EVE: Walking a well-traveled path

Could you explain how is it “fun”? I mean running around and blowing up random ships looks to me as exciting as watching the grass grow, or grinding random mobs in WoW. – Gevlon

This from someone flying a Badger four jumps one-way to make a tiny, tiny profit. Over, and over, and over again. Who also censors his comment section by deleting mentions of Red Frog Freight that would move all of his badgers for him in one go and INCREASE his profits + allow him to focus on bigger goals.

So my guess of them being 12 years old is true in a sense that they are irrational, immature people who do something stupid that most of us outgrow? – Gevlon

Are we talking about flying Badgers or ganking in high-sec?

As I said before, I’m enjoying Gevlon posting about EVE not just because his posts/comments are going to sound very dumb should he stick with the game for a year, but because his “I’m smarter than you” attitude, one that did work so well in the kiddy pool (WoW), is destined to fail in EVE.

What Gevlon either fails to realize or is simply ignoring is that in the 8+ years EVE has been out, far smarter people than him have done what he is doing, have perfected it, and have set things up in such a way that they profit immensely from his actions. It’s one reason why EVE players stick around for so long, because the amount of impact they can have is far and away greater than in any other MMO, and players like Gevlon provide such wonderful ‘content’.

What Gevlon is doing, most likely unbeknownst to him, is painfully demonstrating one of the basic lessons in EVE: if you find a ‘too good to be true’ way of making ISK, know that dozens before you have found it, tested it, and found it wanting, leaving it for others (you) to find and get excited about. And that most likely, while you perform that task, those above you are benefiting from your actions on a far greater scale.

But this all assumes you take EVE as serious as Gevlon seems to take it. For most, they play just to have a bit of fun, and their fun is not directly tied to making the absolute highest amount of ISK in the absolute shortest amount of time, actual ‘fun’ gameplay be damned.

And if max ISK is your goal, ‘head in the sand’ is not the way to go about it.

It does make for entertaining reading however.

(PvP roam post up whenever the FC posts the video)

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37 Responses to EVE: Walking a well-traveled path

  1. bhagpuss says:

    Now if I’d known EVE had flying badgers…

  2. Ralex says:

    “because his posts/comments are going to sound very dumb should he stick with the game for a year”

    That x10.

    • steelhunt says:

      I am super curious about this. Gevlon’s mental preconceptions and way of thinking are as hard and immobile as triple plated, triple trimarked Abaddons. There’s a high chance he’ll quit in disgust writing tl;dr rationalizations – or soldier on unflinched in his mindset forever…

      The other thing I’m curious about is – what would happen if I posted his philosophy posts on goonfleet forums? :ohgod:

      • Professer says:

        Do it! *popcorn*

      • Sand says:

        do it,steel. i wanna read the responses.

        i wonder if we can get a bunch of guys together to go after him specifically?

      • steelhunt says:

        Meh, it was just a mental exercise. Plus I don’t think it will work to the full effect. See, it’s the context that does it – you have to know the man, and have to have read 2+ years of phylosophy to actually get what’s going on there. Though if someone else can spare the :effort:, feel free to post on SA or somewhere. I say let’s just keep watching for now…

  3. Oddly, I found a stockpile of Badgers from back in the day when I was building them for profit. They cost me a little less than 307K each to build, and I used to be able to sell them for 500K and up. According to him, I can reprocess them for 382K at current mineral prices (actually, more, since I have reprocessing V and better standing) or sell them in Jita at what is still a decent profit.

    Maybe I can rent him some freighter space if I decide to haul them to Jita.

    As for people not making four jumps to sell for a better price… well, there is the strength in the system, the space for arbitrage and the selling of convenience. Some people just want to buy their stuff right then and their at any price because their motivation is fitting for combat or whatever, with ISK being a secondary consideration.

  4. Brindle says:

    Your out-of-context comments make it sound like Gevlon is complaining about being griefed. Actually, his post is stating the opposite and offering practical (from a newbie perspective) advice on not getting griefed.

    Also, I think it’s great reading how he is making money doing things he if figuring out for himself vs. reading other peoples crap and being a robot following some recipe. I really have enjoyed his Eve stories so much I’m thinking about trying out game. It is really a story from a complete newbie figuring out the game for himself – and also figuring out that its bad ‘rep’ is completely overstated.

    • SynCaine says:

      There is a link to his post in mine for a reason. The also missed the intention of the quotes.

    • steelhunt says:

      I sort of agree with you here. However, what I find funny is that while playing EVE as a newb and figuring out things for himself is all fine and dandy, he is basically making technical guides on his site for other people to follow, from the perspective of a newbie… Like making a ‘guide’ about carrying shinies around market hubs without mentioning (knowing about) insta undock bookmarks. Reinventing the wheel in EVE is fun I guess (and entertaining to watch).

      He is making a ton of money though. We’ll see who laughs last when in a year he’ll be owning half the galaxy…

      • Michael says:

        “He is making a ton of money though.”

        No, he’s not.

        • Carson says:

          Exactly. Based on my minimal experience of Eve, he’s making pretty good money for a new players. Which means he’s making maybe a hundredth as much as people making “a ton of money”, rather than a thousandth as much like most newbies would.

      • SynCaine says:

        “He is making a ton of money though”.

        No, no he is not. Not even remotely close.

        Just like his ‘guides’ are not really helpful as guides (they are entertaining).

        It’s one thing to write a “I’m a noob” blog. Those are great. It’s another to write a “guide” blog when you are a total noob in a game like EVE, and then act defient when vets point out your errors. Look at Jester and his guides for an example of not just what it takes and how to write a guide, but how to react to comments about said guides.

        • Ralex says:

          “It’s another to write a “guide” blog when you are a total noob in a game like EVE, and then act defient when vets point out your errors.”

          As a reasonably new (15m skill points) EVE player I still boggle at some of the things he’s passing off as advice that are (1) simply wrong, and (2) been covered correctly in countless other EVE guides. After counseling people to read EJ and the like on WoW strats, he apparently has read little or nothing that’s out there on early EVE play.

          He’s presuming to teach people to play baseball after being in Little League for a month.

        • steelhunt says:

          Well, I meant a ‘ton’ from my relative perspective. But then I have no market/money skills, and I’m not interested in that game. I love money though… nullsec PI extraction is awesome, man.

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  6. Professer says:

    Very entertaining. The events leading him to quitting the game will be even more entertaining.

  7. I shall leave it to you to point out the weird stuff he says, :)

    I’m being a newb and writing a newb’s point of view for a newb’s sake. :D

  8. Anonymous says:

    How much isk should he be making as a asocial newbie?

    It will be interesting to see whether he can make it or will quit trying.

    • Sand says:

      he’s doing okay. but that, in and of itself, is the thing. just ‘okay’.

      he’s taking the strategies that made him rich as fuck in an idiot-infested game like WoW… and they’re just barely paying the bills in EVE.

      here’s the rub: gevlon sees morons and slackers (M&S) everywhere he goes. in games, and in RL. he’s a Randian.
      he got into EVE expecting it to be 95% or more M&S because WoW is 95% or more M&S. in EVE it’s more like 10%. maybe 15%.

      and gevlon’s one of them because of the very shit he does in ‘fly badgers’. he buys the badgers from the newbie systems, and, instead of wondering why they’re selling for 100K less than they are four jumps away in Jita, he just flatly states that those people are all retards.

      can’t be that 100K isn’t worth the time it takes those guys to make four jumps. couldn’t possibly be that they just joined goons (for example) and dumped all their newbie shit before podjumping out to dek. nope, it’s just the M&S, rearing their ugly heads again.

      that’s why Randians are dumb. hth.

      • steelhunt says:

        The Galactic Empah’ wasn’t built in a day. I say he’s doing fine so far for a newb. Since I’m totally devoid of jewskills and derive no pleasure from the market game, and rely on ratting and the good ol’ alliance tech teat for money, I’m impressed so far. 3 weeks into EVE I was ratting in 0.4 in a T1 destroyer (mostly to fix my sec status…)

        I’ll also give some time for him to understand how market works in EVE – he spent years in magic land after all. What I do find baffling is his lack of understanding of total pvp murder death kill violence – I mean he ran ganking and interdiction projects to basically drive the entire freaking horde section off entire servers, and spent most of his life in Wintergrasp and Tol Barad farming m&s and metagaming the shit out of everything – but in EVE aparently he’s against hurting a fly?

        • Sand says:

          oh no no no, he wasn’t *ganking*. a goblin would never indulge in such a useless social ape-brain penis-measuring contest. those were *social experiments*

      • Gesh says:

        Yes, he read into Ayn Rand bullshit too much. It’s like reading ‘Brave New World’ and then basing your life about it.

        • Sand says:

          we’ve done that already. we call it th real world. the US is pretty much a Huxleyan dystopia at this point =/

      • Zyref says:

        I have no trade skills, and you couldn’t pay me less than a few mil to fly a badger four jumps.

        I don’t even sell my salvage/ore/PI shit anymore unless I have 20m worth.+

  9. Azuriel says:

    I’ve had an inclination that Gevlon has a bizarre form of sociopathy, but his EVE posts really drove that home. It was one thing to feel superior to others based on intelligence, effort, and so on. But he kept going on about how he could not see a “point” to, say, killing random people in WoW BGs.

    Then comes the EVE posts where he tries and psychoanalyze pirates and griefers. He literally doesn’t feel any of it. I read posts like the one you linked and am reminded of Dexter trying to play at human, going through the motions.

    • Rammstein says:

      So, Gev is a sociopath because he has trouble identifying with people who like to kill other people by proxy?…don’t you have that backwards? The Dexter example only drives that point home, in that analogy Gev would be a normal person trying to understand why Dexter is driven to commit his murders, not Dexter himself.

      The relative popularity of pvp vs non pvp games, or of pvp in games with both, only makes your point more ludicrous.

      Your post, however, did convince me that one person here is a sociopath.

      • Azuriel says:

        No, Gevlon is a sociopath because he seems to have trouble empathizing with people at all. The M&S angle was one thing, but he literally cannot imagine why someone would get upset in a videogame. Or how someone can derive enjoyment from the imposition of will vs will. He mentioned in a post/comment a few weeks back that any videogame that doesn’t teach real-world skills was a waste of time.

        If you can read his responses (and the blog in general) in a different way, that’s great.

      • SynCaine says:

        “people who like to kill other people by proxy”

        Dude really? So if Gevlon went to a paintball field, he would be the normal one when he asked everyone why they are shooting at each other instead of painting a mural with paintballs? Or rather, instead of asking, told them they are apes for shooting at each other, and then wrote a “how to paintball” guide detailing how to paint said murals with a paintball gun.

      • Dà Chéng says:

        Gevlon has himself admitted that he is a sociopath. See http://casualnoob.blogspot.com/2010/10/eloi-and-morlocks.html for details.

  10. Rast says:

    I’ve never followed Gevlon’s blog all that closely before, but his attempts at understanding EvE only through his own viewpoints are pure comedy.

    Of course, he’s such a dick about it that if he survives he’ll fit right in with the rest of us before too much longer.

  11. Gesh says:

    You, sir, are full of win with this post. :) It was many times explained to him, that the people in Eve , who he calls M&S are actually exploiting him, but his sole response were ‘No’ and ‘I don’t see the point, so they are M&S’. Combining this with the censoring of the ‘Red Frog’ posts … fun times are about. :)

  12. Radu says:

    Give the man some credit folks – he is new to the game and I see his guides are good for new players starting an account. Just remember your early days in EVE, no friends, no connections, vague game mechanics knowledge. His start is amazing when you look from this point of view.
    At his current lvl of eve business, ship buying low/ selling higher within 4 jumps for proffit can be atributed for ‘lazy” sellers, selling their property cheap.
    He will soon realyze what was written on this blog some time ago – playing EVE alone is the certain path of quiting the game.
    I believe he went a bit in uncharted territory with the mentioned post…but starting planning to follow/stalk/gank him I believe its lame. I mean, he is just a kid in EVE from a veteran player view – will you smack a kid preaching you about how he see things?

    Im a new Eve player too – reactivated my account after two years. Was quiting previously after playing alone.

    My current way of seeing Eve may cause general smiles and laughters – weren’t you all at this lvl some time ago when you started Eve?

    His way of seeing things in Eve will evolve, same for me If I will continue to play and same as yours evolved into becoming an experienced player.

  13. Ex-Bee says:

    I’m loving Gevlon’s terrible posting!

    I quit EVE after a few months for time reasons, but when I joined I was straight into nullsec and taking part in fleet ops within a week, making more money than Gevlon on the side. The funniest part of this to me is seeing a hardcore Randian dive into a new game KNOWING that his objective knowledge is right, and resolutely explainingaway reality.

    Of course goonfleet is seriously socialist and has more than a few actual marxists hanging around. It’s amazing how socialist policies and a focus on community work, isn’t it?

  14. n0th says:

    I actually gave the guy 150mil when he started posting about eve.
    Sure, its a newbie perspective which does sound retarded to anyone playing the game for a bit longer (‘sup, i’m earning my isk by blapping industrials in the amarr jita pipe; last run earned me like 6bil which is enough to fund 3-4 months of straight PvPing).
    But thats the entertaining part – perspective of a non-typical newcomer to the game. Its legit content, which is p rare when it comes to eve-related blogs.

  15. Dex says:

    ….Please tell me this guy isn’t in a n00b corp, I have a sudden urge to Wardec him and make him rage quit EVE…

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