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Darkfall: Beta blues

Darkfall Delay; part 72,343. First off, massive points for announcing the delay minutes before you are set to go live. There is trolling, and then there is AV. Just next level stuff that gets forumfall to exactly where it needs … Continue reading

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Eador – Genesis: How deep is the deep end?

Eador – Genesis either borders on the obscene in terms of options, or crosses that threshold and goes a few miles beyond. I’m not sure right now because I’ve yet to piece everything together, but so far I’m loving the … Continue reading

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I’m playing Darkfall right now

F5, F5, F5, trolling internet, F5, F5, F5. It’s like DF1 launch all over again!

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Eador – Genesis

Eador – Genesis is available on now. I’ve only played it for about 8 hours, but unless this pulls a GW2-at-80/AC-Tortuga, it appears to be a ridiculously deep and creative take on games like Heroes of Might and Magic. … Continue reading

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Kappa Sigma Turbine

Forumfall loves to bitch about Aventurine. It’s basically a tradition at this point, and it’s pretty well deserved considering DF2010 is (maybe) coming out 12/12/12. Like how hard would it have been for someone from AV to just provide a … Continue reading

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Perception of the in crowd

Question for raiders and non-raiders today. For raiders: Is any of your motivation around raiding being able to show off gear the average player can’t get? For non-raiders: Do you think raiders are motivated by gaining gear you can’t get? … Continue reading

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Pre-Darkfall filler

With the (first?) delay of Darkfall 2, I’ve had some unexpected free time in terms of gaming, and I’ve tried to fill the time with a few different titles. Perhaps the “I’d rather be playing DF2” effect is kicking in, … Continue reading

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