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Darkfall: 2.0 update needs to come sooner than ‘soon’

Aventurine has been fairly active of late, releasing a good amount of info related to Darkfall 2.0, and I find myself buying into the hype. The things we know about 2.0 all sound great, and the core of DF is … Continue reading

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Wipe or Expansion: What’s the difference?

Jef Reahard over at Massivily asks if you would keep playing if your MMO had a character/server wipe (side point: if a character wipe is a ‘full’ wipe in your MMO of choice, what does that say about its world?) … Continue reading

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Rift: EG review of 1.4

One small step towards F2P, one giant leap towards Azeroth.

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Eurogamer talks Darkfall, again

Eurogamer has an article up about Darkfall. Who wants to play “count the errors”? It’s like the ‘journalism’ version of Where’s Waldo, fun for the whole family. I also love how they include two videos of the game, one a … Continue reading

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Terraria and MineCraft: The sandbox is coming back?

I picked up Terraria when it was on sale, and so far it’s a very interesting game. In a nutshell, it’s a more ‘gamey’ Minecraft in 2d. There are plenty of reviews out, so I won’t do one here, plus … Continue reading

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Darkfall 2.0: The reset

Back from my mini-vacation. Cruises are not for Aria and I. It felt too much like we were living in one long infomercial. Direct flights to a beach going forward I believe. Some interest stuff happened last week though, gaming-wise. … Continue reading

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I’ll be on vacation until Sunday, so entertain yourselves here and try not to burn the place down.

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