How much would you pay for your niche?

Shadowrun succeeded in its Kickstarter initiative. Congrats to them.

6000+ backers is a solid amount. $500k+ raised is like… one mission in Tortanic. Good stuff.

Can I ask who the 27 people are that gave more than $1,000? Those have to be dev team family members right? The amount of people who gave $100+ is even crazier. Again, good for Shadowrun, but what does this say about the industry? I mean does this signify that if someone developed a super-niche MMO (and it was a good game for that niche), they could charge something like $30-50 A MONTH for it and people would pay?

If someone made a Mount and Blade MMO that somehow worked like the campaign works but all online, I’d pay $50 a month for that. Hell, I ‘pay’ $50+ a month for EVE when you factor in all my accounts. If someone wants to relaunch UO and update it but stay true you’d have my $50 as well.

Just an interesting thought when GW2, which charges nothing after the box, is right around the corner and seems to have its fair share of fanatics.

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10 Responses to How much would you pay for your niche?

  1. spinks says:

    “I mean does this signify that if someone developed a super-niche MMO (and it was a good game for that niche), they could charge something like $30-50 A MONTH for it and people would pay?”

    Plenty of people paid that much in rent for Second Life, or so I was always led to believe.

  2. Mobs says:

    I’d suck a million bleedy dicks to relive my UO years again.

  3. theJexster says:

    UO with modern graphics, I’d pay.

  4. Xyloxan says:

    UO with modern graphics? Yup, here’s my $30-50/month.

  5. Morgs says:
    I would consider this the polar to your other post.

    Comments from that apply hear as well.

    If it is worth my 2h a night it is worth paying for.
    FTP or cheaper subs to help with getting players to play however.
    Not sure i would try I game that had a $50 a month sub knowing that the sub was that high. But i would probably pay that for a game I am already playing and enjoying….but you can’t just jack up prices.

    This is the true value of Free to play… not that it is free but that it sucks you in. You try because it’s free. you pay because at first it’s not that expensive and “worh it”. Then you become commited to the game and will pay more.

  6. Stormwaltz says:

    I contributed over $100 each to the Kickstarters for The Repopulation and Embers of Caerus. Until they prove otherwise, I consider that money down the drain. I contributed because I want to do more than just bemoan the lack of sandboxes – I want to do want I can to get them built.

  7. Ano says:

    I wouldn’t pay $50/mth. My absolute limit would be $20/mth.

  8. Ephemeron says:

    Considering how much I’ve donated to the authors of free indie games like DoomRL, Echo Bazaar and Estiah… yeah, I totally would.

  9. Antivyris says:

    The MUD, Dragonrealms, (Yes, a MUD) I played had a 14$ subscription standard service, and a 35$ premium service.

    There were a LOT of premium players. Oh, and before you think ‘How can a mud do that?!’, this is the same company that created the hero engine used in SWTOR from the ground up. They planned an MMO, but never got off the ground due to being crazy perfectionists. Good for making engines, bad for games, so it will likely never come out.

  10. Alx Graham says:

    I’m fully onboard, when instead of paying $15/month, we’re investing it, and own/run the whole company, and what’s done in game, can always be attempted in RL too, with the support of the PEOPLE, who operate all the toons.

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