It’s not contagious, is it?

Grade-A trolling folks. Just next level blogging at its finest. If we could get more of this kind of content and less D&D, Tobold might be worth reading again.

After reading Tobold, go re-read EA Louse. It was great the first time, but now that most of it has come to pass, no sane individual can write it off as sour grapes.

All caught up? Let’s have some fun.

“I like Paul Barnett” – Pretty sure Paul Barnett’s mother hates Paul Barnett at this point.

“The man certainly has artistic vision, great enthusiasm, intelligence, and is great fun to watch.” – Fun to watch (fail), yes. The rest… not so much. Cool shades though. Can’t forget the cool shades. PB was WAY ahead of his time rocking those. A true visionary (get it?).

“These qualities might not be matched by an ability to actually turn all that artistic vision into reality” – Not a big deal at all, unless your job is to turn artistic ‘vision’ into reality. Oh right…

“Already it can’t possibly get worse than Lord of Ultima” – I’ll take that bet. Granted, I’ve never played LoU, but as far as I know, BP was not involved with LoU, so if nothing else it has that going for it.

“I’d rather see Paul Barnett trying to revive the Ultima brand than Richard Garriott” – Paul Barnett, bears man vs RG, Ultima series creator, including UO, and Tabula Rasa, which EA did a nice job of burying before its potential was reached. Hell, I’d take RG coding My Little Ponies from a space shuttle over PB being a QA intern with the next Skyrim game (not the MMO abomination).

“most people would consider the original Ultima IV as well as Ultima Online to be unplayable these days” – Lets ignore that UO has more people still playing it today than many ‘modern’ MMOs, and that’s not counting the 3rd party shards going, some of which have thousands of players. Or that EA killed a Ultima IV fan remake project in fear that it would distract people from PG upcoming abortion.

“Maybe Paul infected me” – Guess the trolling finally stopped?

Good stuff though. Gevlon-level trolling.

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14 Responses to It’s not contagious, is it?

  1. Thanks for the link to the EA Louse post. I have it all still in my RSS reader… including the glorious comment thread… so much hate from SWTOR fans… but was looking for a place I could link to as a source for an upcoming post.

    As for RG vs. PB… well… they both certainly seems to believe their own press more than is good for them and neither seem to be at all self-conscious about acting like a loon in public.

    But RG has a track record of great games that have earned him enough money to build crazy adolescent fantasy mansions and to pay for spaceship rides.

    PB, who is less than 10 years younger than RG, has what to his credit now? WAR and…?

    RG’s problem has been that he had great success in his youth in a new medium and has been looking to recreate that from scratch again. Like many artists who have experienced that, he went on to reject (mildly) his early works to push on into new things, often leaving fans behind.

    The question is, will his “Ultimate RPG” be more of trying to find new things, or a collection of things he has learned as he has matured? Can he embrace the old and the new and create something that his fans both recognize and yet find new experience in?

    As for what PB and EA are doing. That sounds more like “milk the cow” than “re-imagine a classic” or “bring something new to the table.”

    If that is what makes some people happy… well, I suppose they might be EA stockholders or something.

  2. Lyss says:

    I havent read the louse post until now. What great fun the comments are. As for tobold, I cant read it. I want to punch him. Its beyond me how someone can value the opinion of a generation of gamers who made angry birds a success and give a damn if they think something is unplayable.

  3. bhagpuss says:

    I think you mean “PB” in para 7, not “BP”. Otherwise, yeah, that pretty much.

  4. bonedead says:

    I never even got to give Tabula Rasa a whirl. Oh man look how disappointed I am!

  5. Passerby says:

    Uhm, since when did EA have anything to do with Tabula Rasa?

  6. Shiolle says:

    I think you will enjoy this article, if you haven’t come across it already:

  7. Ponder says:

    Lets not mince words.

    Piracy has killed much of the computer games industry.

    Much of what’s left in the industry is sure fire bets with big hype to get their money back basically in the first month. And corporations are masters of doing this.

    Real computer gaming has returned back to the underground, either being gamer focussed (Eve) or quasi-free (LoL, minecraft).

    • saucelah says:

      Piracy? You’re joking right? You must be. Piracy is higher than ever, sure — so are sales. No significant effect of one on the other — in fact, the only possible conclusion to make from the facts is that when piracy increases, sales increase, and vice versa.

    • Let’s not mince words indeed! Nobody has ever been able to legitimately link piracy to a lack of commercial success. Gaming execs who fret about this sort of thing pull numbers out of their asses, multiply that number by their suggested retail price, then throw the resulting dollar amount around like it was a hit directly to their bottom line. Boohoo, woe is me, look at all that money we LOST!

      The problem is, they have never been able to prove that anybody who pirated their game would have become a customer if piracy had not been an option. It is only a lost sale if somebody was going to buy it in the first place.

      Nor do they ever talk about the conversion rate for those who pirate as a “try before you buy” option.

      Hell, those same execs can’t even prove that games with no DRM (i.e. those that are easy to pirate) suffer from piracy more than games which have expensive and draconian DRM schemes ala Spore.

      So you’ll pardon me if I don’t exactly take the piracy issue seriously when a company throws money after DRM schemes where the only demonstrable result is annoying legitimate, paying customers. They have already demonstrated that their knowledge on the subject amounts to bullshit and wishful thinking.

    • whatever says:

      You know who also whines about piracy? The music gatekeepers. You know, the people who take 95% out of every dollar a musician makes because they are wonderful, wonderful people.

      Wouldn’t it be sad if we had ten times more music because they weren’t their to steal their 95% that they “deserve” because they are just so wonderful?

      I know, I know, the caged bird wouldn’t sing without the cage.

      So lets talk brass tacks. Let’s not mince words. Established music companies like EA ruthlessly exploit talent… including just outright theft in the case of Infinity Ward.

      You got mouth, bet you never had anyone talk back.

      • whatever says:

        Meant computer companies. And yeah, EA basically just stole huge amounts of money from Infinity Ward founders and blatantly broke their contracts. They can do this because the courts will let them.

  8. Anjin says:

    Oh my. I haven’t read this in forever. Amazing.

  9. Solf says:

    Frankly this post looks much more a troll to me that what Tobold posted. On the other hand… hmm… I guess trolling the interwebz is at least your part-time job.

    And in case you take your own post in some way seriously, here are a couple of “facts”:
    – Whatever happened to WAR is certainly not Paul’s fault individually. I’m also reasonably sure that in grand scheme of things there are people who are way, WAY more to blame for WAR problems that Paul.
    – Some people learn from their mistakes. Do you have proof that Paul is not one of them?

    So yeah. I’m not Paul’s fan either. However accusing Tobold of trolling simply because he doesn’t think Paul is total write-off or because he thinks that RG has made an even bigger joke of himself lately — that looks stilly to me.

    Oh yeah, and I’ve played TR. So don’t tell me how “great” it was or what kind of “potential” it had. It was a pretty little shooter with nice moments when you tried to defend a point vs. invading aliens (whatever they were). It was incredibly shallow though (in my opinion).

  10. john says:

    i like the new Ultima-X UO shard.. they are keeping it close to ML and they have made a bunch of skills like provocation actually work.. hahaha

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