Sad mummy = happy results

1498. Silver. Winning.

As previously reported, my quest for Silver ranking for Season One hit a little snag after getting to 1494, just one ELO point below the cutoff. After dropping to 1440ish, last night I finally won the game that put me above 1495 and into the Silver ranking category. Pretty happy about it too, thanks for asking.

The funny thing about LoL is how drastically different I play ranked games and normal games. In ranked I’m focused, play smart (usually), and overall do well. In normal games I’m all over the place. Sometimes I carry like you read about, and others I feed like I’m the Red Cross in Africa.

Part of the reason is that I play a ton of different champs in Normal, most which don’t fit my style or are just weaker (but fun to play) champs like Master Yi. My history shows that in ranked games I basically play three champs (Teemo, Amumu, Shen), and Shen is now on the shelf due to how weak he is. I have specific rune/mastery pages for Teemo and Amumu, while for most champs I play in Normal I use ‘generic’ pages. And of course I’m better with a champ I have 100+ games with than someone I’m playing for the 4th time.

With all that said, it still does not fully explain the difference. I mean, when Aria (1000ish ELO) tells me she is sick of playing games where I feed, you know we have an issue. One thing I have noticed jumping between ranked and normal games is the quality of opponents and, more importantly, the quality of teammates. In ranked most of the time everyone is on the same page because we are all similarly skilled players. This means that my team generally has the same level of map awareness as I do, and ‘get’ the same stuff that I get. Things like smart team comp also factor in.

In normal games that’s all hit or miss. You might be playing with someone way above you, at your level, or way below. Expecting a lesser player to ‘get’ how to pull off a gank or initiate a team fight can lead to disaster. This is especially true given that lesser players tend to play more conservative, which leads to their K/D ratio being decent while the fact remains they continue to miss opportunities or lead to team deaths.

Playing Nocturne of late amplifies this situation to a very visible level. Coming in to attack with his ult puts you right in the mix of things, and with a good team that usually means kills and winning a team fight. On a bad team, this means getting slaughtered as your ‘allies’ dance around watching you die (usually to then be picked off one by one as they stutter/run away). The big issue for me is that in order to get better results in Normal games, I’d have to adapt and play a more conservative style, which would then hurt my ranked play.

ELO matters. The Normal feeding will continue!

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12 Responses to Sad mummy = happy results

  1. saucelah says:

    I’m so guilty of playing overly conservative, even when I’m playing the two champs I’m most familiar with: Amumu and Miss Fortune.

    But then, until recently, I hadn’t played in a really long time, and I’m not level 30 — maybe I’ll figure it out. But mostly, it comes from not trusting my teammates.

    • SynCaine says:

      Well pre-30 it’s almost expected. You are still learning the game. A bit part of not being conservative is fully understanding not just your champ, but the other 9 you are playing with. Knowing that X champ can’t do Y, or that Z ability is on CD, etc, is just stuff you learn as you play more.

      The sad/frustrating thing is that some people don’t know that stuff after 500+ games, or know it but don’t know wtf to do with it. Those are the people that get me killed :)

      • saucelah says:

        They might be like me. I was just out of the game so long that there’s a significant number of champs I’ve never seen played and probably a similar number that I’ve just forgotten what they do.

        Of course, I don’t plan to hit 30 and jump right in to ranked play — but I actually have a brain.

  2. Snafzg says:

    You bring up a very good point. Playing a mix of normal and ranked games really does lead to bad results because you need to enter each game type with a different mentality.

    I think this is my biggest flaw right now. I keep skipping around the 1200 mark because I screw around with way too many normals playing way too many champions for my own good.

    Were I to focus entirely on ranked, playing a solid set of 2-3 champions I know I’d eventually climb out of this cesspool. The problem is that after 2-3 losses in a row or not enough ‘quick’ progress I get down and want to play less-stressful normal matches. This just compounds the problem…

    • SynCaine says:

      I only play one ranked game a day, win or lose. Whenever I play more bad things happen to my ELO.

      • Snafzg says:

        Do you focus on the same smaller set of champs in your normals though?

        I can’t wait for draft mode normal matches… I think that may help a lot because blind pick is a total crapshoot. That being said, most people use normal for build / new champion experimentation, so it won’t fix the problem entirely.

        • SynCaine says:

          No i play a ton of champs in Normal.

          I’m hoping Normal Draft becomes kinda like a semi-pro thing, with Normal Blind pick being noobville, and ranked being what it is now.

  3. Max says:

    Hmm I am not great LoL player at all, but I do not believe I am so horrible that I tanked to 850 ELO. I mean I won 2 games at this elo in 4 vs 5 situation, in one I had 8/6/28 Cho and in other as 18/8/32 brand . But I am not competent enough to pull that every time, worse when some people actively feed. (1 /16 by 8 minutes? – happens!). feeders, quitters , afkers and general “really” bads are galore.

    I know that I am much much worse than some players I seen, but I just cant see myself climbing out of elo hell when roughly 3 out 5 games contain complete retards on my team. This is certainly true for normal games too , but there it doesnt really matter. In ranked games it makes you rage and hate game

    I admit when I just started playing ranked I played really suboptimal. I played champs I never played before, I picked whatever I wanted insterad of picking best composition ,etc. It bit me – I swung to1390 and then dropped just as fast to ~1000I started playing smarter , I learned a few champs really well and generally improved my game a couple of notches , .But By this time it was too late – I just feel like I am at mercy of random team ,which does all the stupid things I did , but now I am helpless to address it

    • SynCaine says:

      I dropped to 1000ish when I duo-queued with Aria. Climbing back up just takes a little time. The odds of the other team having a rager/leaver/bad player are higher (5 potential people) than them being on your team (4, since we assume you are not a rager/leaver/bad).

      Playing a hard-carry speeds things up if you really are way below your ‘true’ ELO, but really just playing well consistently will get you to where you should be.

  4. Wreggitt says:

    Are you going to continue ranked play and risk your silver badge or hold out for season two before playing more ranked?

    • SynCaine says:

      I think season one is over next week, so I’ll likely just play normal until then. Knowing my luck I’ll lose the next 5 ranked games.

  5. Bronte says:

    Sometimes I feel that this sudden flood of LoL-based articles by literally every blogger I follow is part of a larger conspiracy to get me hooked to the game.

    I am onto you man. I am onto you.

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