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EVE is a vampire

So is EVE growing to 450k+ subs, or slowly bleeding? I believe it’s both. Unless you want to outright claim CCP is lying about having 450k+ subs, then they do. Which is a lot of subs for anything not called WoW. … Continue reading

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On second thought, the hobby horse seems very reasonable

Pay to Travel, Turbine style. It’s going to be a really sad day when LotRO shuts down, because this kind of entertainment is almost priceless, and I’d hate to rely solely on SOE to provide it. (This is the part … Continue reading

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Time to shut it down, EVE is dying

In other niche game news, Tobold was right, CCP has declared bankruptcy in 2012. If your definition of bankruptcy is hitting 450k+ subs with a 10 year old MMO. But yea, totally bankrupt, yo. (Cue China does not count, WoW really had … Continue reading

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Darkfall: Beta blues

Darkfall Delay; part 72,343. First off, massive points for announcing the delay minutes before you are set to go live. There is trolling, and then there is AV. Just next level stuff that gets forumfall to exactly where it needs … Continue reading

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Eador – Genesis: How deep is the deep end?

Eador – Genesis either borders on the obscene in terms of options, or crosses that threshold and goes a few miles beyond. I’m not sure right now because I’ve yet to piece everything together, but so far I’m loving the … Continue reading

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I’m playing Darkfall right now

F5, F5, F5, trolling internet, F5, F5, F5. It’s like DF1 launch all over again!

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Eador – Genesis

Eador – Genesis is available on now. I’ve only played it for about 8 hours, but unless this pulls a GW2-at-80/AC-Tortuga, it appears to be a ridiculously deep and creative take on games like Heroes of Might and Magic. … Continue reading

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