EVE: Fanfest, Dust bombing

Watched some of the EVE Fanfest stream. CCP showed off Dust orbital bombardment from within EVE, which was a bit unexpected. I’m still trying to figure out how the pacing is all going to work out. I mean by the time you setup a bombardment, get the EVE pilot to fire, is it even going to matter on the ground anymore where people are running around so fast? That’s the biggest question I have.

The other more general question is; will Dust actually be a fun shooter? Hard to tell just from videos. It looks good, but then most shooters do. I think the model, F2P, is a smart move since the game will rely on critical mass to really work, and F2P allows more people in than you would otherwise get.

The lack of a PC version is somewhat of a big miss, but I’m guessing Sony paid a good chunk of money to get Dust as an exclusive (for now). Assuming the ‘for now’ part ends at some point, Dust might be a nice side game for EVE players to jump into. It would make for a good Corp event, to have everyone log into Dust for a night and blast away.

Tomorrow Fanfest focuses on EVE itself, and I’m guessing we will hear some interesting stuff.

As for INQ-E, tonight is our first attempt at fielding an all-Corp Incursion fleet, which should be fun. Last night we had our in-Corp cheap-frig PvP event, which went very well and people learned a few tricks. I plan to expand on that concept, either moving up to Cruisers, or perhaps going on a cheap-frig roam to get blown up. Either way the goal is to get people working together, and to get us more PvP-ready for whatever future plans we act on.

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3 Responses to EVE: Fanfest, Dust bombing

  1. thade says:

    I’ve wondered at that implied exclusivity deal between Sony and CCP myself; I feel like making the game available on PC is a no-brainer, esp if it’s F2P and they want to mass players in order to get the desired momentum.

    I kind of expect it’ll land on PC eventually. I wonder how long we’ll have to wait.

    • Unless I am mistaken, I don’t think there is an actual exclusivity deal between CCP and Sony. They originally stated they were not going to release DUST (initially) on the PC because they wanted to reach a different market, ie, console gamers, and at the same time leave PC gamers to have Eve. It was said that they wanted it to be on both PS3 and the Xbox360, but Microsoft would not allow DUST to connect with the Eve Servers through Xbox Live, as it might create security issues, therefore they scrapped the idea to put it on the 360. That left only the PS3. It is rumored that it will eventually be released for PC anyway, but that requires further logistics (ie, are battles separated or do they have PC and PS3 guys playing together in the same battles?).

  2. Adam says:

    What I saw looked pretty compelling.

    The combat look solid even though they were using controllers. Since it supports mouse and keyboard out of the box I expect those players to dominate.

    The maps are supposedly unique per planet(of which there are thousands) and per location. The map itself looked really good. They are laying out how they achieved the unique locations tomorrow sometime.

    An fps with unique skill builds and tons of items? Tied into the complicated Eve politics/economy. 7 years of possible skill tree? Nicely done.

    Fleets battling over your head for bombardment points and supply lines(?) while you push the other dust team around from unique map to unique map? Wow.

    With even 10k active players this would be a very compelling experience. With 100k other mercs and the existing nullsec Eve corps? Wow.

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