Speaking of regression

This is a rather ridiculous story. Paying full price for a single player game is no longer enough to fully play said game until the company lets you. Yikes.

What’s even worst however is that not only has Blizzard already collected everyone’s $60, but going forward everyone bitching and complaining won’t matter one bit. Know why? Because the idiotic 5-10% of gamers who are going to spend $250 per item on the RMAH to be a ‘hero’ are going to justify what Blizzard did here. People are going to point and laugh at Bobby (myself included) as he continues to tarnish a reputation a decade in the making, and his accountants are going to keep telling him he is doing a wonderful job because Sir Derpster just bought ANOTHER item off the AH and Bobby skimmed 15% off the top.

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  1. Gesh says:

    Not only this, but the fact that you must be 101% of the time online in order to play is retarded. The things in SC2 were better – if you have no connection, you get a warning that you’ll get no achievs (big deal) and you are set to play at least the single player.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It could be worse. They could be selling a $70 virtual monocle. ;)

    • SynCaine says:

      Yes, overpriced fluff is far, far worse than not being able to play at all even after you pay.

      Smiley does not make a stupid comment less stupid.

      • theJexster says:

        The difference is CCP (being a quality product/customer oriented company) acknowledged a mistake and has gone on to try correcting it. Blizz will blame the players, ignore them, then try to implement new methods that get us to pay more for less.

        I will give Blizz credit for something, they tricked millions of players into thinking WOW is still an MMO when it’s just a dungeon crawler with 0 end purpose other than more shiny carrots that they use to get more carrots that they use to get more carrots…

        At least give me a reason to get carrots, like owning the opposing faction in WARcraft with my shiny stuff. So sad, WOW is neither WAR nor CRAFT, just carrots for the sake of carrots.

  3. roqoco says:

    Do you think that Blizzard’s recent decisions will be harmful to them in the long run though? They certainly put me off buying Diablo 3 and will make me more skeptical about Titan when/if it appears, but they still sold a ship load, based on their reputation. Blizzard have a long way to fall.

  4. Ano says:

    I bought D3, played out the storyline on a Barbarian and then hit 60 and shelved the game. I have no intention of playing it further or spending money on a virtual item auction house. There are far better games I want to spend time on anyway.

  5. Doone W. says:

    I’m still waiting for the gamer uprising. Ya know, burning large piles of Blizzard games in the city center with full on pitch forks and coveralls.

    Seriously, this can’t last.

    • Professer says:

      I beg to differ. There are too many die hard blizzard/diablo/whatver fans out there.

      I wish it wasn’t like this though.

  6. Professer says:

    That’s not paying just full price. It’s a full price PC game + $10.

  7. Professer says:

    Who else misses the old Blizzard?

  8. Walker says:

    Glad they didn’t have this in effect when I bought the game or I would have been trying to get my money back, probably without success.

  9. Random Idiot says:

    It was said that DRM was bad when it appeared in 2009, it still is…

  10. preben says:

    Contrary to popular belief bank transactions actually take just as long to day as they did 20 years ago. The illusion of being instant lies in the fact that you can view it in the interface right when you do it. But in reality the money wont move until 1-3 days (up to a month later in some transaction types).

    Now Blizzard is working with paypal, and you can buy their silly credits through paypal which means they need to live up to paypal standards of secure transaction. To make sure you’re not being fucked by a fake customer you need to wait for the transaction to be reviewed by the bank and that still takes 1-3 days.

    Not that I see how it matters. I bought the collectors edition cheaper than the 50€ euro Blizzard charge in their online store, so you’re basically retarded if you used it in the first place.

    • Professer says:

      Personally, I find it impressive that these bank transactions are still that slow. I do a lot of online selling/buying and use things like Dwolla and Paypal.

      You think they’d have instant, or faster, bank transactions by now.

  11. spinks says:

    This is like the opposite of F2P, it’s P2~P (pay to not play).

  12. Wyrm says:

    Does this means that whenever Blizzard cannot set their own deadlines they suck as much as the next company? Does this mean that now that they are playing with the big old boys, the “when it’s ready” has become “when the shareholders want it?”

    Bye, bye “polish.”

    • Xyloxan says:

      You’re right. I guess this switch from “when it’s ready” to “when the shareholders want it” is inevitable once you start generating sizable dough for a large enough pool of greedy capitalists. That is, when making money becomes not just the primary but the only goal of business.

    • Professer says:

      these are just things of the new blizzard

      the old is gone and no more… though most people don’t seem to realize this

  13. Ephemeron says:

    When I bought the game, I couldn’t get past Leoric within the first 72 hours, either (thanks to authentication/login errors).

    So I guess new players are simply getting authentic D3 experience. :P

  14. lyss says:

    I dont know if i would laugh about bobby, sure he destroys he tarnishes and whatever else you want to call what he does, but he makes fucking much money with it. You could laugh if his goal was to make good games, to gain a good reputation or any other of the things he doesnt do, but he wants to make money and that he does.

    So why laugh about someone who does things you think are stupid, but the only one who loses is you?

    • Xyloxan says:

      So, just because he makes money he should be immune to ridicule for doing stupid things? Hope we are not there, yet.

      • lyss says:

        the point is, its stupid from your perspective “haha stoopid bobby makes stoohpid rhings and ruins our games and companies”. He wants to make money, he makes it, much of it.

        How is this stupid from his perspektive? whos losing here? Yes you can laugh but ultimately as long as someone buys this crap this will not end, and the laughing may sound a bit sardonic.

        • Xyloxan says:

          Buying crap will eventually end. Of course, Bobby (and a few others) will be rich by then and indeed may laugh all the way to the bank. But, as SynCaine pointed out, Blizzard was making money before Bobby and is still making money regardless of stupid moves by Bobby.

    • SynCaine says:

      Bobby did not build Blizzard, nor is he responsible for the millions who bought D3. He is making money off Blizzard because his company bought them. Same for CoD, and in both cases, Bobby has managed to take a golden goose and tarnish it.

      His current success is not his, while his future is not looking all that bright.

      • roqoco says:

        Except that he could retire to his ranch with one month of his remuneration package. So why should he care if he ruins Blizzard’s ability to make decent games in the process?

        • SynCaine says:

          He could have done that even before the Blizz deal.

          At that level, it’s not about earning money to make a living. It’s about being successful so that when you play golf with your CEO buddies, you can rub it in that your company’s stock is up X% over theirs. It’s a totally different set of rules.
          You think professional athletes hold out over $1m out of a $40m contract because without that extra mil they can’t pay the rent, or because at $41m they are the highest paid athlete at their position?

        • roqoco says:

          Yes – but he plays golf with his CEO buddies *now*, not in 5-10 years time when any hit to Blizzards reputation would kick in. By that time he will have leveraged the profits at his current position for some future role and Blizzards demise will be held to be the responsibility of his successor.

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