F’n WordPress…

Need a little help here.

Prior to a few days ago, I would always write out my blogs in Word, then use the “copy from Word” button to paste in the text, add some links, and hit publish.

Recently that button was removed, and now I only have a “Paste as Text” button. However using this button results in my posts having a different format from previous posts, mainly the lack of a space between paragraphs. Manually hitting return at the end of a paragraph on WordPress itself does not fix this problem.

Anyone have a fix or reasonable workaround?

Edit: Seems when I manually type the post out in the WordPress window, the format is fine. Awesome…

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6 Responses to F’n WordPress…

  1. What are you talking about? WordPress.com says Word compatibility is better now.

    • SynCaine says:

      Figured out if I hit return at the beginning of every copied paragraph, it works. Still extra work for no gain, which is basically how WordPress seems to judge updates.

      • Kemwer says:

        It is my understanding that the Paste From Word function was simply implemented directly on the normal Paste function. So instead of using Paste a Text, just hit Ctrl-V and it should work fine as it did before. Less work, not more.

  2. Mabrick says:

    The thing that pissed me off is they removed the ability to set images and links to open in a new tab on the image property page. I now have to go into the HTML and insert a “target=_blank” command in the href tag. And they added that stupid edit image crap like Google did. Look dudes and dudettes, I edit images in a real image editor like Photoshop. I don’t want image editing in my blog software. That’s not what it’s for you dolts!

  3. Stropp says:

    From what I can tell, I tend to use the WP editor, when copy pasting directly from Word, you end up copying all the formatting info too and that has a bunch of Word specific formatting crap in it.

    The only way I’ve found around this, is to paste text only into the WP editor, which if memory serves was done by saving the document as text and opening it up in something like Notepad. Then you have to format it again in WP. It’s why I don’t bother using Word any more.

    Word also sucks when it comes to editing and saving as HTML as it stores a ton of cruft along with what you want.

    Perhaps another alternative is the Live Writer, which gives you some Word-like capabilities and uploads directly to the blog. It’s been a long while since I used it though, not sure if the latest versions still work that way, or even if it’s still available.

    • SynCaine says:

      I crutch on Word for spelling and stuff like that way too much to give it up. I make enough mistakes with it, god help this blog if I stopped using even that.

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