WoW is just trolling itself now

Glad to see the A-team is back and hard at work on WoW.

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  1. Mark says:

    I’m currently playing the game out of boredom but give me a break on that mount…that’s just stupid. If I had more time to invest I swear i would go back to eve.

  2. Steel H. says:

    The Blizzard A-Team/B-Team is a fallacy and myth. The current WoW (Cata/MoP) is the game they wanted to make from the very beggining – there are a lot of old interviews with Blizz big-wigs that prove this (Pardo wanted LFG at launch for ex.). GC was totally right when he said that all his haters will be surprised when the game direction will not be changing after his departure.

    Blizz are George Lucas. Their initial work became great despite of them, not because of them, mainly because they had no clue what they were doing, couldn’t do everything they wanted to do, and were restrained by existing concepts and expectations – and sheer dumb luck. When they got around to doing what they wanted to do all along, it turned out to be a disaster.

    Sorry to disappoint you bro, but it’s slim chance you’d be shooting your rock bottom MMO heroin playing WoD. I played in MoP for 3 months total, casually logging in a few hours a few days, and completed all content, leveling, dungeons, raids, all the daily quest chains, have a ton of purple gear I don’t need, and didn’t have to talk to any other player. Then unsubbed. And WoD will double down on this. WoW has become… a 3 monther WoW clone.

    • Asmiroth says:

      That makes more money than any other MMO. You’re underestimating the amount of stupid present in the world.

      There’s a difference between being the biggest kid on the block, the smartest kid, and the only kid.

      • Steel H. says:

        Sure, Star Wars made more money than anything too. No disagreement from me there.

        Now, I’m going to say it right here that WoW is not an MMO. It was one at launch by mistake, and then they fixed that. It’s not me saying it, it’s Tom Chilton ( Currently it’s some kind of mutant hybrid mass-lobby minigame collection thing. That’s fine, it’s still making millions of dollars (but less than it did). I’m a totally free market guy.

        Now, can someone please make a f***g MMO (actual MMORPG Virtual World) that doesn’t suck? Before I resub to EVE to do bad things?

        • sid6.7 says:

          MMO (and even MMORPG) are lousy abbreviations for what you are describing. I can’t remember who coined it first, but POW, or Persistent Online World is much more accurate.

          MMOs are games. POWs are virtual worlds. As an MMO, Warcraft is very successful. As a POW, it sucks.

  3. Steel H. says:

    “Bred for war by brutal Iron Horde beastmasters and girded for battle in black steel and smoldering flame, the monstrous Iron Skyreaver SUFFERS ONLY THE MOST FEARSOME OF MASTERS to ride it! Like a blazing comet foretelling doom and fiery destruction, hurtle down from the heavens upon this epic mount to herald YOUR OWN CAMPAIGN OF CONQUEST!”

  4. sleepysam says:

    They are definitely gonna do shark with lazer beams if they will put rockets on 2 headed dragon.

  5. qyte says:

    Syn we will just have to wait and see what happens in WoD.
    I basically have high hopes for the removal of dailies and the introduction of money sinks in the form of housing speed boosts through gold spent.

    If they don’t introduce any other form of massive money collection (old dailies won’t matter because of the level difference of 10 levels, they will be “gray” now opposed to the previous 2 expansions that each “previous” expansion quests were “green”), they have finally a superb chance to remove the harm they once did to the economy, “forcing” players to come up with alternate means to “make ends meet”.

    I am not certain though that they will indeed use this chance and not ruin everything in some patch to come. By the looks of it though it is indeed possible to make the game worthwhile once again. At some extent anyway.

    • John says:

      To fix the economy, they must first fix the crafting and the general game also. Why I needed the money in vanilla and TBC? I had to buy consumables cause the content was hard, I had to repair my gear and also I had to buy materials to do meaningful crafts that could last me for months.

      But who cares now? Crafting has been dumped down at the very bottom of the barrel. The game is raining epics when you do emotes that you will gonna kill the boss(a /charge or /point is enough). Now I get your point 100% that economy in an MMO is tremendous important but only if the whole game is built around that, not only of difficulty to make money.

      • qyte says:

        I have to agree that fixing one thing alone cannot bring anything back. Of course there is a need to bring back progression and increase content difficulty in general. Making crafting matter is definitely an essential part of server economy blooming through trading.

        Lowering total available gold on each server won’t matter at all if trading has absolutely no meaning. Good point. But i just pointed out that they do have a great opportunity to make the game worthwhile and i just hope that they will indeed take it. We shall see.

        • John says:

          I hope they will, but the last time they tried to make a single aspect of the game harder (cataclysm dungeons) it didn’t last a month before they took it back. If you take the current wow players and throw them on vanilla/TBC realms, 80%+ of them will cause the biggest drama on the history of gaming before they eventually quit. And is too big of a risk to hope that the old playerbase will come back and join.

          Also I can’t see how they will make the game harder when there is different difficult modes of the game…there are 4 modes for raid? It doesn’t matter if they make the hard mode harder because what separate the hard mode from the retard mode is some ilvl on the (same looking) gear. They have to dramatically change the game in order to offer again the journey and the exclusivity it needs.

          I am not gonna spend 1000 hours to kill illidan plus to get a chest with 100 strength and the noob next to me also kill illidan minus for the same chest, but with 90 strength. And then another one that will kill the retarded version of illidan for the same chest with 85 strength on it..and so on…

          TL;DR I share your dreams, only that I can’t see how is possible to come true.

  6. Somer Blink says:

    Instead of selling those mounts through the official cash shop, they should have distributed them via a player-run gambling/RMT site.

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