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The latest EVE Blog Banter topic is about “space famous” individuals and everyone’s thoughts about them. Jester has his entry here.

The topic reminded me that I had previously talked about the importance of such players, here in more general terms and this post about my personal experience. I still agree with my 2012 self on the topic; the more “MMOish” your game is, the more important and beneficial the ‘space famous’ players are, at least the ones ‘space famous’ because they impact a lot of people, either directly or indirectly.

Side note but not really: It was kind of depressing skimming blog entries from 2012, in that they just had a lot more passion and drive behind them. Sure, more than a few were ‘off the handle’ rants or seemed to focus on laughing at Massively and the comments section, but overall more was happening on the blog itself and clearly in my gaming at that time.

I’ll of course lay some of the blame on the MMO genre. I mean, I’m currently playing one game I fully expect to kill itself with its next major update (DF:UW), and the other is a really fun solo experience with bits of multiplayer that, while entertaining, don’t really ‘fit’ into the game for me just yet (ESO).

On the horizon the only title I’m legitimately excited for is Pathfinder, but having seen so many similar titles not even come close to delivering, I’m not going to be a fool again and jump in head-first here. It would also help if more of the Inquisition core group was looking forward to it, but I don’t believe they are (or it’s not on their radar just yet). Blah…


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4 Responses to EVE: Space Famous

  1. Rynnik says:

    Pretty much in agreement with the overall tone of this post.

    My MMO plan is:

    1) Play Darkfall until it implodes (guesstimations on this vary day to day from never to next patch) ignoring the future to avoid it taking away from the game right now.

    2) Go back to EVE.

    3) be disappointed at anything and everything else that continues to come out and be complete crap

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  3. Lex says:

    What do you think about Wildstar? It’s not sandbox, but it’s fun, and unlike ESO it doesn’t discourage grouping. Open beta is around the corner so you can test it out for free.

    It’s slow to start, but quickly picks up the pace after the first areas, and due to how they’re actively integrating challenging elements into all aspects of the game results in (hopefully/most likely) an endgame that’ll be a fresh experience… even more so for those fed up with how casual, handholdy and stale many good MMOs have became.

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