Blood and Bile dungeons in WAR

Having now been a part of four complete Bloodwrought Enclave and Bilerot Burrow runs, I figured it would be a good time to break down why I think both dungeons do a great job filling their role in Warhammer Online.

For starters, both dungeons are short, especially Blood. A solid group will spend about 30-40 minutes clearing Blood, and between 60-90 minutes clearing Bile. In addition to being very manageable in a single night, you can take a break after any boss in either dungeon and not have trash mobs respawn the next day. If your realm really needs you in RvR, it’s easy to leave Blood/Bile and help out without taking a big step backwards. It also helps that both dungeons are in the capital city, making the travel time between them minimal.

Both dungeons also feature a solid theme, Blood being styled after the Blood god Khorne, Bile after Nurgle the god of disease. Bile in particular has some nice effects, with vile smoke and pulsing walls, very similar to AQ40 from WoW, but a bit more sickly rather an insect-like. The layout of both dungeons is fairly straight forward, although in Bile the sharp spiral turns might make it tough for newer players to spot mobs before they agro. Once you know the pulls however this becomes a non-issue.

In terms of difficulty Blood is fairly easy, with only the final boss offering any real resistance. The fight is interesting, and requires everyone in the group to stay sharp the entire time, but baring some bad luck he usually goes down on the first attempt. Bile is a bit more challenging, especially the trash mobs. Plague beasts in particular have a tendency to cause problems, as they must be kited in a circle while snared, and if bad pathing or a snare resist happens, the tank and the group might pay for it. Of the three bosses, one is a pure tank/spank, the other is a ward check, and finally the greater demon at the end, The Bile Lord, is an interesting fight with some fun mechanics (he swallows you at 20% similar to C’Thun in AQ40). A challenge for sure, but nothing overwhelming.

Both dungeons together drop the entire Sentinel gear set, with the greater wards needed for Lost Vale. The set itself is marginally better than the sets found in keep gold bags or from Bastion Stairs, but depending on class might be a better alternative for a particular spec. Along with set items, both dungeons drop random rank 39 BoE blue items, which can either be sold on the auction house for decent money or used to fill in any gear gaps a player might still have.

A three day reset timer, along with their relatively short time requirement, makes both dungeons the ideal ‘break’ from T4 RvR on a given night. They are challenging enough to keep you alert, while not being so difficult as to cause frustration or long nights. A token system would solve the frustration of getting unusable class items, but considering the effort required to clear both, this is again a minor issue IMO. With a few more drops, our group will be making its way into the final (for now) dungeon, Lost Vale, which is reportedly both much longer and more difficult.

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