Knighturn on the iPhone and what I’m playing

Knighturn for the iPhone is a great TBS game with terrible, terrible graphics. I’m actually convinced it’s a social experiment to see just how many people judge a title based on looks alone, as everything BUT how it looks is very solid. It has surprising depth, a fun story, good tweaks to TBS game systems, and overall each scenario is both quick but full of interesting decisions. Again, if you are at all a fan of TBS, grab the game without initially looking at the screen shots and enjoy.

I’m still going with M&B PoP, having now established my own kingdom. The depths of the PoP mod continue to impress, and it’s pretty amazing just how many things are outright better in PoP over Native M&B. The whole thing is an all-around great example of taking something solid, and just dialing it up a few notches.

I’m somewhat back into a LoL kick as well, playing more than just one game a day again. Aria is as addicted as ever, and has noticeably improved her play. Still noob Garen that gets juked hard, but better.

Finally, Heroes of Might and Magic 6 beta starts the 28th. I’m pretty pumped, and really hoping Ubi gets this version of Heroes ‘right’.

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  1. Derrick says:

    HOMM has been a bit hit or miss, but it’s an awesome franchise. HOMM3 is still one of my favourite games of all time, which I still replay with some regularity.

    4 was fun to play, but ultimately didn’t work out to well – it inevitably lead to armies of heroes, which defeated the purpose. 5… well, I know a lot of people liked it, but I felt they actually made the game look worse going to 3D and didn’t improve gameplay at all.

    I’m *really* looking forward to 6, though.

    Will try Knighturn. I’ve been searching for a good turn based strategy game on the iphone for a long time. TBS is a great genre, and particularly on a portable device – you can play in bits and pieces. Unfortunately, the vast majority of iPhone games are shitty, shallow little Angry Birds style games. Cute, no depth at all.

  2. Dyssent says:

    If you want an awesome TBS game on iPhone, check out Battle for Wesnoth. It’s $4 on iPhone, but free on PC (last I saw). I put a lot of hours into both versions. They have multiple campaigns and difficulty levels and carrying units over from mission to mission is pretty nice.

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