If a stock’s IPO is zero, does the IPO really happen?

Remember when I bought Zynga using some of my Darkfall Community Publisher cash a few days ago?

Not looking like a great move…

Maybe Dr. Lord Richard British A. Garriott de Cayeux Spaceman Jones the Ninth can give me some advice. He did invent Diablo before it was called Diablo after all.

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3 Responses to If a stock’s IPO is zero, does the IPO really happen?

  1. Ouch, a “sell” rating pre-IPO. That takes some skill.

    I would argue with the idea that Zynga’s games are coming online too slowly. To me they seem to be shoveling crap out the door at a prodigious rate… it is just all crap.

  2. thade says:

    haha whaaaat? Invented Diablo before Diablo…the guy is insane. Did Lord British even *play* Pagan? That game was atrocious. Comparing Pagan to Diablo is like comparing Mario Bros. (note sans-super, the two identical sprites jumping around a single screen) to Super Mario World (complete with cape and riding dino). Mr. Space Man has always been the king of wishful thinking.

    • Ashen says:

      You could have actually read what he said instead of just following taglines. He never claimed to invent Diablo, what he said is that given an additional year of development, Ultima 8 would be Diablo-style success. Financially.

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