The Day LoL Died

Whelp, it’s been fun.

The picture of him is perfect too. That “would you like more welfare epics?” smile, those eyes that reassure you death is impossible, that hair that represents all his good ideas. Bastard.

(This is the welfare epics guy right? Wanted to get this rant out before getting the facts, even if said facts ruin said rant. That’s how you blog kids!)

PS: My bet is he is working on the next Riot title, not LoL. But again, rant>facts.

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6 Responses to The Day LoL Died

  1. He did work on some of the best Age of Empires stuff while he was at Ensemble Studios back in the day, although he also worked on AoE III as well, which was a dud in my opinion.

  2. El Notational says:

    Such hate. Hater.

  3. mararinn says:

    Naxxramas, “PVP Resilience so you can’t PVE in PVP gear”, Trial of the Champions (or whatever that stupid Argent Tournament instance is called), all on Ghostcrawler’s shift.

    Ghostcrawler was gone by the time the Mists of Pandaria raiding gear ladder was introduced. You’re not allowed into Raid Y until you’ve got half the gear from raid X … what a piece of crap! That is why I quit WoW the last time: either I play at exactly the same time as my friends and we do exactly the same raids, or we end up not being able to join each other’s raid groups. Back in the days of BC we could do Karazhan one night, Gruul’s the next, and people with lower quality gear could be carried by those of us with much better gear. The lockouts were only quest lines. I simultaneously loved them and loathed them: the first time through it was great, you knew that you were ready because to complete the quest lines you had to have decent gear and knowledge of how to use it. The subsequent times through it started feeling like a chore though.

    I can remember the days when Molten Core was the only raid instance. The game was fun: I even went through most of the Dungeon 1.5 gear upgrade questline. Back in the day “achievements” were measured by what gear you had acquired, with certain items representing long quest lines, hard dungeons, or raids.

    The mudflation in MoP gear is beyond absurd.

    Poor Riot games, importing that mixed up brain into their midst. They have CCP “I hate passive income” Soundwave too (he was also famously responsible for the evil side of the power-items argument in Fearless “Greed is Good”). Wonder how that mixture of minds and opinions is going to work out for Riot?

    • John says:

      “You’re not allowed into Raid Y until you’ve got half the gear from raid X”

      While I don’t support the guy, this is what was happening in vanilla too. You couldn’t run BWL if you didn’t had half gear from Molten Core and You couldn’t run onyxia if you didn’t had the craftable cloak with the reagent from BWL.

      Personally I don’t have a problem with raid progression, but I do have problem about different raid mods. This was the most stupid idea ever…raid finder, flex, normal, heroic and all this bullshit….same gear, maybe with different color and some numbers increased. This is what killed wow in my opinion..Imagine in TBC people say I killed illidan! But I killed illidan+1!And I killed illidan+2!

      Back in Vanilla/TBC the biggest reward was to see the content, to see the boss, to kill it, not the gearscore or the item level you had.

      • Anonymous says:

        The fuck you couldn’t. I don’t remember any “Unable to enter instance, insufficient ilevel” message upon trying to zone into BWL. A hunter could kite razorgore naked if it so pleased them. No one takes issue with gear progression, they take issue with the idiot filter hand holding BS. It was bad when players were doing it with gearscore and it’s arguably worse now that it’s institutionalized in the game itself.

        • nekomancer says:

          Only LFR “difficulty” (as far as I know) requires some ilvl check. Which is not actually raiding, just special mode designed for sightseeing with random nonraiders. Otherwise raid instances work as they always worked. Actually older raid instances are not locked to raid groups anymore – solo player can enter without being in any party/raid.

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