EVE: INQ-E Incursion night

Last night INQ-E ran our first Incursion night, and it went very well. We had ten pilots, including two logi, and knocked out eight or nine Vanguard sites (all MCOs) in around two hours. Only once, ironically on our very first site, did we get pushed out by a shiny fleet. The rest of the night we had no competition once we warped in.

The only real setback of the night happened during our second site, when one of our logi got heavy agro and was unable to tank the incoming fire (not all of his resists were up, noob). Our second logi quickly went down right after, but everyone else managed to warp away. We also got fairly lucky with the drop, as most of the expensive modules survived on the wreck, and thanks to both pilots quickly buying and refitting, we cleaned out that site and recovered the wrecks before another fleet came by.

Our overall success confirmed something I suspected before going in: Incursion difficulty and the ‘required’ ships for it are vastly inflated. In our fleet we had a 5 week pilot, two 6 week pilots, and a few others not much older. Our fleet consisted of two battleships (my Rokh and a Hyperion), two Basilisks, a Drake, four Hurricanes, and a Sleipnir. Most ships were a mix of T2 and meta 4 fits, with very minimal use of faction items.

Is this the fleet I’d like to bring in every time? No, of course we want to improve and get into better ships with better fits. But was it enough to get started? Yup. While clearing out an MCO in eight minutes is not a world record, it’s not “too slow to bother”, and while we can’t come close to competing with a shiny fleet for sites, as last night showed, we don’t need to.

Yet much like in WoW with the old gearscore PUG stuff, PUG Incursion fleets would never invite our newer guys in battlecruisers, and I’m sure more than a few EVE pilots consider Incursions off-limits until they can fly a fully T2 fitted battleship, if not a faction ship. It’s silly, but then again that’s what PUG culture often is. People don’t want to ‘work’, so if you can over-gear or over-power something, people will do it. And even worse, they will sit around waiting for that last over-powered member rather than just go with someone ‘good enough’ and get started.

But all of that nonsense does not apply when you do an in-corp run of course, and our performance was also aided by vent and the lack of shrooms (maybe?). And not only do our members now have access to a nice ISK source, our Corp (through taxes) is also progressing towards our goal of 2b ISK for a WH POS. With our member having some ISK, they can afford a BC loss in a WH, which also allows us to get everyone familiar in that area for when we do make our move, or gives them the resources to lose some ships on PvP roams.

More ISK = more/better ship = more options = more fun.

EVE-related blog post notice: If you would like to join us, comment here or shoot me an email. If you don’t have an EVE account, I’m more than happy to send a 21-day trial invite, and split the PLEX-related profit if you decide to sign up. Again just comment or email me.

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9 Responses to EVE: INQ-E Incursion night

  1. hevy says:

    Lol. Douche. Bag.

    I promise you are losing your turd of a Rokh next time. Or actually bring something a little more shiny, please. :)

  2. hevy says:

    Agreed. All <3 Syn ;)

  3. T'ango says:

    Syn – you spell better than a 5 year old. Just not by much.

    It’s NMCs (Nation Mining Colony), the one did.
    NCOs (Nation Commander Outpost).

    And my name is T’ango – not T’aingo.

    But yes I had a lot of fun, and we just need to get better at the beginning and the end of a site – as that is what makes Incursions worthwhile.

  4. kalex716 says:

    Nice post, I also felt the same way about wormhole content when it was still relatively new (even today, a few week old drake pilot can easily slay class 1’s and even most 2′ sites with ease, making loads of isk that will undoubtedly cover his losses and still take home lots of profit.).

    Their are many ways to tool out ships and fleets to get jobs done that are way more cost and skill point efficient outside the established conventions. Forum mongers and min/maxers will never appreciate unconventional problem solving, but you cannot argue against getting it done sooner than later, on the cheap WHILE SKILLING UP for marquee fits.

    As you suggested, some people rather sit back and believe in fabricated limitations dreaming of tomorrow, rather than have to think outside the box, come up with a plan, risk the implementation, and go for it today.

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