GW2: PLEX hypothetical

As I was browsing fittings yesterday, I looked up what the new officer Invulnerability shield mods were going for in contracts. 16 billion and 17 billion, according to the only two listed. Now maybe neither will sell, and both listings are just “haha I have this, you don’t” stuff, but still, even at just 10% of that price, 1.6 billion ISK is, well, a lot. It’s more ISK than the total value of my most expensive ship+fits, to put things into perspective (and I have a nearly full faction-fitted CNR).

I bring this up to relate it to yesterday’s hot topic: GW2 going with the PLEX system and maybe, but most likely not, allowing those with more money than time to ‘buy’ power. I saw maybe but most likely not because GW2, much like GW1, is (rumored?) to have easily-acquired ‘max stat’ items, and the main (only?) gear chasing will be cosmetic.

If the above is true, it means that the only thing those with more time than others will gain is more fluff. Same for those with more money. (Ignoring the whole “playing more should make you better” aspect, since we won’t really know how player skill-based GW2 will be until late beta or perhaps release). Again, if that’s the case, who honestly cares about PLEX here? And furthermore, if the above is true, who but those with serious fluff fetishes is going to grind raid-level MMO content in GW2?

But let’s assume that PvE in GW2 does provide some kind of power increase, be it gear, abilities, or consumables. Why can’t those who play GW2 for the PvP be allowed to pay PvE players to ‘grind’ or harvest the stuff for them, much like PvP pilots in EVE do today? Not in RL cash of course (not directly), but with in-game gold. I mean if I’m playing GW2 to PvP, why should I be ‘forced’ to grind PvE?

I say all of this somewhat tongue-in-check, since it’s just the reverse argument of “why can someone buy the items I ‘worked’ for in PvE”. It also somewhat fails because unlike in EVE, power in GW2 is going to be permanent. You can’t get ganked and ‘drop’ some elite skill or some uber sword you bought/’worked for’. If you could, that would be interesting, much like that 1.6b ISK Invuln shield is interesting.

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  1. adam says:

    I kind of wish GW2 would try something crazy and edgy like defeated players dropping actual gear. It could actually work in GW2 since, like you said (and like I’ve read), you would be able to gain an item of the same power back fairly easily. The rule, like EVE (at least in open world PvP or WvW or whatever), would be “don’t equip what you can’t afford to lose.”

    Of course, they’d be automatically alienating a lot of people with that stance. Would the gains be worth it, financially? Probably not for them. Especially since GW2 isn’t meant to be a sandbox in the first place.

  2. “If the above is true, it means that the only thing those with more time than others will gain is more fluff. Same for those with more money.”

    This is the TF2 model, which works extremely well.

  3. ausj3w3l says:

    And yet it is apparently doomsday, cant believe i missed it

  4. cyndre says:

    Speaking of PLEX, I am going to take you up on that 21-trial offer you have for EVE. I downloaded and installed the game client, and I just need the email/ link from the offer.

    Please sent it along as soon as ytou have a second.



  5. s7 says:

    How can they offerplex if they have no monthly fees?

    • Pai says:

      It’s the fact you can buy Gems with ingame currency from people who bought it with real money is why it’s compared to PLEX.

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