Blizzard already quit SW:TOR, still thinks WoW sucks

“Of course people are trying Star Wars — our development team are trying Star Wars! I’m one of the few people who’s still playing it actually, but yeah we’ve seen a dip in subs. It certainly has to at least be attributable to The Old Republic, but it’s also attributable to people who want to wait and get Mists of Pandaria, so it’s not surprising,” Lagrave tells Eurogamer.

Great line huh? “Yea people at Blizzard tried SW:TOR, but everyone but me already quit. Game sucks as an MMO. Wish our game didn’t suck too, or we might get some subs back. Want a lvl 80 or a pony?”

Thanks Massively, and as always, hilarious comments over there already.

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  1. I PVP Blog Comments says:

    It must suck to be wrong, eh? It seems that instead of losing all of its playerbase after three months that you so proudly estimated, that particular massively single-player online roleplaying game is managing to do what no other diku mmo has ever done before – this is the first time Blizzard has to admit that their competition is growing more rapidly than they can retain their current players.

    I’m sure that you switch your already-proven-wrong three month death estimate into something like “let’s see after 6 months” or “it’ll be dead after one year” now that you’ve fluffed the first time. I’m sure you can manage to err a second time as well, if you really try.

    • SynCaine says:

      Awesome name.

      And another free weekend for SW:TOR. Game must be doing even better than we thought before the first free weekend (last week…)

      • I PVP Blog Comments says:

        I guess it was pretty successful as even the mammoth in the room had to comment how strong their competition is for the first time ever (remember their comments about Eve Online? Yeah, me neither), and you know the old mmo adage – if something works, keep doing the same thing over and over again.

        I see you’ve switched to your healer alt after getting burned with your botched estimation. Maybe that’s why the flame DPS of your post was so anemic this time.

        • saucelah says:

          I don’t see that Eve is competition for WoW — very few I know who enjoyed one also enjoyed the other.

          I don’t see any successful, or unsuccessful for that matter, game ever offering a free weekend just under 3 months after launch.

          While I’m not saying Syncaine is right as I don’t see the evidence, I also don’t see the evidence that he was wrong.

          I doubt he meant to imply the servers simply would shutdown after 90 days. I’m not sure what would constitute failure for him, but I doubt it required complete shutdown.

          Anecdotal but true nonetheless, I know several people who have only recently quit the game who will still show as subbed until early April. Still anecdotal but still true nonetheless, none of my friends are actually still playing the game, including those who loved it.

          But even if the 3 month point becomes the moment when their existing subs reduced and their growth simply halts, would they really put that in a press release? How would we measure that success or failure?


        • spinks says:

          “I don’t see any successful, or unsuccessful for that matter, game ever offering a free weekend just under 3 months after launch.”

          Maybe they should have done then :)

        • SynCaine says:

          Actually I was hoping you would just keep posting. Now that you have, go look up my initial post on when we can evaluate SW:TOR. (hint: 6 months)

          As for Blizzard, they did mention WAR, how’d that work out for everyone? It would be tough for them to mention the release of EVE though, since, as I’m sure you know, that happened a year before WoW came out.

  2. Doone says:

    Its a very funny remark and doesn’t seem likely to *not* be a friendly jibe at Bioware on their success with SWTOR.

    Also seems highly likely these days that blizzard saw the slump in subs coming or that the very first slump happened long ago and they’ve been planning accordingly since. 2012 and this year blizzard wants to release 3 titles. This is a sure sign of them trying to block or at least hinder the success of the other AAA titles slated for the year. This is either very clever or a very, very low point for them (if you can’t beat the competition bludgeon them with your millions of love-blind fans who’ll always be there for you).

  3. Bernard says:

    “”people who want to wait and get Mists of Pandaria””

    So these people are just not playing any games in the interim? Unlikely.

    • SynCaine says:

      I also thought that was very un-MMO. MMO content should not end, and players should not leave and come back when you release another bit of content.

      I get that the above is very much how things are for many games, but it’s just so ‘wrong’ in this genre.

  4. Sullas says:

    You should take advantage of the free weekend, SynCaine. At the very least, you might be inspired to soar to new, fresh altitudes of snark – you’re beginning to mail it in a bit. Surely you’re not afraid you’ll actually grow to like the game?

    • SynCaine says:

      I actually thought about this actually. Bad weekend for me in terms of RL stuff (PMP exam on Tuesday, wheee), but maybe.

      If I do, it would be purely to provide the little people (my readers) with better snark. I should get a medal for that kind of dedication.

      • Kobeathris says:

        I played it for about an hour during one of the beta weekends, then threw it on my wife’s computer so she could try it. She played for a few days and liked it so much that she subbed to Rift (until GW2 comes out).

  5. Wyrm says:

    You don’t play SW:TOR for the fresh game play elements or because of the (non-existent) innovation. You play it for the same reason I still watch the terrible, terrible star wars movies: lightsabers, cool ships, ray gun battles.

  6. Raffles says:

    Theres a lot of things wrong with Swtor right now, chief is which is a difficulty of gathering groups and leading people to play the game as a single player title, getting bored and un subscribing. Now as many have pointed out, theres nothing wrong with that game as a singler player, in fact it’s rather good fun, but its only good fun for 1-2 months, then you’re done with it, which isn’t very good for sub numbers. I’m still enjoying this game, but i’m a bit of an altoholic and have a lot of story missions to go though before i’d hang up my blasters.

    I logged into WoW for the first time since december yesterday, on the wifes account. Goddamn, it was terrable. It was like going back to the really awesome student bar you loved at uni after a few years, in daylight, and realising it’s a damp infested dump inhaibited by morons. The gameplay is so twitchy and fast there’s no time to actually enjoy the game. which is graphically really showing its age badly now. I’m starting to doubt i’ll be back for MoP now.

    Really hope the community picks up in swtor though…and they do something about those bugs…and give us more to do endgame…and…and…

  7. Hudson says:

    “The gameplay is so twitchy and fast there’s no time to actually enjoy the game”

    Oh so you mean the interface and the ability bars actually fucking work and the game takes more than the skill of a handheld single player monkey?

    Got ya

  8. KSC says:

    There have always been lulls in playerbases (especially for veteran players) between game updates, all the way back to the MUD days. It’s par for the course, not un-MMO at all.

    The free weekends are smart. One of the strongest parts of TOR is the story-driven leveling experience and MMO players tend to be pretty loyal to a game once they’re hooked. It’s the perfect time too, since WoW is on a down-cycle and several players are sitting in MMO limbo. Plus, it gives the Star Wars geeks who aren’t into MMOs an opportunity to take a dip without dropping 50 bucks. Seems like a good idea even if they aren’t desperate for subs.

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