I’m thinking of buying Zynga

If I get one more person to buy Darkfall through the image on the right, by next week I’ll be able to afford Zynga. Any theme requests for the next clicker ‘game’?

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13 Responses to I’m thinking of buying Zynga

  1. I want to shoot aliens descending from the sky, though that might be a bit of a stretch for the current Zynga platform.

  2. Can you make EVE Online or Darkfall tie into a facebook game?

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  4. saucelah says:


    Run your own game company, developing new ways to force your customers to create new customers, and looking for new schemes to sell power.

    • SynCaine says:

      $20 DLC: Spam-and-scam pack

      Send out hundreds of unwanted messages to your ‘friends’, and convince them to sign up for the Bernie Madoff investment plan to earn bonus Zengabucks!

      (This thing is going to PRINT money)

      • Kobeathris says:

        $10 Spam and Scam expansion: Bait and switch

        In addition to the normal sell, all messages include abundant bosoms, and a second, innuendo sell.

  5. I think the market for farm animal clicking games is nearing saturation point. Why not try some innovation: Zoo animals.

    Monkey Clicker sounds good to me, to be followed by Lion Clicker, Tiger Clicker, Bear clicker ….

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