GW2: Same old siege

Quick thought on this post from Werit about a GW2 siege video, and the comment from Snafzg that sieging in DAOC, WAR, and (potentially) GW2) suck: sieges in Darkfall don’t suck. They don’t display the same “bang a door” pattern, and they are indeed the highlight or pinnacle of PvP encounters between two rival forces.

The key difference is the combat system. Darkfall is not a hotbar spam-fest, and relies more on player-skill than character-abilities. GW2 (from my brief time with it at PAX) is very much a hotbar spam-fest, and so it’s not a surprise that sieges are what they are.

Does this mean the game as a whole won’t be fun? No. Hopefully it will be (although the more things roll in EVE, the less I’m beginning to care about GW2, especially after watching a bunch of these recent beta videos), but it would be silly to expect anything beyond what we have seen in DAOC/WAR in terms of a keep siege.

Oh another impact on my fading interest in GW2; DF2 might actually happen before I turn 100. I keep meaning to post about the recent Darkfall updated, but honestly at this point Aventurine needs to start the DF2 beta or show something very legit (like a long movie) to make me really believe. I feel better about it now than I did 6 months ago, but not good-enough to jump back on the hype train. But with that said, zero point zero chance GW2 PvP holds a candle to DF2, and nothing about GW2 PvE has me excited beyond a meh.

50/50 on pre-ordering right now, with the 50% for being mainly that INQ is going to play.

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8 Responses to GW2: Same old siege

  1. Werit says:

    Also, DF has many factions which lessens the likely hood of them all being in the same spot at once. It still happens, but less frequently than a 2 or 3 sided battle.

  2. bhagpuss says:

    I thought the video looked pretty good. I wasn’t really that interested in the PvP part of GW2. GW1 PVP is much too fast for me – I literally can’t react fast enough to participate but this looked much more manageable.

    I don’t like banging on a door as entertainment. Too many memories of Sunday afternoons in Midgard just hammering and hammering on a piece of wood. This looked far better.

    We really should stop arguing about this stuff. Darkfall looks great to me for what it is. Bit rough round the edges but can’t fault the intention. I just don’t want that level of social interaction. Eve, ditto except I also have no interest whatsoever in spaceships.

    DF and EVE being good at what they do and serving their market well should have no reference whatsoever to GW2 doign what it does well and serving its market well. WoW did distort the whole genre. Concern over the “WoW Effect” is (or was) justified. MMOs attracting 1/10 of WoW’s playerbase, while wildly successful on their own terms, won’t have the same disruptive effect.

    Live and let live. Horses for Courses. The More the Merrier. Other cliches may apply.

  3. coppertopper says:

    Just read Werit and Snafgz posts – after watching 20mins of youtube videos of what qualifies as a ‘siege’ in Darkfall. It was interesting to watch organized attacks on enemy settlements. Friendly fire definately kept players spread out – would love to see this mechanic tried out in other MMOs (wonder if Planestside 2 will have a FF server?). But what I saw basically resembled a typical MMO zergfest: charge the players guarding the shiny thing in the center of the keep and attack!

    Snafgz has a point about banging on doors slowing down the pace a bit (I remember DAOC keep sieges fondly myself), but the 3rd team running around taking towers and supply camps and harassing your back should make for some good PvP moments and provide a lot for an organized guild to do.

  4. Kelindia says:

    Going to have to agree on the standard hotbar spamming to be getting boring now. Personally I’d like to see a game integrate hit percentage in a manner similar to fallout’s vats system of sub targeting with conventional hotbar spamming. In additonal manual aim would be possible too. All of this added to a level of interaction that you see in the Assassin’s Creed games with all their climbing, hiding and destructables.

  5. Cyndre says:

    “50/50 on pre-ordering right now, with the 50% for being mainly that INQ is going to play.”


    I was dead-set on April 10th pre-purchase, before I started Eve with you guys… now I am not even sure I am going to play it at launch.

    Only reason I would at this point, is if everyone does and the Corp becomes a ghost town…

  6. Sand says:

    “50/50 on pre-ordering right now, with the 50% for being mainly that INQ is going to play.”

    pre-ordering is always a bad idea. think about it; what is pre-ordering if not buying a game based solely on the hype?

    • coppertopper says:

      yeah being excited about a game is LA-AME! dude…want to split a 6-pack of PBR later?

      • Sand says:

        negative. PBR is weasel piss.

        recently discovered arrogant bastard ale, though. impressed.

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