EVE: My first kill is a good one

The good news? This.

The bad news? Two jumps later my Caracal got popped at another gate camp.

Good times.

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8 Responses to EVE: My first kill is a good one

  1. pkudude99 says:

    A HAM Caracal? How’d you get it to fit? I had perfect fitting skills and couldn’t get HAMs to fit on a Caracal.

  2. dsj says:

    You should post your loss mails. I’d be interested in what your friends where flying … the only module listed on the one was an ecm burst module, so you had what? a web/scram frigate and bait ship with your caracal?

  3. Will says:

    Taking down a pirate faction cruiser with a tech one cruiser… Nice!

    Cynabals can be nasty. Well done.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Hot damn, that is a nice first kill. Regardless of how it happened, relative player skill, fittings, whatever, a faction killmail is always a fun one to get. Congratulations!

  5. Stabs says:

    Op Sec permitting, let’s have more of a story about how this kill came to happen. Even with three of you popping a well-fitted Cynabal is glorious.

  6. Raelyf says:

    Nice kill! Well fit and flown Cynabals are notoriously difficult to kill (given their ability to dictate range, choose engagements, etc) even for experienced gangs. This one appears to have been both, if the pilot’s BC record is any judge.

  7. Awesome! I got an honorable mention in there!
    The Trufflepig was in a standard tackle-fit Rifter.

    And funnily enough, had been killed 2 jumps back by that guy. I’m not sure how I even got credit for participating.

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