Ravenmark, Heroes 6, Skyrim updates

I picked up Ravenmark on my iPhone. Great production value for a TBS title (iPhone or otherwise), and the combat system has some interesting twists. It’s also fairly challenging so far (a few battles after the prologue), and the storyline seems solid. The game is somewhat similar to Final Fantasy Tactics, but without the item and teambuilding focus, and more emphasis put on in-battle tactics. That said I’m fairly sure if you enjoyed FFT, you will like Ravenmark.

I finished all of the campaigns in Heroes 6. While not amazing in terms of story, the content was overall solid and it was fun exploring each map. They are well designed and have very nice visual details. The ‘ending’ sets up the expansion well.

What is somewhat interesting/funny is that I never got a single dynasty weapon to lvl 5, despite using the same weapon in multiple campaigns. In terms of unbalanced grind, this system might take the cake, especially if you somehow try to level a bunch of these to max. Not that you need to, at all, but Heroes 6 is very much in the insane category for anyone shooting for 100% complete. Too bad the AI is still atrocious in multiplayer. 1v1 with another human is fun, if a huge time investment.

With Heroes done, I started playing around with Skyrim mods. Steamworks is amazing here. It makes searching and installing mods a breeze, and already people have created some interesting stuff. I grabbed a bunch of graphical enhancements to start off, and I’m happy to report not seeing a noticeable performance impact (note that I’m able to run Skyrim maxed at 1900×1200 without issue to begin with, so that kinda helps), while the game itself looks much better.

The one mod I want to mention is Realistic Colors and Real Nights, because it has a pretty major impact on the game. Nighttime truly feels dark, and exploring caves and dungeons without a torch becomes borderline impossible. While that might not sound like fun on your first time around, experiencing the game again under these conditions has (for me) been great. You really appreciate light sources, exploring dark areas with a torch feels very ‘real’, and you actual notice/care when it’s dark outside. The first time I was attacked by wolves at night, all I saw initially were yellow eyes coming at me. That’s good stuff.

I plan to try out different mods as I go, but already I feel like I’m playing a different and exciting version of Skyrim. I also can’t believe there is not official DLC for this game. Talk about leaving money on the table

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  1. Antivyris says:

    My understanding of the reason for lack of DLC is they are planning a very, very large DLC. Since the entire continent of Tamriel is indeed there as a land mass, the possibilities of what they can add are quite large, much to the dismay of your average elder scrolls fan that is dreaming of the possibility of all of Tamriel being given the Skyrim treatment.

  2. Sand says:

    mind giving me an objective review of heroes 6? i’d like an honest assessment from someone i can trust to not be a retard or an ubisoft shill on this one.

    i skipped 5 because every online review i could find either said it was utter shit or read like an ubisoft PR department release.

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