M&B:W PoP army issue

I’ve been playing a good amount of Mount and Blade: Warband (PoP mod) lately, especially with the newest version of PoP having fixed my last crashing issue. The game is pretty damn epic with everything maxed out, battle size set to 300, and number of corpses at 150. Blowout battles actually look, feel and play like massive confrontations.

I restarted from the previous game I was playing, and so far things have been interesting playing as a town and merchant raider. My honor rating might be low, but my treasury is looking very full indeed. I’ve got my set of companions, everyone is playing their role, they have the gear, all good. Solid progression in that area. I’ve also got a nice little 40-60 man band, mostly mounted, very mobile, and able to take out Lords with 50-80 troops or merchant caravans.

My issue, and this exists in vanilla as well as PoP, is that without joining an existing kingdom, I have no way to build up a long-term force. When I finally get a unit upgraded to a Hero Adventurer for example, I have no choice but to keep fielding him, rather than being able to put him away and save him for an important encounter. This makes progressing your overall force, to the point of taking out a castle, very difficult if not impossible.

Now granted, this is somewhat easily solved by just joining a kingdom, and I think I’m going to have to do that shortly, but it would be kinda nice to have some way to store extra troops for a big push and go straight into the personal kingdom game.

Unrelated side-note: The whole SW:sRPG and Origins thing? The biggest crime here is taking a once-great name (Origin) and using it for your Steam knock-off. Just shameless.

I also don’t get the blind faith by some that somehow, EA won’t use Origins for evil. Because, you know, EA is the pillar of good in gaming. Sure, Activision currently owns the “lets bend gamers over” crown, but EA has a pretty solid history in that department too.

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3 Responses to M&B:W PoP army issue

  1. Kyff says:

    I know. It would be a nice idea if you could take over a bandit hideout or something. You could store some loot for probable future companions there as well. This is impossible however.

    The following workarounds might help with your problem:
    – Put your precious hero at the bottom of the roster. So he won’t be drawn for the initial clash and might not be fielded at all (Depending on party size; unlikely with battle size 300).
    – Put your heroes in a separate group. At the beginning of a fight order this group to stay put or retreat.

    • SynCaine says:

      Yea with 300 everyone makes it onto the field unless it’s a siege, and since I’m still running a raiding party, I’ve only got 50ish units all together. I just wish I could remove the top-end guys and replace them with fresh noble recruits.

      The retreat thing would work, but it would seriously cut into overall power + keep costs high.

  2. bonedead says:

    W PoP, is that like jpop?

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