Two for two, yet another “How to” with F2P

This time with League of Legends being the second biggest online game in the west.

Now granted, WoW might be down to like 1m accounts at this point, but assuming the bleed is not happening quite so fast, LoL likely has a whole lot of players. And considering Riot is attempting to hire half of CA right now, I’d say some of them (myself included) are spending some cash on fluff. Since you know, you can’t buy power here.

Who could have predicted, a PvP twitch game where you can’t buy power is #2 (for now). Shocking…

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  1. Sean Boocock says:

    I wonder what he means exactly with that statement, coming as it does 11 pages deep in a thread on another subject. Is his metric the number of currently registered accounts? The number of people who’ve played in the last 30 days? The number who’ve ever spent any money in the cash shop?

    Stated as such his assertion is almost certainly wrong as neither LoL or WoW would be in the top ten of online Western games if you used one of the looser metrics above. Even if you dismiss Facebook and mobile games entirely, there are a whole host of “games” like Club Penguin that attract less traditional MMO markets but nonetheless have player bases in the tens of millions.

    I’m happy for Riot’s success but I wouldn’t make much of off the cuff remarks in forum threads without any context.

    • SynCaine says:

      I agree, I would like to know how they define that. That said, when the president of the company says it (with access to the numbers + the rest of the industry), I’m willing to give him a little bit of credit.

      • Irenor says:

        I doubt he has access to the numbers of the rest of the industry otherwise there’d be a lot more MO/MMOs boasting about their position in the top 5 or top 10 (if there is one). And if it was true, I think the rest of the industry would be aware of it, and so would the players.

        I’ll remain skeptical until I see visual proofs. Probably just some PR stuff.

      • Dril says:

        Or it could just be PR and/or selective interpretation of the numbers he has access to.

        A sweeping statement without any actual evidence is just meaningless.

        That said, Xfire is showing LoL as second behind WoW.


        • SynCaine says:

          It’s not a PR release though, it’s a forum reply about the Tribunal. Again, I’d like the numbers too, but why would he just make that up? Industry people do talk (hell they talked at PAX plenty), and Riot employes a number of people from MMO companies (off the top of my head I know they have a former GW guy, and some WoW people). My guess is the guy has numbers to back his statement up.

        • Dril says:

          PR doesn’t just have to be a PR release. While I’m sure he has some sort of figure to back it up (as I said, for all we know he could’ve used the Xfire statistics and he wouldn’t technically be wrong)it could simply be a word-of-mouth campaign rather than an official thing.

          I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he’d been advised by the marketing dept. at Riot to drop hints here and there as to how well LoL is doing.

        • SynCaine says:

          Considering their #1 issue right now (and for a while now) is overcrowded servers, I don’t think Riot is in “we need more players, now!” mode. Combine that with rapid hiring, and if anything, I bet they could go into a bubble for 3-4 months, train everyone up, and then continue. They can’t of course, but I bet they wish they could.

          And when things are going well, you don’t need to post on your game forums and secretly hope it gets picked up as news to drum up attention and eyeballs to your game. That’s very tinfoil-hat to me, especially considering how Riot posts on their forums overall (they are pretty damn open compared to others).

  2. Carson says:

    I thought it was a quite brilliant design decision to have the rotation of free champions each week in LoL. Let the free players have fun, but at the end of the week, if they’ve really enjoyed playing one of that week’s champions, there’s surely a great chance that they’ll buy it so they can keep on playing that character.

    But yeah like Sean, I’d love to know how exactly they’ve measured themselves to be “#2 in the West”.

  3. Xorakis says:

    I just spent the last weekend watching the dreamhack qualifier rounds for lol on stream. You really see all the strategy the teams go through, and I even find just watching the high elo players play the game entertaining. I don’t think I could say that about other games.

  4. Phedre says:

    LOL is a very successful online RTS game. They did an excellent job with their F2P model. World of Tanks does something similar successful. Good for them. They figured out how to do F2P the right way. And apparently there is a big market for that kind of games. But they are not an MMO with a great virtual world. They are nothing like Darkfall or EQ. They are not even comparable to LOTRO or WAR.

    So my point is that I am happy for them, but their success only means I have less change playing in the great virtual worlds I long for. Their success shows investors it is easier to make money in battle arenas with fluff than wide open worlds.

  5. Snafzg says:

    The only hype they’ve been drumming up is all the hype surrounding Dreamhack and saying that they’ll be announcing “big things soon.”

    Pretty vague, but my guess is to keep your ears open for official numbers at Dreamhack 2011.

    One of the smartest things they’ve done lately is release the Tribunal System. Not only does it give them amazing PR, it encourages their community to self-police and weed out the worst scumbags from player ranks.

    They’ve said many times that ONE nasty player can cost them a lot of casual and well-mannered players. They’d rather lose one jackass than 10 responsible players.

  6. Max says:

    Id like to see numbers. “#2 in the west” is very vague. WoT for example has tons of players online at same time (over 200k across Russia/EU/US) .

    • SynCaine says:

      200k is a drop in the bucket. has what, 6m or so online at times? (It’s been a long, long time since I’ve been on, but even back then the number of players online was in the millions).

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