lantern Hook). I was leveling up fast enough via rifts, quests and warfronts that I sort of just breezed all the low and mid level instances by.

    Now that I am 50, though, the guild I am in has been running lots and lots of Tier 1 and 2 expert dungeon groups. Going back and checking out all these instances has been a real treat. I play Guardian on Regulous, so the biggest treat of all was getting to check out Iron Tombs and Deepstrike Mines, as these are normally Defiant specific dungeons. These certainly provide quite a challenge on expert mode, but the rewards (epic gear and plaques to turn in for Tier gear) are certainly worth the effort.

    We have now started hitting up Greenscale’s Blight and have made it all the way to the big lizard himself. Although we haven’t quite vanquished him yet, I’m definitely already looking forward to the River of Souls event!

    Ill shut up now before I cast Wall of Text on your comments even further. As you can tell, I really enjoy rift :)

  2. bonedead says:

    Pretty much the only quests I do on any of my characters anymore are the daily pvp ones and the guild quests. You just don’t have to do it and I am a big fan.

  3. Azreal says:

    I found the questing got better the deeper you got into a zone because it sucks you into the story, the hag chain for instance in Gloamwood. Most games I despise levelling up but Rift changed that because there is so much variety to leveling up. I’m never bored.

  4. Max says:

    I am also level 47, though on my 2nd character. The first one I rushed to 50 fast, doing a lot of xp/rift mob farming in 40s (before they nerfed raid xp elite grind was actually fastest way to level). I think it was just over 2 days played on him to 50

    I actually read a few quests on my 2nd char (not impressed :/) . But Id say zones are well designed and some ones I actually I liked a lot (ironpeaks and gloamwood my favourites)

    End game though… I do not really see what to do at end game .WFs are pretty bad. And raiding grind is just not for me (not happy doing same dungeon over and over again)

  5. Khoram says:

    @Max: if your last paragraph is true, then why did you rush your 2 characters to max level? That doesn’t make sense. I’m in no rush, and play for about 2 hours or so 4-5 nights a week, and I have a 28 and a 20. What’s the rush, especially if you don’t enjoy the endgame?

  6. John says:

    In warfronts, you can always check the current stats and see who on each side is doing most of the healing. It doesn’t help for the initial clash of forces, but it helps almost immediately after that.

    Of course if someone switches to a healing role in the middle, then yes, you need to be able to recognize the healing animations and such. I find bards to be pretty easy to recognize, but other than that, yeah, its non-trivial.

  7. Mobs says:

    Hey Syncaine, I am actually leaving briarcliff, I have a lvl 50 def and a 44 guardian there, I can’t take how poor the community is there, I am moving to sunrest for a better community. I am interested in joining up wiuth you and checking out your guild, what is your chars name? Syncaine? Assuming?

  8. Bhagpuss says:

    I didn’t realise you were on Sunrest. You’re in the same Warfront cluster as Faeblight, so we may end up in the same team sometime.

  9. Max says:

    @Max: if your last paragraph is true, then why did you rush your 2 characters to max level? That doesn’t make sense.

    Because thats how MMO work. They have this hook of maintaining illusion of advancement with mini goals and mini rewards. I know all about it yet every time I play it gets me. I usually burn out if there is long visible grind (hence never stayed with EQ past lvl 10), but the shorter grind game get me. Can’t help! – That and there is always that goal of building a template and min/max the hell out of it , which is not possible until cap.

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