EVE: Down the rabbit hole we go

Last night I went into wormhole (WH) space for the first, and it was pretty impressive. The thing that hits you immediately is how different the space functions and feels. You don’t see people in local, you don’t see items of interest in your overview, and the whole place looks different. You are still a spaceship in space, but this space is just a little bit different visually.

Another big aspect of WH space is the Sleeper race; mobs that are smarter than the average rat. They change targets during combat, use things like neuts, and when killed drop items that can be sold to NPC buy orders in empire space rather than pay direct bounties. They also look different, having a creepy ‘living machine’ kind of vibe to them. The little bits of flavor text you get when you warp into one of their areas are a nice touch.

WH space is also lawless. This, combined with the changes in local and the overview, create a new sense of danger, or at least of the unknown. The fact that WH space is also not thriving in terms of pilots (at least the spots we have scouted) adds to this. 9/10 times the space being empty is both a good and a bad thing, right? Getting blown up 1/10 time is fine if you are in a frigate, it’s less cool if you are flying some decent PvE ship or heading out to mine. And then of course there is the subject of defending the space, should one choose to live there out of a POS.

And that last bit, the whole “live there” aspect, is yet ANOTHER possible goal for the Corp. In terms of profits, I think even a C3 WH would be better than low-sec. I’m not sure, of course, but it’s looking like it. But this raises the issue of having everyone ready to make that jump, of making sure people can scan down exits and such. Of putting up a POS, fueling it, etc. It’s all very exciting, potentially very profitable, and could all end in flaming wrecks if the wrong group comes along.

Fun stuff.

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  1. Guest says:

    My experience with WH space might be unique, but it seems that the number of players required to secure the area is much larger than the number that can profitably runs sites and make money. You need the numbers to discourage roaming gangs, but at the same time there are only so many sleeper sites and they respawn very slowly. The higher level WH that require teamwork to run the sites would be an exception but at the lower ends, even with people mining, there just don’t seem to be enough goodies to spread around.

    • Some lazy dreamer says:

      That’s treating wormhole space like known space. In k-space, you have some territory and you utilize the contents of that territory. W-space is all about connections…

  2. Potshot and I were planning a wormhole expedition at one point. The plan was to put up a tower on the 40th anniversary of the moon landing. I have a bunch of related skills, like starbase gunnery and scanning, because of this attempt. I even trained up ice mining and built up a supply of fuel.

    However, in our part of space… and we ranged pretty far… we never found a wormhole that we could take on as a small group that was not already occupied by another corp. So it never came to fruition.

    I think we still have towers and defense arrays in the corp hanger.

  3. Raelyf says:

    Low-sec offers PI, if you can defend your offices, and Cosmic Sigs, which can be pretty hit or miss. Anything else you can make more Isk at in high-sec. Missions and incursions pay more in low-sec, technically, but the risk and opportunity cost (of all that running, docking, scouting, etc.) aren’t worth it.

    C3 wormhole sites are pretty good ISK – about 50-100mil an hour last I did it and can be done solo in a [well skilled, fit and piloted] Drake. As above, if you have too many pilots you will exhaust the wormhole, but there are always outbound wormholes – usually to other areas of wormhole space. You can make ‘day trips’ to run sites without using up your own. Also, PI. Logistics are painful and costly though.

    I’d have to disagree with the above. Wormhole space is not all that risky. You still have the d-scanner, after all. Between that and the lock delay on uncloaking ships, if you’re attentive and stay aligned you won’t have any real problems. Roaming gangs are quite rare really, compared to null or low-sec, given the size of WH space, it’s relative emptiness and the difficulty of travelling through it (ie, scanning a new exit each time, and getting back home after if things collapse behind you).

    A POS in a C3 is incredibly difficult to attack, because capitals can’t enter them (though they can be built inside). Sub-caps can do it, of course, but the coordination required in getting enough of the right people, in the right ships all into the right wormhole and online at the same time is extremely difficult – and there’s generally not much incentive.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Wormhole space is actually fairly safe. The only time you’re going to lose stuff to other players is if someone’s not paying attention, or if someone really has a vendetta against you and knows how to get there (generally via a corp spy).

    Wiping out a WH pos is a very dedication intensive task. Most WH pvpers are looking for targets of opportunity, not extended stays.

    If you’re really looking for a c3, I would suggest trying to find a C4 with a static C3. As Raelyf mentions above, all it takes is a well piloted drake to solo a C3. As a corp op, a C4’s not that much more difficult. And since you’d have a static C3, you could go into it, exhaust it, pop the outbound wh, and instantly have a new c3 at your disposal.

    If you do look into it as a real option, EVERY SINGLE PILOT needs to know how to use scan probes. There is nothing worse than hearing lazy pilots bitch that they can’t do anything because no one else is on to probe for them.

    Another major concern with living out there is security. There is no privacy for your items, especially as a lower ranked pilot. You have to trust everyone in your corp, which means recruiting has to be done very very carefully. In the two years we spent in our C5, I think we recruited *maybe* 20 people. Quite a few were asked to leave, in the long run I think maybe 2 of them stuck. And the incentive was there. I was playing maybe 2 nights a week and raking in 2bil a month.

    If you have any more specific questions, you know where to reach me in game. WHs are my favorite part of the game, and I wish more places were like them (No local in nullsec plox). And if you do look at it as a legitimate option, I hope you find them as enjoyable as I did.

    • SynCaine says:

      Or you could just join INQ-E and make it all easier :)

      I’m sure I’ll be pinging you in-game, but feel free to hang out in our public channel as well.

  5. kalex716 says:

    i’ve lived in w-space since the expansion that launched them.

    It, in my opinion embodies the true explorer-homesteader style of EVE that the game was made for.

    Small and even large scale PVP in w-space is amazing because it doesn’t game out the same way that it does in low/null where dropping super caps, and standard intel channels is the end all be all of conflicts. In w-space, the hole mechanics and no local can be gamed in so many interesting ways that you can bait and trap fleets, use subterfuge, stalk, seek and destroy, catch haulers etc. all using skills and techniques that are easy to learn but difficult to master. It also scales on the small skirmish, to the big wars were carriers and dreadnaughts are committed and lost WITHOUT capitals entering the mix.

    The fact that it is lucrative also makes for the perfect environment that promotes risk vs. reward in the ultimate sense. Brave PVE’rs can make fortunes, while clever PVP’ers can get lucrative kills. Game developers everywhere need to be documenting w-space in EVE because if you appropriate why it works, you could be sitting on gold.

    Sometimes, I think even CCP doesn’t realize how brilliant w-space is.

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